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How To Soften Up A Future Holographer

Posted on Mon Jul 10th, 2017 @ 10:01pm by Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Engineering/Holodeck
Timeline: MD7 - 0800 Hours

T'Rhe stopped at the doors to Engineering and turned, putting a hand on her son's shoulder. "I know you don't need me in there, but I wanted to wish you luck."

"Thanks, Mom. This sounds like something I can actually do. Don't worry."

She hugged him, then the human walked through the double doors.

"Ah, Jonathan." Astrid said from the warp core diagnostic station. "How are you this morning?"

"I'm okay, Lieutenant. Mom said something about holograms?"

"Indeed she did, young man." She said with a smile as she walked towards the main engineering diagnostic console. "What do you think of this?" She asked as she pressed a few commands into the console and a holographic image of herself activated.

The teen studied the image. "Er, what would you like me to comment on?"

"What a good looking hologram she is." Astrid teased. "Actually, she's a prototype of an Emergency Engineering Hologram I've been working on. My problem is I need her to work. She had all the knowledge to do the job but I just can't get her to work. I tried copy the EMH's basic programming but it doesn't seem to help."

"Hmmm... Let me see what I can do... I think the issue is twofold. Not only was the EMH matrix designed for medical use, but there also might be a problem with how you gave her the information she would need." He moved to the console. "How did you give her the knowledge to do the jobs an engineer would need to do?"

"Downloaded Starfleets technical manual into her matrix. I know its a very large file but I accounted for that by giving her a large memory capacity and the ability to learn and make her own changes based on her own 'life' experience." Astrid said as she watched the young man.

He stared at her in bewilderment. "Starfleet has just one technical manual for every single thing a starship engineer would need to do?..." He worked the console. "Hmmm, the file overloaded the matrix--you're lucky you didn't try and have her do anything, otherwise the whole thing would have decompiled and you'd have to start over... Tell me, what does a first-year engineering course at the Academy look like? What are you taught?"

"Well the tech manual has several thousand volumes, I was just generalizing what I'd transferred." Astrid explained as she watched Jon work. "I did try and get her to fix a plasma relay but the command broke down her matrix. As for Engineering at the academy, its pretty intense. I majored in warp theory."

The teen put the tip of his tongue to the side of his mouth in thought. "Hmmm..." He tapped the console for a couple more seconds. "Do you remember enough--or can you find the information--to put all the things she'd have to do in her matrix, one course at a time? Basically, we don't want to overload her with too much at once, just like you can't learn everything at once... Ugh, sorry if this all sounds a bit simple--I don't know the first thing about warp theory, but its a start. If that doesn't work, I might have some more tricks up my sleeve."

He gave her a smile. "And, I don't mind this taking a while--she's a lot nicer-looking then most holograms I've met, and a good deal more sentient I'd imagine."

"One at a time, that'll take years!" Astrid said. "Perhaps I should ditch the idea altogether."

"No, No, its still a great idea. We just have to not overload her... Maybe I was going too small--does she really need all of the technical manual? I bet some of that wouldn't be particularly useful; I mean, how likely is it that we're going to be building our own dilithium refinery in Engineering, just as an example?"

He tried cheering her up by cracking a smile.

"True." She said after a moment. "Maybe delete the the manual and upload just the Engineering manual. Once she has basic knowledge and is working, we can increase her skill set."

"Sounds like a plan... Do you want to do the honors, Lieutenant?"

Astrid nodded, "Its silly, give me a warp core to fix and I'm fine. Holograms on the other hand not a clue."

"I understand. I have problems dealing with lots of people all at once, though they're better than they used to be."

"I don't like crowds of people either. Give me a warp core any day." She said with a warm smile.

"Yeah, but you at least know how to deal with them. Me, I'm have issues. You're fine--I sort of know you--but people I haven't met yet scare the hell out of me." He looked at the console. "Anyway, about that upload?..."

"Beginning upload now." The Engineer said as she tapped a few commands into the console in front of her. "I'm hoping Starfleet corps of Engineers likes this idea. I'd like her on every ship throughout the fleet. I think she'd make an excellent addition to the engineering crew."

"I do as well... What's not to like--top-notch knowledge, someone who can handle a warp core breach without any problems, and pretty good-looking as well... I just hope she's treated more respectfully than holograms usually are, even in this century."

"I know they've been treated badly in the past, but how many lives have been saved by them? Voyagers crew survived 7 years in the Delta Quadrant with only a hologram as they're CMO. He became a member of the crew, not just a hologram. I'm hoping that story will improve how holograms are treated."

"True," replied the teenager. "I just feel that we take them for granted a lot of the time. Maybe I'm jaded because of my past holo-addiction."

"It is a technology that can be abused. Things are changing for the positive though." Astrid reassured him.

"I agree... Upload is complete. Lets see if we can get her working correctly."

He set to work, a faint smile on his face.

"Fingers crossed." Astrid said, crossing her fingers.

Jonathan grinned. "You're a lot of fun to work with. Who knows, I might even be in a good enough mood after this to get out my violin."

Astrid couldn't help but smile. The boy had come a long way in the short time he had been aboard. She was glad he was coming out of his shell.


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