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A Worthy Opponent

Posted on Tue Jul 4th, 2017 @ 5:58pm by Lieutenant Evlyn Madec & Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Deck 5 - Holosuite
Timeline: PM2 - 1930 Hours

Evlyn, wearing a tight-fitting green and grey sporting outfit, entered the holosuite at around the time that she'd given Mac at the conclusion of their dinner in the mess hall. Despite that he'd agreed to playing a game or two with her, Evlyn really didn't know if the Doctor would actually show up. She suspected that he would as he didn't seem like the type of man to stand other people up. In the meantime, however, the Ardanan loaded up the standard springball court program from the computer. She donned her playing glove and helmet and started warming up by throwing the ball against the wall and catching it.

"Am I late?" Mac asked as he entered the holosuite, dressed in similar attire to Evlyn though his outfit was red and black. He'd spent the last couple of hours reading up the rules of the game and even came with the correct equipment in his hand.

"You're more or less on time," Evlyn told him. She threw the ball against the wall but to the left of her so that when it rebounded it would go towards her opponent. "Throw it a few times so that you can warm up your arm," she suggested.

Mac caught it deftly then threw it back at the wall, "So, yer gonnae go easy on me is that right lass?" he asked as he caught the ball then threw it again.

"I said that I would," she reminded him. "I'm a woman of my word."

"Feeling sorry for me eh?" he grinned, "Ye know, poor defenseless human and all that?" he teased her as the ball came back to him and he threw it back at the wall.

"Actually, it's simple logistics," Evlyn replied. "I play springball quite often. The last thing that I want is to embarrass you." She smiled at him. "It would only discourage you from coming back for more."

"Ah I see. So we're gonnae play again huh?" Mac grinned, looking over at her for a second before turning his attention back to the ball.

"It's inevitable," she told him before returning the smile. "You're my springball buddy now."

"Springball buddy." Mac grinned, "I kindae like the sound of that lass." he winked at her, catching the ball and saying "I'd say we've warmed up, so how about ye try and kick my ass?" he challenged her.

"Big words. You get first serve," she told him. "Let's see what you've got."

Determined to make an impression, Mac served the ball, putting a great deal of effort and power behind the ball as it slammed into the wall and rebounded back towards the court.

Evlyn shifted her stance so that she was facing the incoming ball, as well as the Doctor, just in case he decided to get physical this early in the game. When he didn't come for her, she hit the ball with her gloved hand back against the wall.

The ball came in low and Mac dived to connect with it, slamming his hand forward to hit it back at the wall as he collapsed in a heap with an oof! Looking to see where Evlyn was, he scrabbled to his feet so that he could be ready for the next return.

Had she any time to, Evlyn would have stopped to ask the Doctor if he was all right after his rough landing, but she had a game to play and a ball to hit. It bounced off the wall and went to her left side. It was a little more difficult to hit a backhand using a glove than it was with a racquet. Nevertheless, she got into position and swiped at it with her right hand, sending the ball back the way it came.

The ball ricocheted off the wall and returned to the court at a wide angle, sending Mac hurtling after it with hand outstretched. But it was too far and despite lurching to hit it, the ball swooshed by his fingers and out of play. "Damn yer good." he conceded as he slowed up and turned to face her.

Evlyn held out her hand to help him up to his feet. "I've had a bit of practice," she told him with a small smirk. Once MacLeod was back up to his feet, she recovered the ball. "My serve this time. You going to be okay?" she asked him.

"Worried for the old man eh?" Mac flashed her a charming smile as he brushed his clothes off, "I like to think I've still got some mileage in me yet lass." he winked at her before gesturing to the wall and adding "Serve away."

She tossed the ball into the air just in front of her, and with a swing of her right arm, Evlyn smacked the ball against the wall.

The serve was fast and once again Mac found himself struggling to return it. He managed to make contact with the ball and sent it careening on an angle to the edge of the court where it rebounded back at an awkward angle and went out of play. "Damn." he cursed as he slowed down and shook his head.

Evlyn waited for the Doctor to recover. She offered him somewhat of an apologetic smile before serving the ball again. This time, it was decidedly hit with less power.

The shot was much easier and Mac returned it efficiently, adding just enough spin to the ball that it descended way short of where Evlyn was standing. A smile broke out across his face as he watched her, hoping she wouldn't reach the ball in time.

Considering the strength of her serve, Evlyn was a little surprised at how much the return fell short in front of her. She expected that the Doctor would have hit it back to her hard. Regardless, she tried her best to get to it and to do so, she needed to dive forward. With an outstretched hand, Evlyn made contact with the ball but it bounced off of her glove with a whimper as she was not able to make an adequate follow through for a better return. She shook her head lightly, disappointed by the result and got up to her feet. She then fetched the ball and tossed it over to MacLeod.

"You got me there," she told him.

"I'm gonnae make the most of that as it'll likely be the one and only time." Mac teased as he caught the ball and served again, under no illusion that he could beat her. She was clearly more experienced at this than he was.

The ball was hit well but Evlyn had no trouble returning it. She squared herself up in front of the ball as it bounced in front of her and then swiped at it wither her gloved hand to return it. This time, instead of letting the Doctor return it cleanly, she moved over to his side and nudged him a bit, hoping that it would be enough to distract him. Such a maneuver was illegal in most sports, but not in springball.

"Hey!" Mac grumbled, stumbling sideways as he tried to reach the ball at the last minute and failed miserably. Evlyn's strategy had worked. "Are ye allowed to do that lass?" he stopped and glowered at her, his knowledge of this sport still in its infancy.

Evlyn put her hands on her hips and nodded. "I am and you are too. Springball's a physical game. Didn't think that what I did would have impeded you so much," she said teasingly.

"I guess I'm just not used to sports where yer allowed to push people...everything I've played until now has rules against that kindae thing." he replied, "But as this is different, I'll just have to see what I can think of to distract ye next time won't I lass?" he winked at her equally as playful.

"You can try," she challenged him as she retrieved the ball. Evlyn then got back into position and served it from her side of the court.

Returning it with ease, Mac positioned himself behind Evlyn, working on how best to distract her as the ball hurtled down the center of the court then at the last moment, he made out that he was diving for the ball even though it was her turn.

As she'd played the game many times over the course of her life, Evlyn was not as easy to distract as he was. Despite his movements, she moved in on the ball and struck it with ease.

Mac cursed that his ruse had failed but he kept the momentum going and returned the ball once more, this time hitting it with much more force so that it rebounded towards the back end of the court.

Evlyn was quick on her feet and she retreated to the back of the room to hit the return. The ball was struck with moderate strength. It was enough, she believed, to keep the rally going for now.

The Doctor had time to position himself as the ball rebounded off the wall and he too hit it back, looking for a way to catch Evlyn out but the return was too easy and he cursed as the ball headed straight towards another easy return.

"You're starting to get the hang of it," the Ardanan said as she hit the ball back against the wall.

"I like to think I'm a quick study." Mac replied as he hit the ball back again.

"Isn't that a requirement...." Evlyn swiped at the ball with her mitted hand to return it. "...for being a doctor?" she asked.

"Most definitely lass." Mac replied as he continued the volley, "Being a doctor requires ye to think on yer feet at all times and always has done, right back to my first days at med school."

Evlyn returned the ball once more and then made her way to MacLeod. He was doing well but this exchange was going to have to end one way or another. It was looking like she was going to have to get physical with him again.

But for now Mac was in a position to return the ball and he did so easily, looking sideways to grin at her as he said "Ye could have had a worse opponent. I'm not bad for a first timer even if I do say so myself."

There was no question about that. Evlyn was quite impressed with the Doctor's seemingly natural athletic ability. Now that he had a grasp of how to play springball, he was quickly becoming a formidable opponent. His return caught Evlyn going completely the wrong way. She lunged to the left to try and make contact with the ball but ended up simply watching it go by her. "Damn!" she exclaimed.

"Yes!" Mac virtually shouted as he bounced up and down on his heels, "I finally scored a good point." he beamed, clearly very pleased with himself before he frowned and asked "Yer not going easy on me are ye lass?"

"Not that time," she reassured him. "You got me. It was a nice shot," Evlyn approved.

"Well then lass, I guess it's game on." he grinned, figuring that he might actually have a chance to beat her or at least draw after all.

Their game of springball continued for a while longer and in the process, a friendship was formed through the emotions they shared and the sweat that they shed together. No matter who won or lost, it was a fun few hours that would likely leave an impact on the both of them as long as they were members of the Kumari crew.


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