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Klingons to the Rescue

Posted on Fri May 19th, 2017 @ 6:22pm by Crewman Peri Rolotea & Lieutenant Mirok

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: IKS Bortas
Timeline: MD4 -1455 Hours

Peri stepped down off the Klingon transporter pad with Lieutenant Mirok and the two Klingons they were transporting back. The Bortas shook violently from a barrage of weapons fire from the Bird of Prey.

"D'jimpok to transporter room, do you have them?!" Barked the Generals voice over the comm.

"All but one, General. Just waiting for them to be ready." The Transporter officer said, as he worked his console.

"Let's hope they're not too long!" He barked before cutting the comm off.

"Runabout, we have them. Waiting for your signal." The Transporter operative said.

"I'm on it." Came Madec's response. The Klingon showed his irrigation at the Lieutenants comment. "Madec to Bortas. I'm ready. Get me out of here."

The Klingon nodded, "Energizing." He said as he moved his hands over the console to begin the beaming process and then back to reenergize the Lieutenant on the pad. The Transporter pad lite up and...nothing. The Klingon look flustered as he went through the process again quickly before he lost the Lieutenants pattern in the buffer. Again nothing.

"Madec!" Mirok's eyes widened when he saw the empty transporter. "Find her pattern!"

The Klingon brought his fist down hard on to his console. "Its gone! There's nothing there to transport."

Mirok growled and punched the wall nearest to him, showing his Romulan side quite clearly. "Dammit!" He glared at the Transporter officer, "Ta'krenn! Hwi p'tned-pra'krsh ihrrilhra Klivam!*"

The Klingon pulled his disruptor out, "A Romulan spy?!"

Mirok threw his arms up in a sign of surrender, "no, Starfleet officer protected by the Khitomer Accords."

The Klingon grunted as he placed his disruptor back in its holder.

"Bridge to Transporter, did you get the last one out?" D'jimpok asked.

"Negative." The operative said returning to his station. "I'm unsure as to what happened. I had a lock and energized but nothing materialized on the platform."

The General's tone lowed, "Begin an investigation so I can inform their Captain. Have our guests escorted to the bridge. D'Jimpok out."

Mirok muttered under his breath, but went with the escorts, formulating a plan of action which included probably starting another war.

*Look! You should never trust a Klingon!


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