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Emperor Delivered

Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 6:44am by Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson & Crewman Peri Rolotea & Lieutenant Mirok & Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod & Lieutenant Genevieve Oliver M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Lieutenant JG C'Morr

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Kumari Bridge
Timeline: MD9 - 0730 Hours

Colburn: OK, I see this post as the last one for this mission (yay) basically we'll be transferring the Emperor over to the Namur then setting course for Deep Space Nine for a couple of weeks (OOCly) of shoreleave and some character building. I'd like to finally welcome Lieutenant JG C'Morr to the Bridge :) Who'd like to kick us off?

Mirok watched the viewscreen carefully as the transfer of the Emperor occurred to the Namur. "Transfer complete, sir."

"Thank you, Lieutenant Mirok." Colburn replied, "I'm sure Lieutenant T'Rhe gave the Emperor a good send off." The Commander commented, while they waited for the Intelligence Officer to return to the ship.

T'Rhe's voice came over the comm. "Shuttlecraft returning to Kumari now--no trouble with the transfer."

"Well done, Lieutenant." Jack replied before cutting the comm. "Helm, set course for Deep Space Nine and engage when the shuttle is safely on board."

"Aye, sir." Peri said with a nod before tapping in the coordinates into her console.

Whilst the course was being set, C'Morr entered the bridge looking a little... poofy. He was sporting a very wild-looking hairstyle which he had yet to sort out this morning following his bath. Wanting to go unnoticed until he could fix his fur, he walked as gingerly as possible to his station at the back of the bridge.

"Deep Space Nine? Who fancies going for a drink in Quark's once we're there? Lieutenant C'Morr?" Said Nilsson from the Engineering console.

C'Morr froze in place at the mention of his name. "Quarrrk's?" He then truly considered the suggestion. "I suppose it might be enterrrtaining to cheat him at his own dabo tables. Only if they'rrre purrrposely tamperrred to begin with of courrrse." He sat in his chair and began to groom himself in an effort to gain some form of control over the fur on his head.

Colburn couldn't help but chuckle, "I really can't see you as a betting man, Lieutenant?" He said with a sideways glance at his new Chief Science Officer.

"Only if the odds arrre in my favour," the Caitian replied with a smile. "If they'rrre not, then I just find a way to change the odds."

"An innovative way of thinking, Lieutenant." Colburn replied.

The comm sounded. "Shuttlecraft 1 initiating docking procedures in fifteen seconds."

"Understood." Colburn replied before turning to his medical team, who were stood at the rear of the bridge, "I hope you'll both be joining us for a drink to celebrate the completion of our first mission together?"

"I'll never turn down a chance for a party Sir." Mac grinned widely, after all, he wasn't exactly a shrinking violet and he enjoyed a wee dram whenever he could find some downtime.

"I'd be happy to, sir," Genevieve replied with a smile. More than the drinking, she appreciated the opportunity to socialize with everyone.

"I'm just looking forward to the down time. I'm pleased we're able to do so in my home system." The Bajoran helmsman said from her station.

"Perrrsonally, I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of the worrrmhole," C'Morr revealed. "It is verrry unique, as I'm surrre you'rrre all awarrre."

The comm sounded again. "Shuttlecraft docked... I'm on my way to the bridge... T'Rhe out."

"Sounds like we're making a date here." Colburn said, after the comm closed. "Everyone free on the first night of docking at DS9, say 1900 hours?"

"Works for me," the counselor replied, offering a smile to their chief medical officer.

"I'll be there." Mac nodded, "So long as there's no medical emergencies." he threw in, knowing all too well that things could happen at any moment even amongst a crew of physically fit personnel.

"I don't parrrticularrrly enjoy crrrowded rooms," C'Morr told them. "But perrrhaps I could stop in for a few minutes after I've trrracked down the station's Chief Science Officer to discuss matters that arrre of interrrest to me."

"Excellent." Jack said with a smile. "Lieutenants Mirok? Nilsson? Crewman Peri?"

"That all depends." Mirok said. If T'Rhe wasn't going to go, he wasn't either.

"If you don't mind, sir, I'd like to spend as much time on Bajor with my family as I can." Peri said, from her station.

"Of course, Crewman, it's not an order." Colburn said with a chuckle. "Its your free time, use how you see fit."

"I'll be there, sir." Nilsson called out, "Just after I've got their engineers doing the jobs I want done."

"You'll be where?" asked T'Rhe, entering from the turbolift and heading for her station. "The Emperor sends his compliments, Commander. And also, he gave me something, but I'm not totally sure what to do with it. I secured it in my office, and we can discuss it later."

"They want to go to Quark's when we get to DS9. I'd go except for the fact that I tend to think Ferengi are conniving and would like nothing better than to smash that one against a wall."

Colburn looked at his acting first officer, "Well done, Lieutenant. Hopefully, the Emperor can get the treatment he needs and can then begin patching up the Empire."

"Aye... He's in good hands... Hmmm, while I tend to agree with you about that particular Ferengi, Mr. Mirok, I'll gladly go for a drink in Quark's. Sometimes, you just have to sit at a bar with a drink and relax for an hour or two..." She turned to the helm. "Are we at warp yet? I may not have felt the transition, as I was finishing docking."

"I'm just making the final course corrections now, ma'am." Peri reported from the helm.

"It's settled then, Quarks at 1900 on the evening we arrive." Jack said with a smile. It pleased him that his senior officers had started to gel as a team.

"Course laid in, sir." Peri said.

"By all means, Crewman, engage."


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