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The Caitian's Out of The Bag

Posted on Thu Oct 12th, 2017 @ 11:50pm by Lieutenant JG C'Morr & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: USS Kumari, T'Rhe's Office
Timeline: MD 9, 15:00

It was not very often that a Starfleet Officer was able to finish their shift early. C'Morr was permitted to do so today by about ten minutes. It seemed as if his presence had been requested by the Kumari's second officer. What Lieutenant T'Rhe wanted, C'Morr didn't know. It was something he was going to find out soon enough. And so, the Caitian took the turbolift down to the appropriate deck and headed for her office. When he arrived, he waited for the doors to part before stepping in. Standing straight and true, C'Morr stopped just in front of her desk.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade C'Morr," he announced. "You wished to see me."

"I did... Take a seat if you like--I hope the chair is comfortable." T'Rhe was looking over the lieutenant's file on a PADD, but looked at him and gave him a smile she hoped was friendly. She didn't know if Caitians read body language the same way humans would.

C'Morr sat down and shifted a few times. "It is as comforrrtable as one might expect," he said. "With a few modifications... I could make it more luxurrrious." He snickered a bit.

"Tail a bit cramped? I apologize--humanoids aren't very considerate sometimes... Its actually that kind of thing I wanted to talk to you about. Caitians aren't exactly a dime a dozen as the human expression goes in Starfleet, and I've never served with one. Are there any special considerations or adaptations we need to know about?"

"Not on a perrrsonal level," the Caitian replied. "However I expect that I may need to speak with engineerrring about expanding my lab space. The Kumarrri does not offer much room in which to play in."

T'Rhe nodded. "I'm sure Lieutenant Nilson can accommodate you... Just clear it with me or Commander Colburn first, please... What is your specialty, if I may be so bold as to ask?"

"Cyberrrnetics," C'Morr replied. "I have also done extensive worrrk in electrrromechanics. I spend most of my time crrreating new gadgets for otherrrs to use. I worrrked extensively with Starrrfleet Intelligence in that role on Earrrth for many yearrrs."

"Ah," replied T'Rhe. "So, you're more the Richard Daystrom type, rather than Dr. Soong?"

"That is corrrect," the Caitian answered. "My worrrk in cyberrrnetics involves the augmentation of biologicals, and less on humanoid machines. I once had to crrreate a device that allowed one of our operrratives to communicate with a Klingon tarrrg."

T'Rhe laughed. "I know a Klingon who would find that very funny, as do I... Anyway, anything else?"

"About what?" C'Morr asked as he did not fully understand the context of what the Lieutenant was asking.

"You, your work, asking where I got my ears from, the quality of the replicators--you pick," T'Rhe responded, somewhat lightheartedly. The officer in front of her had that way of putting others at ease--or maybe it was just T'Rhe's mixed heritage coming out?

The Caitian cocked his head to the left to try and examine her ears. They were pointy, that in itself wasn't unusual. Many races had pointed ears, including his own. T'Rhe appeared to have neck ridges as well though. C'Morr didn't know of any race who had those two features in combination, which made him wonder, "You arrre of mixed blood?" he asked. "Perrrhaps Vulcan or Romulan, as well as Carrrdassian?"

"Vulcan, though sometimes I wish it were Romulan. I was never particularly good at controlling my emotions." She chuckled a little. "My mother and I still occasionally argue about it to this day, though I can usually best her if I bring up a few well-chosen points."

"Carrrdassians arrre quite aggrrressive and passionate. Does your Vulcan upbrrringing not balance things out?" the science officer asked.

"You would think," she replied, matter-of-factly. "However, I have never been particularly good at controlling my emotions, and on Vulcan, I felt like an outcast much of the time. That's why my mother decided to move to Earth, where I was much happier... Some Vulcans, despite their reputations for fairness and honesty, can be very... Judgmental. With the exception of one or two cousins, I was born into an entire family of those types of Vulcans. They are so wrapped up in logic that they fail to see when logic must, logically, fail sometimes. Nobody, even if you try your best, can anticipate everything."

"Vulcans can be challenging," C'Morr acknowledged. "I worrrked for a brrrief time with a scientist named Loten at an institute in Vulcana Regar. He was not verrry talkative. Even getting a reaction frrrom him was near impossible. So I underrrstand your difficulties."

"Indeed... Fortunately, Earth was much better for me. Humans, even if sometimes very irrational, have a wonderful capacity for expression I find very refreshing... Oh, before I forget, I'm planning a little get-together for the senior staff. Dinner in my quarters. Would you be willing to come?"

C'Morr was a little hesitant. He didn't enjoy crowds. Knowing that it would only be the senior staff though, made it a little easier for him to accept. He did enjoy food after all. "Verrry well," he told the hybrid.

"Wonderful. Make sure I know of any allergies or other relevant medical/food information soon--that'll help me plan the menu."

It wasn't the first time someone had asked him for such information, so C'Morr was already prepared for such an inevitability. "Computer, access perrrsonal files of Lieutenant Junior Grrrade C'Morr. Copy and trrransfer the file named 'How to feed a Caitian...' to Lieutenant T'Rrrhe." The ship's computer acknowledged the request with a chirp and C'Morr smiled. "Therrre you have it," he said.

"There's a file on that?" T'Rhe was puzzled, but then saw the file on her computer screen. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised--No joke, Starfleet has a file entitled, "What To Do When Presented With An Overly Amorous Betazoid." She chuckled and grinned, though one couldn't tell if she was kidding or not. "Well Lieutenant, this has been very enlightening. I look forward to working with you."

"Actually... that is my perrrsonal file," C'Morr clarified. "Therrre are one hundrrred eighteen items on the list. You will find the food that I am unable to eat, or spices that I cannot ingest either orally or thrrrough the nose, amongst other things. Therrre arrre also prrrocedurrres listed on how to handle food that is serrrved to me." Knowing that it would take some time for T'Rhe to get through the document, C'Morr felt that it was probably best to take his leave before his invitation to the meal was revoked. "I sharrre the feeling of a positive worrrking relationship. Good day, Lieutenant."

The Caitian scientist got up from his seat and quickly departed the room. He had a few experiments to run in the lab before the day was done and time, for such things, was always of the essence.


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