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Fixing Broken Bones

Posted on Thu Jun 29th, 2017 @ 11:33am by Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson & Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD4 - 1530

Astrid sat on the main surgical bed with her broken wrist elevated in line with her chest while she waited for Doctor MacLeod to come back with the correct tool to knit her broken bones together.

She was anxious to get out of sickbay and inspect the damage to the ship. She knew Ensign Hunter would have the repair teams working hard to get the ship sorted but Kumari was her baby.

"Ouch...that looks like that smarts a wee bit lass." Mac gestured to Astrid's wrist as he arrived back in sickbay.

Nilsson gave a weak smile, "I've had a lot worse. The joys of being an Engineer."

"Aye, engineers tend to be the regulars around here." Mac chuckled as he held out at a hand, "Let's see what the damage is then." he reached across to gently take her arm, supporting the limb as he did so.

Astrid winced as the Doctor examined her wrist. "How bad is it?"

After examining her and running the tricorder over her, Mac replied, "Broken I'm afraid, but it doesn't need resetting so it'll be a simple case of knitting it together with the osteoregenerator and then ye'll have to take it easy for a few days and have some physiotherapy."

"Doc, the ship is broken, taking it easy for a few days isn't an option." Nilsson said, not liking the idea of taking it easy when there was so much work to be done.

"I can get the Captain to make it an order if ye'd like?" Mac replied sternly, wondering why it always was that people in Starfleet had a habit of ignoring medical advice.

"Make what an order?" Colburn asked as he walked through the doors of sickbay.

"The Lieutenant here is having a hard time dealing with the concept of taking it easy Sir." Mac looked up at the Captain as he entered the room.

"Doctors orders need to be followed, I'll need you at your best once you're fully healed." Colburn replied with a smile. "I'm sure Ensign Hunter can deal with the repairs while you're on the mend."

Astrid sighed, "Maybe I can liaise with him until the Doctor here clears me fit."

"I'm OK with that if the Doctor is." Jack said looking at Doctor MacLeod.

"I dinnae see why not. Nothing wrong with yer brain lass, just yer arm." the doctor beamed at Nilsson warmly.

"Then its agreed." Jack said with before turning to the Doctor. "How are we doing?" He asked his Chief Medical Officer, hoping they wouldn't have any more fatalities.

"Things are starting to quieten down finally." Mac replied, turning around to collect a PADD off the nearby counter and handing it to the Captain, "Here's a list of the casualties and their injuries. Everyone is stable and out of the woods though Ensign M'Lok gave me quite the scare when he was brought in. We saved the arm though." he smiled wearily yet proudly.

Jack nodded as he took the padd from the Doctor and skimmed through its contents. "Well done, Doctor." Jack said, thankful not to see anymore names on the fatality list. "We lost one of the away team, Lieutenant Madec."

"Lost Sir?" Mac queried, a lead weight settling in his stomach at the mention of that particular name.

"Apparently, the Klingon ship tried to beam the shuttles crew aboard before it was destroyed. For some reason, they lost the Lieutenants signal." Colburn said with a sigh. "We'll know more once the Klingons arrive on board. The rest of the shuttle survivers should be back aboard shortly."

"I see." Mac replied, his jaw tightening as he thought of the vibrant, lively woman that he'd already grown quite fond of. Whilst his career in Starfleet so far had gotten him away from the loss he'd endured at home, it still kept on giving when it came to tragedy.

"I know you had both developed a close working friendship." Jack said quietly. "She was a good officer, gone before her time."

"Aye. She was a rare woman." Mac agreed with a deep sigh, still not quite believing what he was hearing. Evlyn was gone?

Jack took a moment before continuing. "There's a staff meeting in a hour. We've got the Klingons coming aboard, including Emperor Kahless. If your duties down here permit, i'd like you there, I'm not sure on the current condition of Emperor."

"I'll be there Sir." Mac nodded, not really relishing the thought of being in a confined room with a bunch of Klingons.

"Thank you, Doctor. Is there anyone available to look at this cut?" He asked pointing to the gash on his forehead.

"I'll do it once I've set the osteoregenerator to work on Nilsson's broken bones." Mac volunteered, "Shouldnae take more than five or ten minutes Sir."

"Thank you, Doctor." Jack said with a smile before heading over to a free bio bed and hoping up.


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