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Phaser requalifying

Posted on Mon Oct 2nd, 2017 @ 7:11pm by Lieutenant Mirok & Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod & Lieutenant Genevieve Oliver M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Lieutenant JG C'Morr

Mission: Episode 1.5: Shoreleave
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: MD1 - 0800 Hours

Mirok looked up at the computer terminal on his desk as it pinged. He had been getting the messages that it was time for much of the crew's phaser requalifications, and this was just the latest one. He looked at the name in it and sighed. He'd have to do this en masse to ensure he could get them all done in a timely manner. He decided to send a message to the entire crew now.

To: Crew of the USS Kumari
From: Lt Mirok
Subject: Phaser requalifications.
As Chief of Security it is my duty to monitor all qualifications of crew members to effectively use phase re on away missions. Many of you already need them or will in the next few days. Therefore, at 1800 I will be requalifying all of you.

If you do not attend this session on the holodeck you risk command suspending your computer access, as well as my ire because they will yell at me for not making you do it.

After he sent the message, he headed down to the holodeck to set up the range and ensure that everything was set up.

T'Rhe entered the holodeck to find Mirok alone. "Heard something about phaser requalifying?" She made her way over to him and looked over his shoulder where he was working at a panel. "You're making everyone do this?"

Mirok gave her a side glance, darkening the panel so she wouldn't be able to see it unless she was standing where he was. "Yes. I'd rather not have to drag a ton of people in here one at a time." He half turned and kissed her.

T'Rhe was about to respond when the door opened, admitting Commander Colburn. T'Rhe jumped back as if scalded. "Sir!"

"Did I come at a bad time?" Colburn asked as he entered the holodeck.

Mirok glanced over at Jack after pulling away from the kiss. "Ah, no sir. I was just finishing setting everything up. I'll mark both of you here."

"Don't judge me too harshly that's all I ask." Mac stated as he entered the holodeck, well aware that his skills lay elsewhere and not with a weapon in his hand.

Mirok marked Mac as present, and nodded, "don't worry, doc. Medical personnel just have to maintain a level one qualification. Easiest to get."

T'Rhe gave the doctor a smile. "I suspect you'll get through without any trouble... Me on the other hand..." She let the comment hang, though gave Mirok a little wink.

"Will probably run rings around me." Mac finished for her and chuckled.

"You all have it easy." Mirok said, "medical only needs a level one, most Department heads and general officers need a level two, Intel, Strat Ops," Mirok looked pointedly at T'Rhe, "and Command need a level three. I have to maintain my certification at a level four biannual qualification."

"Once the others arrive, or do not arrive in the next five minutes, we will begin." Mirok said, starting the program.

"I agree, Doctor, its more for your own safety rather than going on the offensive." Colburn said with a nod.

Genevieve entered, offering an apologetic smile to the group. "My apologies to you all, a session ran late." Oliver understood the importance of being qualified to handle the phaser. Truthfully, it was no different than she requiring routine psychological examinations to ensure the crew were emotionally fit. She supposed just as so many or uncomfortable in those circumstances, this caused her a bit of discomfort as well

Following behind the Counselor was Lieutenant Junior Grade C'Morr, the Kumari's new Chief Science Officer. He entered the holodeck swiftly and quietly, on his tip toes, took his position beside the others. He carried a small pouch of tools and gadgets on his right hip as he anticipated that modifications would need to be made during this... training exercise.

"Now that we're all here, lets begin. Computer, start program." The room resolved into a spitting image of the main phaser range at Starfleet Academy. "Lieutenant T'Rhe and Commander Colburn, you both need a level 3 to pass, that means 6 out of 10. Doctors," Mirok said, looking at Oliver and Mac, "you both need at least a level 1, which is 2 out of 10. When you're ready, step up to a shooting spot." He looked at C'Morr, "you need a level 2, which is a 4 out of 10."

"Captain's prerogative as to whom goes first, or are we following chivalric norms here," asked T'Rhe, somewhat lightly.

"Lieutenant Mirok is running the show, I'll let him have the honour." Colburn replied, giving his Chief of Security an approving nod.

"Anyone want to volunteer, or should I show you guys how its done." He looked at the ceiling, "computer, activate subprogram Mirok-test-alpha-one." Mirok said, and a gold collared Commander appeared with a nod to Mirok.

Mirok stepped up to the range line, taking the phaser on the table, even though he had one at his hip. "Ready? Begin." The Commander said, and targets appeared down range. There were 10 red ones, and about twice as many blue ones, and they began moving.

Mirok began taking shots, managing to hit 8 of them before he misfired and hit a blue one, and both the targets and the holographic commander disappeared. "There. Now I passed mine too."

Following the demonstration, C'Morr took one of the weapons and inspected it closely. If he was going to pass this test, he was going to need to augment his arsenal and the phaser just wasn't going to be sufficient enough. He slinked back a bit from the group and grabbed a pair of tools from his pouch to start working on an upgrade that would ensure that he received his qualification.

Noticing the Caitian's surreptitious movements, Mac took a few steps back, looking down at the phaser and whispered to him "Are ye allowed to do that lad?"

T'Rhe's Vulcan hearing picked up the comment. She turned to the pair. "Under Starfleet Regulation 57-B, officers and crew with physiological differences that would make the operation of normal equipment difficult may seek reasonable adaptations to that equipment. Mr. C'Morr has taken the appropriate measures to make this possible, and therefore is allowed to modify his phaser accordingly... Lieutenant, as you are busy, would you like me to go through my qualifying first so as to provide you with ample time to complete your modifications?"

Somehow, in the time that it took for T'Rhe to explain the regulations involved, C'Morr's weapon had almost doubled in size. "Actually, I believe I have completed them," he replied as he performed a final look over the weapon. He input a few commands into a mini computer on the back of the phaser, then, using both of his hands, the Caitian pointed it at the targets and fired. Multiple streams of orange light struck their intended targets all at once. Some missed too, to which C'Morr could only shrug. "It still needs to be calibrated."

Mirok looked at C'Morr, then at T'Rhe. "Modifications are warranted, yes, however, a split beam phaser is considered cheating."

C'Morr did not consider himself to be a cheater. To even insinuate such a thing... He took a deep breath. It wasn't worth lashing out over something like this even if his moral fiber had been attacked. "Do the end results not matter?" he asked. "Some, like myself, are morrre skilled intellectually, than they arrre physically."

Mirok growled, "yes they do matter! Are you going to carry a split beam phaser on every away team mission? Not while I am the security chief."

"I did not carrry it with me," he clarified before pointing to where he'd gotten it. "I took it from that table. It is still verrry much the same phaser as beforrre. The modifications I made werrre done so that I could get the best possible outcome. If the situation demanded I do something similar on an away mission, I would attempt to come up with a solution that would get the task done and keep us all alive. As you arrre the securrrity chief, I am... disappointed that you do not see the innovation in what I've done."

"Let Lieutenant C'Morr try." Colburn said stepping forward intrigued by his science officers idea.

"No." Mirok said, "in a field situation I damn sure hope you would modify it, but this test its about how well you can modify a phaser, its about being able to use a basic phaser and defend yourself when all other options are exhausted. Now, I could just fail everyone and ground us here at DS9 until Starfleet finishes our JAG hearings about why we didn't follow regulations, or we could all be on equal ground and use basic phasers."

"Gentlemen," T'Rhe cut in, hoping to diffuse the situation, "while Mr. C'Morr is entirely within his rights to modify a phaser because of his species, this,"--she gestured to the phaser in the lieutenant's hand--"would not qualify under Regulation 57. Mr. C'Morr, while your initiative is appreciated, and in a combat situation I would commend you for your inventiveness, this is a qualifying exercise. Please modify that phaser according to the already approved adaptations in your file. If you wish to modify a phaser in the manner which you just did for use on away missions, you can discuss such dispensation with myself and Lieutenant Mirok, and Commander Colburn would still need to sign off on it."

She next turned to Mirok. "While you are correct that the lieutenant should have modified his phaser according to regulations, do not be so quick to dismiss modifications. In a mass firefight, such a weapon would save many lives... Am I understood, Lieutenant C'Morr, Lieutenant Mirok?"

Maybe I should have remained amongst the Klingons, the Caitian thought to himself. At least they would have truly appreciated his genius. C'Morr sighed and returned the phaser to its original configuration. When he was done, he took his place at the range and began his session. In the end, C'Morr missed all of the targets but one. He certainly hoped that everyone was happy.

Mirok gave T'Rhe one of his side eye glances, "yeah," He then watched C'Morr, and entered some data on a PADD he had darkened almost to the point of being unable to read it at all.

"I didn't hear either of you... Do I make myself clear?"

Mirok held back a sarcastic tone, T'Rhe was already mad at him, "yes ma'am."

"Yes Lieutenant," the Caitian said with an expressionless nod.

"Good... Lets get this thing back on track." T'Rhe let out a breath and turned to Colburn. "Commander, would you like to go next?"

Standing beside C'Morr, Mac leaned over once more and whispered "Well fer what it's worth lad, I thought it was a grand idea." he grinned widely at the feline, thinking that such a modification would be highly useful in the field and thinking how it was weird that most command and tactical staff always seemed to behave like they had a rod stuck up their ass but maybe that was down to the fact that he'd spent most of his working life as a civilian and not a Starfleet officer until now. He never had quite settled into the Starfleet militaristic way of life after all.

The Caitian smiled a bit and only purred in response to the Doctor's comment. At least someone appreciated his work.

The Commander stepped forward and picked up a phaser, it had been a little while since he'd fired one to be fair, but it was a skill you never forgot. He moved into position and gave Mirok the nod to begin. A few moments later the test began with different targets spinning around the room. He began aiming and firing until the test was complete. 8 out 10 was too bad of a score, he thought to himself as he stepped away from the testing position.

T'Rhe gave Colburn an appreciative smile. "You sure you weren't a player of some Terran sport called Baseball? I saw a game once--requires a lot of hand-eye coordination." Without waiting for a response, she moved to the line. "May I, Lieutenant Mirok?" She gestured to the phaser Commander Colburn had used.

"Just a skill you pick up wearing the uniform." Colburn commented as he rejoined the other senior officers.

Genevieve remained silent through most of the exchange, but in her mind, there were fair points on both sides. If modifications were necessary for a person to use equipment as intended or as competently as expected, there was certainly a case to be made for such allowances. On the other hand, anyone serving in Starfleet for even five minutes would know that situations don't always go as planned, and all of them needed to be prepared to use a variety of weaponry and strategies for defense. Oliver could understand how important it would be not to over rely on certain weaponry and their modifications. Flexibility would be key.

"Go ahead Lieutenant" Mirok said to T'Rhe.

T'Rhe stepped up to the line, bent her head a little, breathed in and out, then gave Mirok a nod. She fired on the first target, then another, and another. As she was going for her eighth target, her aim went slightly off and she hit one of the blue ones. The holograms disappeared and the hybrid placed her phaser back on the table, then moved back. Not too bad--seven out of ten she thought.

Mirok nodded and after everyone tested, he sent the results saying everyone passed off to Starfleet, and let everyone else go about their day.


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