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A Caitian In Klingon Clothes

Posted on Thu Aug 24th, 2017 @ 1:52pm by Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant JG C'Morr

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD8 - 1400 Hours

Commander Jack Colburn sat in his ready room putting the final touches on his report to Starfleet about the Kumari's encounter with Gul Maran. He had wanted to write it while the events were still fresh in his mind.

The Kumari was just finishing off repairs to her warp engines. Once they were complete, they would transfer Emperor Kahless and Commander Jopass over to the Namur to continue their journey to Earth and Starfleet Medical.

He was about to send his report when the ready room door chime went off. Jack saved the report and cleared his throat before saying. "Enter."

The door swooshed open and in walked a Klingon that Colburn had become somewhat familiar with over the course of the mission. "Commander," Jopass greeted when he entered. He gently tossed a Starfleet PADD onto his desk. "I come bearing orders."

Colburn looked at the PADD on his desk before looking at the Klingon who stood before him. "Strangely enough, Commander, I don't take orders from the Klingon Defense Force. If you need a lift, I'm sure the Namur will drop you off."

Jopass shook his head. "Those orders don't come from the KDF. My mission to see the Emperor into Starfleet's capable hands has come to an end." It was then that he realized that the information contained on the tablet likely didn't explain the subterfuge that was occurring. "Oh. You don't know," he said. The Klingon held up a finger to indicate for the Commander to wait a moment. He lifted his left arm up to the height of his chest and activated a holographic display from his gauntlet. Jopass tapped a few commands into the HUD and moments later, the guise of a Klingon warrior disappeared completed. In its place was a dark haired Caitian with glacial blue eyes. "Surrrprrrise?" He chuckled lightly and then straightened his posture. "Lieutenant Junior Grrrade C'Morr, Chief Science Officer. Reporrrting for duty, Sir."

Colburn had to take a moment to take in what had just happened. "I'd heard a rumour there was someone on the inside sent in by Starfleet but didn't believe it to be true." The Commander said before standing. "Welcome aboard the Kumari, Lieutenant." He said holding out his hand for the Caitian to shake.

C'Morr took the offered hand and shook it. "Thank you Sir," he replied. "It is agrrreeable to be here. I'm not at all certain how much longer I could have stayed aboarrrd a Klingon starrrship. My fur was beginning to smell." He shrugged and then stood proudly at the fact that he'd done his duty as was asked of him. "The things we do for the uniforrrm we wear."

"Please." Said the Commander as he gestured to one of the free seats in front of his desk. "I can imagine there isn't much time for getting out of that suit on a Klingon vessel." Jack said talking from his own experiences on board a Klingon ship. "Very impressive holographic suit thought. I've not seen one that advanced."

"It's specifically calibrrrated for me. I designed it," C'Morr explained as he sat down. "Starrrfleet could not risk sending someone else in case it failed. Crrreating gadgets on the fly for a multitude of purrrposes is what I do. And I do it well, if I do say so myself." The Caitian trilled in pride at his talents.

The Commander smiled, "I can see your services coming in handy in the future. I apologize for not knowing you were aboard sooner." He said as he picked up the PADD that the Lieutenant had brought with him and thumbed through the contents. "Everything seems to be in order. I'll be pleased to have someone with your experience and talent at the science station."

"I will do my best," the Caitian assured him.

"I'm sure you will. Is there anything you need to settle in?" Colburn asked.

"A living space would be most useful," C'Morr replied. With Lieutenant Madec unaccounted for, he wasn't certain who it was that handled cabin assignments now.

"Speak with Lieutenant T'Rhe. She will assign you some quarters. Did you need a few days off to re-acclimatize yourself to the normal you?" Jack asked, concerned about throwing the Lieutenant back to work after such a difficult undercover mission.

"No," the Lieutenant answered Colburn with a shake of his head. "As long as I have a lab I'll quickly get back to my senses. An idle mind cannot make scientific brrreakthrrroughs. I've played the role of double agent long enough," he proclaimed.

"Very well, report to Lieutenant T'Rhe and she will get you situated." Colburn said as he rose to his feet. "It's a pleasure to have you aboard, Lieutenant."

C'Morr too, stood up. "Thank you Sir," he replied. With the meeting at an end, the Caitian departed from the Ready Room. Although his duties aboard the Kumari wouldn't officially begin until tomorrow, he had alot to do in the meantime. Once he had his assigned quarters, the first thing he was going to do was take a shower. As he had to act the part of a Klingon warrior, C'Morr hadn't washed himself for some time. He was long overdue, to put it mildly.


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