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Catch Up

Posted on Thu Aug 24th, 2017 @ 1:50pm by Captain Jack Colburn & Captain Henry McArther

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Colburn's Quarters
Timeline: MD8 - 0530 Hours

"Well can see you,and your crew have had an interesting mission." Henry said before downing the last of the Jack Daniel's that was in his glass. "I can see why you asked Starfleet if you could investigate who is the middle man. If you find out who and prove it was Toral then I'm sure the Empire will deal with him in their own way."

Jack was still nursing his first drink. The events of the mission were still raw to him. Although the mission was a success, losing two valued members of the crew was still hard. Of course he'd lost officers under his command before but it was a first on his own Starship.

"Hopefully." The Commander said at length. "After you take the Emperor back to Starfleet medical, what has Admiral Walker got you doing?" Colburn asked moving the conversation forward.

"I'm not sure actually. Probably patrolling unless something crops up in the mean time." McArter said, as he glanced at the old fashioned clock Jack had on his wall. "Blimey, it is getting late."

Colburn sighed, "Yep."

"Cheer up!" Henry said as he rose to his feet and slapped his friend on the shoulder.

"I think I just need a some sleep and a bit of down time when we get to Deep Space Nine." Jack said simply. "Hopefully, there will be a Runabout waiting for us to replace the one we lost."

"Walker will have it sorted. You never know, you might get a first officer." The Captain said with a cheeky smile.

"Another one for you to steal?" Jack replied before finally downing the glass of golden liquid.

"Nah, I like this one." Henry laughed, "Take it easy, I'll see you again soon." He said as he left Colburn's quarters.


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