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A General's Request

Posted on Thu Jun 29th, 2017 @ 11:36am by Captain Jack Colburn

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD4 - 1700 Hours

Jack walked into his Ready Room followed by General D'jimpok. The Commander walked round his desk and took his before gesturing for the General to take one of the free seats in front of his desk.

"What can I do for you, General?" He asked after waiting for the older Klingon to sit.

The Klingon looked at the Bat'Leth that hung on the wall. "You still have it, I'm impressed."

Colburn also looked at the Klingon weapon and smiled, "Of course I still have it. It was an honor to receive it from you. Its one of my most cherished possessions. "It was an honor to fight along side you during the war. I won't ever forget it."

D'jimpok laughed from his large belly. "Indeed, it was an honor to fight along side you. I must say, I didn't relish the thought of receiving crew reinforcements from Starfleet but you became a valued member of the crew. Its a shame you didn't accept the offer to stay from the Defense Force."

"It was an honor to be asked but I had other commitments." Said Jack. "Did you really come here to talk about the war?"

The General shook his head, "Did you ever keep in contact with Tozig Trodh after the war?"

Tozig Trodh was a name that Jack hadn't thought of for a long. A wave of guilt washed over him. "No I didn't." He said at length. "I meant to but days turned to weeks, months turned into years. How is she?"

"She was well the last time I spoke to her." The General said. "Am I right in assuming you have a lead as to who is helping supply Toral."

Jack sighed, "We do have a lead, I'm hoping to chase this lead after our mission is complete. What's that got to do with Tozig?"

"I sent Commander Tozig to find who was aiding Toral 4 months ago. We haven't received any communications from her for 6 weeks now. As a personal favor to me, I'd like you to find her." Asked D'jimpok.

Hearing his former parmaqqaypu' was missing made him feel angry. Although he had no reason to feel this way, perhaps the deep feelings he had for her we're still as strong as they were. "I promise we will find her."

"Thank you, Colburn." D'jimpok simply replied before standing and hastily left the ready room.


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