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discusstions about Simon

Posted on Thu Jul 6th, 2017 @ 8:38pm by Ensign Simon Hunter & Ensign Shiela Grissom & Ensign Rachel Stevens
Edited on on Fri Jul 7th, 2017 @ 4:09am

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Corridor/ Uss Kunmari
Timeline: MD-5: 10:00 Hrs

Ensigns Rachel Stevens and Sheila Grissom had been assigned to check the systems in Jeffries tubes 1114 to 1116 for the monthly service check, As they continued down the corridor to the first of the three, Rachel said," Hey Sheila, how's the thing going with Hunter?" as she herself had found him rather cute and would love the chance to try and date him, as he looked back at her friend.

Sheila responded, What thing with Hunter are you on about? knowing the gossip that had been going around about how they had been paired up to share quarters only to find a double bed and then had to be split up as they could not agree to share the same bed as she carried the tool box looking back at Rachel as they continued on their way to their assignment.

Rachel replied," You know, you two getting a room together," giving her a wink and a nudge she continued," Everyone is talking about it," hoping that Sheila didn't get upset over this news that her Private life was being talked about, She asked," Can I ask you a question?" as Sheila stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face her friend.

"Go on ask your question," she fumed as she stood looking at Rachel with a hand on her hip, she continued," and hurry it up," as she wondered why Rachel wanted to know, was she going to pass it on the grapevine? hopefully not as she didn't want to lose a friend.

"Why haven't you talked to him about that night?" asked Rachel looking back at Sheila as she knew that things had gone rather sour between the pair of them, She continued," Honestly, you two are like kids having a spat and are right for each other," as she raised her hands in the air.

Sheila responded," For one thing he is a jerk, and two," looking at Rachel she continued," Don't get me started on two," as she turned to walk off towards their assignment, as she felt anger boiling up and didn't want to loose her temper at her friend over this. She thought~ Dam you Simon, first day I set my eyes on you and I fall in love with you,~ as she started to leave Rachel behind.

As Rachel caught up with her, Rachel responded," Then you haven't heard about your new role then that he got for you?" as she looked at Sheila who immediately stopped in her tracks and turned to face her friend who was about to drop a bombshell on her that even she didn't about.

"And what role is that?" she asked looking at Rachel as she continued," And why is this the first time I've heard about it and not from Nilsson?" as she wondered if Simon had done this to make up for what had happened the first night they had met in the quarters that they had been kicked out of.

Rachel replied," Well, as he is now Chief Operations Officer and acting chief Engineering whilst the boss is off recovering, Your his liaison between Engineering and his office," as Rachel watched the expression on Sheila's face as the shock hit her and gave her friend a smile.

"Your kidding me, Him Chief Operations and has that Quarters we got kicked out of back," she stated as she stood in shock, "and got me liaison between his office and Engineering, Does boss lady know about this?" still not believing that he had gone out of his way like this for her, " as she finished," And why did he not contact me about this?" as she now was not happy that he hadn't had the nerve to speak to her about this.

Rachel looked back at her," Because he knew that you would not talk to him whilst your in this mood," as she replied to all three questions, " and Yes the Chief does know and is doing the paperwork," she finished," I know because I spoke to Simon last night," as Sheila looked back at her and now upset that Simon had told Rachel and not her and felt betrayed by her friend.

She replied," Well then, It looks like I'm going to have to talk with Simon after all," which made Rachel smile again, Sheila continued," and I promise not to smack his ass for this," as she opened a com Channel "Grissom to Hunter," as she looked back at Rachel.

=/\= " Hunter here Go ahead,"=/\= Came the voice of the man she had fallen in love with and who had been a jerk at the same time.

" I'd like to have a chat with you," she replied as she knew that she would have to talk to him sometime and get the elephant in the room out of the way so she could move on.

=/\= " I'm free at 13:00 hours,"=/\= replied Simon over the channel as he continued, =/\= " if you are going to be civil that is,"=/\= as he waited for an answer from her.

She responded," I promise to be Civil and not shout at you Simon," using Hunter's first name, she continued," meet me in the mess hall, Grissom out," as she closed the channel she turned to Rachel and said," Come on we have work to do," as the pair of them continued on their way to their Assignment . as Sheila wondered how and what was she going to say to him when they came face to face since their last meeting and would he apologize to her for treating her disrespectfully when they had been in the quarters.


Ensign Simon Hunter
Chief Operations Officer
USS Kumari

Ensign Sheila Grissiom
USS Kumari

Ensign Rachel Stevens
USS kumari


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