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Out of the Shadows, Part 1

Posted on Sun Jul 16th, 2017 @ 4:09pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant Mirok & Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod & Lieutenant Genevieve Oliver M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson & Crewman Peri Rolotea

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Bridge, USS Kumari
Timeline: MD7 - 1630 Hours

T'Rhe sat in the center seat, enjoying the banter around her. While she felt that humans, particularly, would be better-served by having no outside distractions, she could not deny that such conversation made them better officers. At present, she was tuned in to a conversation between the helmswoman and Hunter at Ops.

"You know Shiela has been nagging me about taking her shopping during shore leave," Simon stated as he sat at the Operations station, He continued," She said my wardrobe needs updating," as he looked at Peri, he finished," It's bad enough that she want's to move in with me,"

"You need to show the girl a good time." Peri replied from the helm. "Once your relationship has developed further then maybe cohabiting together would be a good idea."

"Show her a good time, " asked Simon, as he kept his eyes on the console He continued," So what do I have to do to show her a good time," He concluded," I don't even know what she likes," as he turned to face Peri. As he still was confused as to why she had latched on to him but he was a gentleman and was not going to hurt her by stringing her along.

'Ask her what she likes and then find something along those lines to do it." Said Peri.

"Indeed," said T'Rhe. "The crewman is absolutely right. Don't worry,"--she flashed Hunter a brief smile--"you'll get the hang of it eventually... Mr. Mirok, status report please."

"There's something, some sort of wobbly sensor reading. Can't tell what it is." Mirok said, staring at the sensors.

"What she likes is me and how she wants to have me," remarked Simon, " it was bad enough when she made out that we were sharing the same quarters," He continued as he remembered the night she showed up and that she was still angry at him over that, "Thing is I don't trust her,"

"If you don't trust her then why..." Suddenly the helm console beeped. "Sir, navigational sensors have just picked up something on our aft. It was like a sensor ghost."

"I need more data, Miss Peri. Could it be a cloaked ship following us?"

"We've got a birdie on our tail! Recommend violent action." Mirok said, bringing the ship to yellow alert.

T'Rhe considered reprimanding him for not letting Peri respond and bringing the ship to yellow alert without her say-so, but now was not the time. "If we've got a cloaked ship trailing us, I'd rather face them at impulse. Bring us out of warp. Commander Colburn to the bridge please."

Abruptly the ship shook and T'Rhe caught a brief flash of something. "Report! Mr. Mirok, initiate red alert. Try and get a lock on that other ship--if its out there."

A torpedo flashed by the ship, narrowly missing them. The energy and the wake had caused the shaking, and Mirok responded, "aye, red alert, and there's nothing I can target!" Mirok kept working, trying to get a lock.

"Report!" Barked Colburn as he exited his ready room and relieved T'Rhe from the command chair.

"We've got an invisible birdie on our tail who wants to kill us, sir. I recommend sacrificing them to the Elements." Mirok said, not looking up from his work.

Internally sighing at the redundancy of Colburn's statement, T'Rhe responded, "She can fire through a cloaking device. Its either a derivation of the scimitar a class from the Remans, or its Toral. And now isn't the time for your antique humor, Mirok," said T'Rhe, moving to her console.

The ship rocked. Finally, someone had managed to hit them with a torpedo. T'Rhe cursed and turned to Colburn. "Orders, Commander?"

"Bring us about," Colburn said as he sat down. "How close are we to the Federation border?"

"Twelve hours, maybe a bit less or more, depending," said T'Rhe.

"Open a channel." Jack ordered

"Channel open, sir." Mirok responded, keeping an eye on the sensors

"Commander Toral," Colburn said, using the Klingons old rank would only make him angry. "This is Commander Jack Colburn of the USS Kumari. We have been given diplomatic immunity by the Klingon Empire. We will defend ourselves if you continue these childish games." Jack looked to Mirok and made the cut throat signal to cut the comms.

Mirok cut the channel, waiting to see what happened next.

T'Rhe stared at Colburn in disbelief. Either he was made of sterner stuff than she realized--not that he was cowardly--or he really didn't know Klingons that well. As if to emphasize her point, Kumari shook from another near-miss. "You have been given your answer, Sir," she told him.

Before the commander could respond, the ship bucked and it was only T'Rhe's reflexes that saved her from being tossed to the floor. The lights flickered and an explosion was heard.

Mirok got thrown to the floor from the hit, landing really hard on his right shoulder. The explosion was at Ops, and tossed Hunter's body to the floor. The smoke from the Ops console was enough to tell him Ops was down, and he brought it up on the terminal behind Tactical, ignoring the pain in his shoulder. "Ops is down, but I have it."

The smoke began to clear and Hunter's broken body lay near to where he was sitting at ops. 'Another one gone.' Thought Jack before he pressed the comm button on the arm of his chair. "Medical emergency on the bridge."

"On my way Sir." Macleod said over the com before setting off for the bridge.

"Lieutenant Mirok, open the channel again." The Commander ordered as he stood from his chair.

"Channel open, sir."

"Toral, we can do this all day. Are you going to stop sneaking around like a Romulan and fight me like a true Klingon. Face to face. With honor!" Colburn said raising his voice. He hoped the calling Toral a Romulan would make his blood boil enough for him to drop his cloak.

"Hey!" Mirok said, "we do not sneak around!" He had had enough sense to mute the channel prior to speaking so as to not give away his heritage to the Klingons.

Colburn glared in Mirok's direction, he didn't want to offend his tactical officer but at the same time it needed to be said.

T'Rhe studied her readings intently. "Looks like you got his attention. Vessel decloaking--K'Tinga-class, though weapons appear to be--"

The ship pitched forward as though slammed by a powerful fist. "Disruptor blast Sir. Direct hit--warp capacity has been reduced, but not eliminated."

"I'll get teams on it right away." Astrid said from the Engineering console. As she began arranging the right teams for the work on her console.

Colburn steadied himself, 'That got there attention.' Thought Jack. "Lieutenant Mirok, lock pulse phasers on the Klingons. Limit targets to Engines, Shields and Weapons."

Genevieve felt torn as the ship was rocked by weapons fire. On the one hand, she didn't think there was much diplomacy left to be done, but on the other hand, she wanted to be close at hand in case the Captain needed guidance. She knew the wounded would be well taken care of by their chief medical officer and she would be called upon if needed. Oliver suppressed a sigh, taking note of how easily a nice feel-good conversation about relationships could be so easily interrupted. Oliver wasn't sure she'd ever get used to how quickly one could transition from laughter to fear. "We'll see if they're more interested in diplomacy in a bit, I suppose. You tried your best, Captain."

"Targets locked, ready to fire on your mark."

Jack couldn't help but agree with his Counselor. "It would seem there is only one way to communicate with the house of Duras." He said to Lieutenant Oliver.

"Do it, Lieutenant." The Commander ordered with a nod.

Mirok smirked and dramatically pressed the command to fire. "Direct hit, looks like whatever I hit managed to not only overload their shields, but their weapons are screwed up too. I love my job."

Colburn watched as Kumari's pulse phasers hammered the K'Tinga's shields and hull. "Disable their warp engines, Lieutenant."

"Gladly!" Mirok said, firing again directly at their engines. "They're a sitting duck."

"Not precisely," responded T'Rhe, her tone professional, in contrast to Mirok's semi-jovial one. "I am reading indications that they have thruster power, but it should take a significant amount of time for them to repair their warp and impulse engines."

"Open a channel." Colburn asked as he stood from his chair and walked down the couple of steps towards the view screen.

"Channel open. Go ahead sir."

Torals face replaced the image of the mostly disabled K'Tinga. "Finish the job you started! Let us go to Sto-vor-kor with honor!" The Klingon demanded.

Jack smiled and shook his head, "I won't give you the pleasure. You deserve to go to Grethor, but now you can limp back to where ever it is you came from. Chancellor Martok will deal with you." He said before looking at Mirok to close the channel.

"Klingons are beginning to move sir, away from us, back towards wherever they came from." Mirok said, "cowardly move if they really want to go to Sto-vor-kor that back."

"Lieutenant Nilsson, status on our warp engines." Colburn asked moving back to his seat.

"I can give you warp 4 for the moment. I've got teams working on it hopefully I can give you maximum warp it a couple of hours." The Engineer replied.

"Very well." The Commander said as he settled back into the Command chair. "Helm, put us back on our original heading warp 4. Engage when ready."

Having slipped around the edge of the bridge whilst the others were talking, Mac made his way to the inert form of Hunter, his body ravaged by the explosion that had occurred at his station. After performing a primary survey, he looked over at Colburn and shook his head sadly before sitting back on his haunches and lowering his head. There was nothing he could do.

Colburn lowered his head, the mission had claimed another member of the crew. Hopefully, it would be the last for a while.

Before Kumari could leave the site of battle, T'Rhe looked up in puzzlement. "Commander, vessel decloaking."

On the viewer, space began to ripple, then resolved itself into a type of ship T'Rhe had not seen in years. "Its Cardassian... Keldon-class! ... With a cloaking device."


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