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Nightmare Arrival

Posted on Mon Oct 2nd, 2017 @ 7:54pm by Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson

Mission: Episode 1.5: Shoreleave
Location: Commanding Officers Quarters
Timeline: MD3 - 0300 Hours

Jack awoke with a start. Beads of sweat lay on his brow. He slowly pulled his head up from his sweat soaked pillow, before pulling the rest of his body up to sit on the edge of his bed.

He allowed his eyes to adjust to the dimly lit quarters for a few moments before hauling himself up and padded across to the comforter. There he activated the light and moved towards the basin. He looked at himself briefly in the mirror, he was dark under the eyes. These nightmares kept getting him up during the night. He had considered going to either Doctor MacLeod or Doctor Oliver, but dismissed the thought almost instantly. Maybe he would after the upcoming mission.

Since hearing Tozig's name, the past has plagued his thoughts, dreams and nightmares. He'd always wished he'd gone through with the Klingon oath and joined the Defence Force after the war, but his loyalty to Starfleet remained true. Hearing that Tozig was in danger and hadn't been heard from filled him with dread.

He was going to do something he hadn't done very often in his Starfleet career, he was going to find her without informing Command or Admiral Walker of his intentions. Perhaps this was something else which played on his mind but it was something he felt he *needed* to do.

He turned the water on and began splashing cold water across his stubbly face and neck trying to cool and calm himself. As he reached for the hand towel his comm badge beeped. He moved towards his bedside cabinet, throwing his towel over his shoulder as he went. He picked up his comm badge and pressed it to activate the channel. "Colburn here."

"Sorry to disturb you at this late hour, sir, but you asked to be notified when we had reached Deep Space 9." Came Nilsson's voice from the bridge.

Jack glanced at his chronometer on his desk which read '0302 hours' as he listened to the Engineer. "Thank you, Lieutenant. Give me 5 minutes and I'll be on the bridge."

"There's no need, sir, we've been given permission to dock at upper pylon 3. All is in hand." Nilsson replied.

"Only if your sure, Astrid." Said Jack, he trusted Astrid, if she said it was fine, it would be.

"Of course, sir. DS9's Operations has sent a message inviting Lieutenant T'Rhe and yourself to a meeting with Captain Ro at 1000 hours."

"Very well, accept the invitation and let Lieutenant T'Rhe know. Once we're docked, relieve Delta shift, let them get some sleep." Colburn ordered.

"Understood, sir." Nilsson replied before cutting the comm.

Jack finished drying his face and neck before throwing the hand towel over the back of his desk chair. He turned and plumped his pillow before laying back down. He hoped Kumari's time at Deep Space Nine would allow him and his crew to unwind a little.


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