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Posted on Tue Oct 3rd, 2017 @ 12:59am by Captain Jack Colburn

Mission: Episode 1.5: Shoreleave
Location: Conference Room, Deep Space Nine
Timeline: MD3 - 1030 Hours

"Thanks for staying, Captain." Tyler said, before he sighed, "I can't believe I'm about to tell you this. I want you to read my file here. So I can explain things to you rather than getting kicked off the ship in a month."

Jack took the PADD with the Commander's records on but didn't read it. "There must be something in this that is bad or troublesome or we wouldn't be having this conversation. If I read this will my opinion of you change?'

"Do you remember the incident in the academy about 17 years ago? A senior cadet was accused and convicted of killing 6 instructors in an incident involving a failed warp core experiment. The cadet was barred from ever rising above the rank of Commander or holding a command. You're talking to him." Tyler sighed, "I'm hoping you don't hold it against me."

The Captain thought for a moment, he did recall the accident but didn't recall specifics, "What happened?"

"I was in Engineering of the training ship, the USS Ocelot, we were tasked with optimizing a warp core during battle conditions with little resources. I had it all worked out in my head, but when the time came, I panicked." Tyler entangled his fingers in his hair, before continuing, "I entered something wrong and there was a breach. The resulting fallout killed 4 instructors who were acting as other crew instantly, 2 more died in sickbay, and one is still paralyzed because of my stupidity."

Colburn nodded, and thought for moment. "I suppose seeing that written in black and white would have made me see you differently." He said as he rubbed his now stubbly chin. "How has this event affected you in the years since it happened?"

"Its been held over my head by every CO I've served under."

"How have you coped with this?" Colburn asked.

"I've done my best to put this behind me and do my duty as a Starfleet officer." Tyler responded.

'Have you given any of your previous Commanding Officers cause to be concerned with what happened at the academy?" Asked Colburn, he wanted to make sure Hendricks was the type of honest and loyal officer he would have chosen as Executive Officer.

"No sir. Closest thing to ever happen was a couple near breaches but those were during heavy combat and I avoided them." Hendricks sounded almost angry he was asked about it.

The Captain nodded, "What made you stay in Starfleet? A big mark on your record some would have resigned."

"I couldn't say no. My father told me to stay in, so I did. Don't want to disappoint."

Jack offered his hand to Tyler, "Welcome to the Kumari, Commander."

Tyler looked at him momentarily, before shaking hands, "Thank you, sir."

Jack handed him the padd, "I know everything I need to know. I'll read your record another time. Please report to Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe at 1500 hours, who will show you to your quarters and answer any questions you might have. I'll make all senior officers available to you so you can meet them."

"Yes sir. Thank you again."

"No problem, Commander."

Tyler decided to add something else, "There's an officer that worries me. One Lieutenant Mirok, noted outbursts, Romulan upbringing, and yet you kept him, why?"

"You can answer that yourself once you've worked with him." Jack replied simply.

"Should I worry about his loyalty?"

Colburn didnt want to say about Mirok's dealings with his father in case the Commander jumped to conclusions without knowing all the details "His loyalty lies with the ship and crew of the Kumari."


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