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Rank Pins and Roles

Posted on Mon Oct 2nd, 2017 @ 7:55pm by Captain Jack Colburn & Commander Tyler Hendricks & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe

Mission: Episode 1.5: Shoreleave
Location: DS9, Captain's Office
Timeline: MD3 - 1000 Hours

Tyler tugged on the hem of his uniform as he waited for the two officers from the Kumari to arrive. He was to do their mission briefing before joining them as their new XO. He paced nervously, as while this wasn't the first time he was doing a mission briefing, it was his first to a crew that didn't yet know he was joining them.

"Calm down, Commander. You're pacing my office like a first year cadet." Said Deep Space Nine's Bajoran commanding officer, Captain Ro Laren.

"I feel like one." He muttered, "you try being in my situation!" He pulled up the personnel records of the crew on a PADD. "Great crew...just one officer that worries me."

"I have been in your situation." Ro said as she got up from her desk. "You're right, it is a good crew. If there was an officer that's a problem, Colburn would have gotten rid a long time again."

"I'm just hoping he doesn't read my file...more than likely I'll be back on the base within a month if he does." Tyler sighed, "don't go telling him."

"Tyler, if you're going to be his XO, he will look at your file. Perhaps it'll be best if you have a quiet word after this meeting and tell himself yourself. The black and white tells a the offical story and it doesn't encourage you to turn the page." Ro said in a reassuring manner.

"And take my chances with losing the closest thing to command I've got? I don't think so."

"Look at my file, I left Starfleet to become a Marquis. Now look at me, I'm in Command of the most important space station in the quadrant. It wasn't easy but I got there." Laren said with a smile. "Talking will help, trust me."

Tyler cursed in Bajoran, something he had picked up from her in his years on DS9. "I guess you're right."

The office door chime sounded and two officers could be seen through the glass door. "Come." Ro said as she moved to the center of her office to greet her guests.

Colburn entered the office with Lieutenant T'Rhe following behind him. "Commander Colburn and Lieutenant T'Rhe, reporting as ordered, sir."

"Its a pleasure to meet you both, I'm Captain Ro Laren, Commanding officer of this fine establishment."

"Captain," responded T'Rhe calmly. She knew of Captain Ro of course; with the possible exception of the ex-Maquis members of the Voyager crew, she was probably one of the more famous former Maquis in Starfleet. T'Rhe was a bit uneasy about any possible reactions to her appearance--even half-Cardassians were still viewed with some suspicion, and she'd caught a few looks as they'd come up through the station and into Ops. It wasn't like she could exactly hide her appearance.

"Commander Tyler Hendricks. Currently assigned as a swing officer here on DS9." He held out a hand for a shake.

T'Rhe took it. "A pleasure, Commander."

"If I may?" Tyler asked Ro, referring to his duty to give the brief.

"By all means, carry on, Commander." Ro said as she lead Colburn and T'Rhe over to the seating area.

"The ship you're looking for is operating in the Gonal system. As I'm sure you know, Commander, that system is run by various pirate crews and gangs."

"We don't know who or why, but the ship was recently taken over, which worries Starfleet." Tyler tugged on the bottom hem of his uniform, "You need to acquire a ship prior to going in, as the Kumari would be attacked on site."

"Only heard bad things about the Gonal system. Sounds about right for the ship we're looking for." Jack said, unfazed by heading into such a dangerous area of space.

T'Rhe looked at him. "Charming. A regular Borderland then... Any candidates for acquiring a ship that can enter with relative safety, or is that up to us?"

"Our best bet would be for Kumari to hide somewhere near the Gonal system and wait for one of the native ships to come our way. We'll arrest the crew and use the ship." Jack replied.

Good, T'Rhe thought. That way, if we run into a lot of trouble, Kumari can help us out.

"I'd do the same, Commander." Tyler said to Colburn, "since its a great crew."

Jack thought the comment about his crew was strange but decided to dismiss it. "Its very interesting to know the ship has recently changed hands, does Intelligence know anything about this?"

"As far as I know, the information I gave you is the information we have. Intel hasn't had a chance to look into it. And they're still wondering how your crew received it."

"We came across it by chance." Jack replied not wanting to let on that Mirok's father had actually given them the ships name. "Do we know any information about what's currently going on within the Gonal system? Last I heard the system was controlled by the Orion's."

Hendricks rubbed the stubble sprouting on his chin, "The Orions have had of late with retaining control of the system. We're waiting on more Intel into their movements and possible motives." Hendricks said, "and I wish I could go out there to find out myself."

"A potential war zone, that could work in our favor." The Commander said as he glanced at T'Rhe.

"Hmmm, possibly, or it could hinder us... I have some contacts that owe me a favor or two if you'd like me to see what I can find out?"

"See what you can find out. I'll want to brief the senior staff tomorrow, the more Intel we have the better." Colburn said with a nod.

"I'll get on it as soon as I'm back aboard Kumari, and assuming no absolute crisis needs my attention," she responded crisply.

"I'm sure you'll get your chance, Commander, but this station is a good posting." Jack said turning his attention to Hendricks.

"Kumari is better." Tyler said, doing something on a PADD.

"Better?" Colburn asked frowning.

Tyler slid the PADD to Colburn.

"What's this?" Jack asked.

"You're down a XO are you not?" Tyler made sure the words transfer orders were visible on the PADD.

Jack picked up the PADD and thumbed its contents. Commander Tyler Hendricks was indeed transferring to the Kumari as Executive Officer. Colburn didn't have a problem with getting a Executive Officer, actually it pleased him to finally have someone in the role full time. But sharing the same rank could be difficult to get things done.

"Well, congratulations Commander. Welcome to the Kumari." Colburn said as he passed the PADD to T'Rhe to inspect.

T'Rhe looked over the contents--it was all quite correct. She mentally bristled, but kept herself in check. Didn't Starfleet think she was capable? Not that she'd had the job long, and she'd been thrust into it unexpectedly, but by the Prophets, she was doing a fine job of it she thought.

Colburn noticed T'Rhe seem irritated but Hendricks being assigned to the Kumari as Executive Officer as she had been filling in as XO since Lieutenant Madec was lost.

"I know exactly what you're thinking, Commander." Ro said as she moved back to her desk and retrieved two small boxes. "Admiral Walker asked me to give these to you and Lieutenant T'Rhe." She said as she gave them each a box. "Jack Colburn, I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain. T'Rhe, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Congratulations to you both."

"Congrats, Captain!" Tyler said, extending a hand to Jack. "When you get the chance, could I speak to you privately, sir?"

"Of course, I have time after this meeting if that's OK with you?" The Captain said.

T'Rhe took the rank pin and stared at it. Her, a Lieutenant Commander? What was the quadrant coming to?

Hendricks's words snapped her back to reality. "gentlemen, would you like me to be present at this meeting, or is it better if I not intrude?"

"Thanks for your interest, Commander, but its something I need to discuss with the CO alone."

T'Rhe nodded. "My apologies, Sir. I only meant my question in the best interests of ship and crew, and in hopes of building a good working relationship between all of us..." She reached out and offered her hand in the human manner. "Congratulations on your new assignment, Commander."

"Congrats on your promotion, Commander." Tyler said to T'Rhe.

"Thank you--its a bit unexpected."

Tyler shook her hand, "and no worries, Commander, I understand completely."

"If we are finished here, then perhaps we could have this meeting." Colburn prompted, he still had reports to file on the previous mission.

"Of course," said T'Rhe. "Captain Ro, thank you for your hospitality. I'll just get out of your way,... Oh, er, may I have permission to visit the Bajoran Temple before returning to Kumari, Sir?" She addressed her question to Colburn, desperately trying to keep a faint green blush of embarrassment off her face.

"By all means, make sure everyone has some down time while we are here, Commander." Colburn replied.

"Aye Sir." She rose. "Permission to be dismissed?"

"Dismissed, Commander." Ro said with a smile.


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