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Out of the Shadows, Part 3

Posted on Thu Aug 24th, 2017 @ 2:08am by Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson & Crewman Peri Rolotea & Lieutenant Mirok & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Bridge, USS Kumari
Timeline: MD8 - 0210 Hours

"We're approaching the Federation border, sir." Peri reported. "I'm reading a ship on long range sensors. Looks like its the Namur."

Colburn let out a silent sigh of relief. "Open a Channel to Captain McArter."

"No response. Our transmission has been blocked from being received." T'Rhe frowned.

Colburn frowned, "What do you mean our transmission is being blocked? By whom?" Colburn said he rose from his chair and moved to look at the readings for himself.

T'Rhe's console let out an alert. "Vessel decloaking." The ship shook from a direct hit. "Shields holding. Its our Cardassian neighbors pulling out the welcome mat."

Mirok fell as the ship jerked. "They decided to say hello!" He popped back up and got a weapons lock. "On your command, sir!"

"By all means, Lieutenant Mirok." Colburn said heading back to his seat. "Crewman Peri, take evasive action but keep us heading for the border."

Peri nodded as the ship shook again from another barrage from the Keldon.

"Shields down to 59%." Reported Nilsson. "I've only just got the bloody things back to 100%!"

"Looks like the Cardassians have other plans." Colburn commented. "What's the Namur doing?"

"Heading this way at full impulse. Apparently, the Cardassians weren't smart enough to jam her sensors." T'Rhe's grinned would have matched Mirok's for sheer predatory nature from a few moments ago.

"Over confidence." Jack commented. "Suggestions?"

"Try and out-maneuver the Cardassians and target their engines. If we can disable them, they'll have no place to run when the Namur gets here... Estimated arrival in two minutes, thirty seconds, Commander."

"Let's try and not get dead in two and a half minutes." Colburn said, with a nod. "Crewman Peri, evasive maneuvers pattern omega. Lieutenant Mirok, give them a taste of that Romulan tempter."

"Gladly sir!" Mirok siad, fingers flying over controls, unleashing a volley of fire. "They're pests!"

"Aye, sir." Peri said as her hands danced over her console inputing her orders.

Kumari shook violently again as she was struck by weapons fire. Astrid worked quickly on her station trying to keep them in the fight. She was trying to find how the Cardassians were jamming there signals. "Got it!" She exclaimed in a small eureka moment. "Sir, the Cardassians are using their deflector array to block our transmission. If we take it offline we should he able to talk to the Namur."

Colburn nodded, "Make it so, Lieutenant Mirok."

Mirok smiled ear-to-ear as he let a volley of torpedoes head straight for their deflector array.

"Direct hit. Their deflector is damaged, comms are coming back online." Nilsson reported as the ship was struck again. "Shields down to 28%"

"Open a channel to the Namur." Colburn ordered.

"They're responding... You're on, Commander!"

A spark of electricity danced over a console with a distinctive sound as Colburn spoke to the captain of the Akira-class starship.

"Good to hear from you, Kumari." Came McArthur's confident voice over the comm system. "How did I know you'd bring the party to me, Commander? Though its not your usual party pooper." He said referring to the Cardassian vessel. "I look forward to hearing the tale but right now we'll take some heat off your tail."

The channel was cut as the other man gave orders to his crew. The other ship turned and began hurling torpedoes at the Keldon-class starship as though they were antimatter fireworks. The impressive barrage manage to reduce the Cardassian's shields to near-zero, and a well-placed brace of the missiles gutted their impulse engines. A final trio reduced their primary disruptor cannon to slag and molten metal.

"Well our ridged friends are almost sitting ducks, can I blow--" He cut himself off, "never mind. They're leaving the area." Mirok said, face falling.

T'Rhe shot him a glare. Even though she hated her Cardassian heritage, Mirok would still be paying for that later. Her console brought her attention away from thoughts of that... Good thing, too. "The Namur is haling us again. Shall I put him on, Sir," she asked Colburn.

"On Screen, Lieutenant." Jack said as he pulled down his uniform jacket.

"So, we still make a good team, Jon." McArther said as his face appeared on screen. "Looks like you've taken a beating. Follow us over the border and I'll have my engineers get to repairing that ship of yours."

Jack smiled and nodded, "Once our repairs our complete we'll transfer our passengers over to you."

"Sounds like a plan. I look forward to hear about your mission, the first round is on you." The Captain said with a smirk.

"The hell it is, bring a bottle of that 2075 Jack Daniels I know you've got stashed." With that he gave Mirok the nod to close the channel.

"Crewman Peri, please follow the Namur into Federation space. Lieutenants T'Rhe, Mirok and Nilsson begin repairs. I want to be underway as soon as possible."

After hearing all the officers acknowledge his orders, Jack made his way to his office to begin filing his report for Admiral Walker.


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