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Posted on Tue Jun 13th, 2017 @ 1:13pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant Mirok & Ensign Simon Hunter

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Bridge, USS Kumari
Timeline: MD4 - 1515 hours

Jack Colburn sat in the center seat as Kumari moved closer to the Negh'Var class battle cruiser. Doctor MacLeod had just relieved Lieutenant Nilsson of duty due to her broken wrist and also insisted Colburn join them in sickbay. The Commander had refused, stating that he would go to Sickbay once he'd spoken with General D'jimpok.

"Open a channel, Lieutenant." Colburn said, directing his order at the Intelligence Officer who was still manning the Tactical station.

T'Rhe worked her board, focusing on her work so as stem the grief at the loss of Kumari personnel. Mirok's face flashed before her eyes, but she kept it down. "Channel open, Commander," she responded. "The general seems anxious to speak to you."

"On screen." Colburn ordered, before a few moments later the view of the Negh'Var was replaced by the aging Klingon General.

"I have an apology to make Captain. I didn't expect things to go they way that they did. I had reports that there were two cloaked Birds of Prey in the area loyal to Toral. I used your ship to draw them out. I couldn't inform you of my plan due to communications being monitored. I hadn't expected Toral's ship to join in."

"What about my crew that were lost on the runabout, D'jimpok?! I've got to tell their families they died a senseless and dishonorable death!" Colburn said angrily.

"We rescued four of the five runabout crew. Unfortunately, due to a transport problem we lost the last one. I have ordered a full investigation into what happened." D'jimpok replied. "I have your officer here if you wish to speak to them."

Colburn nodded, hearing most of the runabouts occupants were rescued by losing a member of his crew still hit him hard.

"I knew this would happen, Captain." Mirok said, bitterly, "Madec held them off long enough for them to get us out of there safely, but they lost her. Ihonae*, that's what they are, and on your word, we could easily have their heads."

T'Rhe's knuckles clenched her console. She shot Colburn a look, praying he wouldn't tell Mirok to start attacking the Klingons. The Romulan side of him needed a lesson in control, it seemed.

Colburn was saddened to hear the loss of Lieutenant Madec, she was a good officer, taken before her time. He came out of his train of thought and focus on the view screen. "Negative Lieutenant. There are greater enemy's to fight." He understood Miroks need to spill blood but these weren't the Klingons which needed it.

"General D'jimpok, please return my officers and allow us to proceed to collect Emperor Kahless." Colburn said, wanting to get on with the mission. He would allow the crew to mourn Madec's passing after this mission was complete.

"We shall return them shortly, Captain." D"jimpok said with a small bow of his head. "Kahless is actually aboard my ship, the Emperor and I will beam over in one hour. I'll bring information about Toral and the report into the accident with the transporter."

Colburn nodded, "In one hour, Kumari out."

"Ensign Hunter, get as much of the repairs done as you can, you have two hours before we depart for Federation space." Colburn said, standing from his seat.

"Aye Sir, two hours," replied Simon as he knew that the teams were going flat out, he said," Sir, request extra teams from Engineering," as he knew that to do it he needed the manpower to get it done in that time frame, He also knew that the Chief Engineer was not going to like it.

Colburn nodded, "With Lieutenant Nilsson injured you'll be overseeing both Operations and Engineering, use the teams as you see fit to get the repairs done.

"Aye Sir", replied Simon as he tapped out the commands on his console, He knew that his workload just got bigger now that the Injury to the Chief engineer, He wondered what else might happen next for him.

"Lieutenant T'Rhe, can you make preparations to receive the Emperor and General? Make sure the Emperors quarters are ready for a Head of State visitor."

"Aye, Commander. Am I to receive them as well, or will you be on hand? Additionally, ought I to debrief the runabout crew after the general and Emperor Kahless have been seen to?"

"If you wouldn't mind greeting them when they beam over." Jack replied. "Leave the debrief for now."

"Aye Sir."

"I also want a Senior Staff meeting once the Emperor and General are on board. I'll be in Sickbay, you have the Bridge, Lieutenant." Colburn said as he made his way to the turbolift.

T'Rhe rose from her chair and paced the bridge, stopping before the viewxcreen. She began the preparations Colburn had requested of her, all the while keeping an ear and an eye on the other activity around the bridge. If she were on her own, and not beholden to the Federation, she would gladly hunt down Torl single-handedly. Such acts, however heroic they might be, were not becoming of Starfleet officers.

Once the preparations for Kahless and the general were underway, she turned to Ensign Hunter. "Keep me informed as to repairs, and also if anything drops out of warp. I don't care if its a Pakled freighter--I want to know."

"I do know my job Lieutenant," replied Simon, turning to face the Lieutenant, he knew that she was just as apprehensive as the rest of the bridge crew was, He understood the situation as much as anyone else did here.

"Just do it," she responded, tension evident in her voice. "Kumari has already lost too much today for us to be complacent."

"Don't you think I know that Lieutenant", replied Simon, "I have teams running around this ship doing repairs and your yelling at me".

T'Rhe sighed and turned to the Ensign. "Forgive me, Mr. Hunter. This whole situation has gotten out-of-hand and I'm a bit on edge. I should not have snapped at you like I did."

Simon rose from his chair and moved towards her, He said" Ma'am, I know and I am sorry if I snapped at you myself", He came to a stop in front of her, He continued," if you ever want to talk, I am here for you", as he held out his hand showing her that he didn't mean any disrespect to her.

She took it. "Not necessary, but I appreciate it... Now then, lets make sure that Kumari doesn't suffer any more losses. Grieve later, but grieve we must. Now we've got a job to do."




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