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Gathering Fragments

Posted on Wed Oct 11th, 2017 @ 8:44am by Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe
Edited on on Wed Oct 11th, 2017 @ 8:45am

Mission: Episode 1.5: Shoreleave
Location: USS Kumari, T'Rhe's Quarters
Timeline: MD2 -2330 Hours

T'Rhe sat before her computer console and mentally prepared herself. It was true--she did have contacts that owed her favors--but it wouldn't be pleasant. The good thing was that they were both in the same place, so she could get it over with. Inputting a code, the screen showed the standard 'Call Connecting' symbol, then the face of her contact at the Vulcan Ministry of Security.

"T'Rhe," he said warmly--for a Vulcan.

T'Rhe made her face the poster child for calm and controlled Vulcan. "Sapek," she responded. "You are well?"

"Well enough," he responded, switching to Vulcan. "Kristin is pregnant again."

Lucky bitch thought T'Rhe. Not that she necessarily blamed the other woman for anything, but she'd always regretted not being able to have children. To add insult to injury, the woman had cheated on her with the man on the screen before--also T'Rhe's cousin, but she'd gotten over it a long time ago.

"Congratulations," responded T'Rhe neutrally. Vulcan was good for that, she idly reflected. "Are you both home? I wish to speak with you both on a matter of intelligence."

"Of course." Sapek made a gesture offscreen, then turned away. When he turned back, he moved slightly so that his wife could at least stick her head in range of the viewer.

"T'Rhe--its been a while," said the tall human.

"Indeed... Sapek tells me you are pregnant--congratulations. How many does this make?"

"Six--we're expecting twins. How's Jonathan?"

"Well enough... This isn't a social call... What do you know about the Orion Syndicate?"

"You know we know plenty of information," responded Sapek. "What do you want to know, specifically."

T'Rhe considered how to phrase it. "Have they had any issues controlling particular star systems of late," she finally asked.

"Ah, yes--that one." Kristin worked a PADD in the background. "You want files on the main players?"

"That would be helpful--yes."

"I'll send them... There's one you might find of particular interest."

The way she said it made T'Rhe nervous. "I'll keep an eye out for it... Thank you for your assistance... T'Rhe out."

"Wait--" But T'Rhe, having what she needed, cut the connection.

"Damn, that was difficult," she muttered. "Now I know how Mirok feels..." Speaking of Mirok... "T'Rhe to Mirok... Would you like to join me for a midnight snack?"


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