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Klingon Debrief

Posted on Thu Jun 29th, 2017 @ 11:34am by Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson & Lieutenant Mirok & Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Ensign Simon Hunter

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: MD4 - 1630

T'Rhe entered the briefing room in the lead, three Klingons behind her. An honorguard of two stood outside the doors. Noticing Colburn at the table already, she addressed the most senior two Klingons. She knew enough of their own tongue to manage this,, fortunately. "My lords Emporer Kahless and General D'jimpok, I present to you the master of this vessel, Commander Jack Colburn, Starfleet." She switched to standard. "Commander, Emperor Kahless and General D'jimpok, along with their aide, Commander Jopass, whom you know."

Jack rose from his seat and moved round the table to greet Kumari's VIP guest. "It is an honor to have you aboard my ship, Emperor." He said addressing the Klingon ceremonial leader with a respectful bow of his head.

"The Honor is mine, Commander. I must apologize for bring Starfleet into this internal mess we've seemed to have gotten into. Who would have thought some simple gene therapy would seem the best way to gain power over my people." The Emperor said.

From what Colburn had read about Emperor Kahless' condition, simple gene therapy was a drop in the ocean to what the Emperor actually needed at Starfleet Medical. He decided that there must have been a reason not to reveal the extent of his illness.

"Not to worry, sir. We are here to help as best as we can, we'll be on our way to Starfleet medical once most of our repairs have been completed." Colburn said.

"Thank you, Commander." The Emperor said before taking his seat.

Colburn moved to General D'jimpok, "General, its been a long time."

"Indeed, Colburn. I'm sorry about your officer, our transporter came back as working properly. Its like they just vanished." D'jimpok said as he handed the Commander a Klingon datapad.

"I'm sure your crew did everything they could. However, this is not a time for mourning. We have a job to do. Please take a seat, once my senior staff have arrived we shall begin." Colburn said.

D'jimpok nodded before taking his seat next to the Emperor, Commander Jopass took the seat on the other side of Kahless.

T'Rhe pulled out chairs for their three guests, then sat herself. She would have taken the first officer's chair, but out of respect for the recently deceased, she took her usual chair instead.

Simon Entered the room looking straight at the Captain, He said" Sir's", looking at both the senior officers as he noticed the emperor and the General and gave a bow in Respect to the senior Klingons, as he moved towards the first seat on the left of the table.

Simon sat keeping his mouth shut for the time being, However; he knew that the status of the repairs would be asked for by the Captain, He tapped his combadge," Ensign Hunter to Ensign Grissiom", he said as he contacted Sheila down in Engineering. He kept his focus upon the Emperor.

+" Grissom here"+, came the Soft voice of the female Engineer.

Simon asked," Status of the repairs Ensign?", as he still was slightly worried about the Emperor's status of health.

The soft tones of Sheila's voice floating over the Com channel,+" We are now 65% done Sir and the Ops lads are shattered and need rest"+

Simon responded," To all Ops teams, go get some rest", as he looked over at the party in front of him, He continued" and when they come back on shift the engineers are to get some rest", knowing full well they to would need sleep as Simon himself needed some sleep.

Sheila replied +"Aye Sir, Thank you Sir",

Simon replied," Let me know when we hit 100% Sheila, Hunter out", as he closed the channel knowing that Engineering were now taking the slack and giving the back up as now he had to run both departments and manage them, this He knew was going to be harder than he thought.

Mirok walked in, looking more like he was called for an incident, rather than the briefing. He had a fully armed phaser at his hip, a scowl on his face, and he stepped over to the replicator, conjuring up a bright beverage.

"Not the ale. It's Kali'fal." He said, seeming more concerned about the possibility of the drink getting him in trouble over the fact that he was armed in a room of three Klingons.

Jack was thankful his security chief hadn't ordered a Romulan ale without offering their Klingon guests a blood wine. He was willing to cut the Lieutenant a little slack after the shuttle explosion. "How are you holding up, Lieutenant?" Colburn asked quietly.

"I have security teams at the door and on standby on the Bridge." Mirok looked ready for blood, "give me the word and I'll have their heads." He let his right hand rest on his phaser, the faintest of smirks on his lips.

"At ease, Lieutenant. We'll find them." Jack said reassuringly.

T'Rhe caught Mirok's whisper, then noticed the drink in his hand. She frowned; despite it not being that damnable blue ale, it was still alcoholic... Or was it. Thankful that she had inherited her mother's nose, T'Rhe sniffed just enough to detect no alcohol. The last thing they needed was an intoxicated Mirok. Now that He had opened the gates, to use a human expression, there wasn't any reason for her not to offer something. She rose. "Gentlemen, may I get you anything," she asked Kahless and the other Klingons. "Commander, anything for you?"

Kahless raised his hand, "Nothing for me." He said gruffly.

"Raktajino, double strong." D'jimpok said.

Jopass shook his head, "I'm fine, thank you."

"I'll have the same as the General, please." Colburn asked.

T'Rhe nodded and went to the replicator. "Two Raktajinos, double strong, and one tea, Blend T'Rhe 2-Alpha." The three drinks came out on a small tray and T'Rhe served them. Noticing the looks she was getting, she said, "I developed this tea as a way to celebrate my Vulcan and Cardassian heritages. About the only good thing from my Cardassian side, actually."

Lieutenant Nilsson was next to arrive, she carried her formally broken wrist in her good hand as it was still a little tender from the Doctor MacLeod's bone knitting device. "Sorry, I'm late." She said simply before sitting at her seat.

Mac silently followed her inside and took a seat with a curt nod towards the others.

Mirok didn't let his eyes leave the Klingons as he stepped over and took his seat.

Once everyone was seated, Jack took a small sip of his drink before starting the briefing. "Firstly, as I'm sure you are all aware, we sadly lost Lieutenant Madec during the skirmish with the Klingons. No one will miss her more than I, she was an excellent officer and had served Kumari well as acting First Officer since Commander Roberts was reassigned." Jack found the subject harder to talk about as a lump grew in his throat. "There will be time to mourn her loss after this mission is over. But right now, we have a job to do."

The Commander turned to Lieutenant T'Rhe, "As the most senior officer on board, you'll be stepping up to acting First Officer." He then turned to Ensign Hunter. "Ensign, you'll assume Madec's duties as acting Chief of Operations."

Simon looked back at the Captain knowing now that he had big shoes to fill, He responded," Aye Sir, I will not let you down," as he knew that he would need someone he trusted to help him. He thought ~ Maybe I could ask for Sheila to be transferred over to Ops?~ as he wondered if he could ask now or wait for later.

The hybrid nodded. "Aye, Commander. I will serve you as well as I may."

"Excellent. Ensign Hunter, how have repairs been coming?" Colburn asked.

Mirok had been scowling at the Klingons since he sat down.

"At the last report Sir 65% completed, However; I have had to rest the Ops teams as they are shattered," Simon replied looking back at the Captain, He continued his report," Engineering has taken over all the repairs but will need more help," as he wasn't going to take any more problems until the ship was at peek working condition.

"Excellent, keep up the good work, Ensign." Colburn said before turning his attention to the three Klingons at the table. "As you can see, we have three guests onboard. Emperor Kahless, General D'jimpok and Commander Jopass, who I believe most of you are familiar with."

Jopass rose to his feet to address the room. "As you are aware, your mission was to come to Ty'Gokor and collect Emperor Kahless and return him to your Starfleet medical for treatment of his condition. Chancellor Martok knew word would spread of the Emperors illness and someone would try and seize power, which is why the Chancellor asked for Starfleets help as he knew they would be unbiased and protect the Emperor." The Commander explained.

"It soon became clear that Toral would be the one to try and seize the power and try and restore his family's name, but typical of a Duras he had outside help. We have not been able to establish where this help has been coming from, hence why I went undercover on one of their ships. But the attempt was futile, it was a very well guarded secret."

"Why is Toral commanding an older Klingon Warship, surely he could get a newer better ship?" Colburn asked, curiously.

"Toral is using an old K'Tinga class because he stole files from the Klingon Council archives. In those archives were details of a prototype weapon which would enable a ship to fire torpedoes under cloak. This will only work on our older ships of the line, but as you could see during the battle, he hasn't perfected it yet."

"Chang," T'Rhe remarked. "General Chang... Has the Klingon Defense Force been able to counteract this ability in any way?"

"The Defense Force abandoned the project, too many variables." Jopass answered.

In other words, No, thought T'Rhe.

"Why were we attacked? PetaQs among your ranks?" Mirok had picked up a couple words from their Klingon guests.

T'Rhe thought that was a good question, but if Mirok thought about it, he could probably answer it himself. That said, she would wait for the Klingons to respond.

D'jimpok cleared his throat. "We suspected there were ships loyal to Toral within the defense perimeter; it was my intention to draw them out using your shuttle. I was going to ask the shuttle crew to confirm they had the Emperor aboard with the hopes they would strike. But the fools attacked to soon. I also wasn't expecting Torals ship to be in the area. Trying to get glory like the PetaQ he really is."

Mirok stood up and slammed his hands on the table. "We were going to be bait either way!!" After a moment to calm down, he turned to Colburn, "permission to file charges based on blatant violations of the Khitomer accords?"

"Sit down, Lieutenant!" Barked Colburn, unimpressed with his Chief of Security's outburst, although he did have a point.

"With all due respect, I'm going to have to disobey orders here, sir. My rights. As well as the rights of the late Lieutenant Madec, Crewman Peri, and both of the Klingon warriors, were violated either way! I can't believe you're just sitting there and doing nothing!!!" Mirok growled, and tossed a PADD down on the table hard. "I will be filing an official complaint to the Federation and the Klingon High Council."

Colburn noticed Commander Jopass reaching for his disruptor. "Enough, Lieutenant! I'll deal with that in the correct way, when the time is right! We have a more immediate problem with getting Emperor Kahless back to Starfleet Medical. Any more out bursts and I'll have you thrown in the brig, do I make myself clear?"

Mirok scowled at Colburn, "hwi arhem ssaed pralae sevhif elet akden.*"

T'Rhe observed the altercation in silence. Colburn had handled the matter with enough grace for the moment, but she felt there was something she could do... she hoped anyway.

After the Lieutenant had calmed and returned to his seat, the General continued. "I apologize for this, there was no way to inform you of our intentions. As I said we didn't expect Toral's ship to also be in the area."

"How has Toral gained so much power? I believed the House of Duras was dishonored and in tatters." Colburn asked.

"The sisters of Duras, Lursa and B'Etor managed to keep the family from going to ruin. Toral joined the Defense Force under a false name and false documents obtained by the sisters. The House of Duras is greatly revered among Klingons despite their previous dealings with the Romulans." D'jimpok said glancing at the Romulan speaking Lieutenant that sat at the table.

T'Rhe spoke up. "Do you believe to be a spy among your ranks or ours, communicating with the Duras family? Such a spy would represent a significant threat, and safeguards ought to be taken to make sure Emperor Kahless is transported to Starfleet Medical safely." She turned to Kahless and spoke to the Emperor directly. "While I can understand a desire to be alone during serious illness, I hope you can at least understand any precautions we take would be for your safety, My Lord."

"We can't rule it out. Even moving the Emperor to Ty'Gokor, we can't guarantee that there isn't someone feeding the Duras family information." D'jimpok said. "This is why Starfleet was our only option."

"We will try and not let you down, General. Emperor Kahless, you're in safe hands with us." The Commander said.

Kahless just nodded, silently.

"Does anyone have any further questions?" Jack asked as he glanced around his officers.

As everyone stayed silent, Jack pressed forward. "Is there anything else you'd like to add, General?"

"Commander Jopass will be remaining on board with Emperor Kahless, I hope you'll make him feel welcome." D'jimpok replied.

"Of course, I'll have Lieutenant T'Rhe arrange some quarters or him." Jack said looking in the Lieutenants direction.

"I anticipated the need for quarters and arranged them for all three of you gentlemen," said T'Rhe to the Klingons. "When we're done here, if you wish, I can show the two of you to them. General, I regret that you will not be remaining aboard Kumari, but wish you well in hunting down this traitor to the Empire."

"My position demands me to remain at Ty'Gokor. Hunting down Toral will be someone else's problem." The General said looking at Colburn.

"That would be acceptable, the Emperor will need to rest." Jopass replied.

"Very well, once General D'jimpok has returned to his ship we will head for Federation space. If there's nothing else then everyone is dismissed." Colburn said before standing.

"I'd like a word in private, Commander, before I leave." D'jimpok said as he to rose to his feet.

"Of course, General."

* We will talk about this later


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