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First Trouble

Posted on Fri May 19th, 2017 @ 6:20pm by Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson & Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Ensign Simon Hunter

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Bridge, USS Kumari
Timeline: MD4 - 1445 Hours

Jack watched the view screen as the Runabout Bernard left the Kumari and headed into Ty'Gokor's defence perimeter. He was apprehensive about sending the shuttle in unescorted but was willing to play it the Klingons way for the moment. "Lieutenant T'Rhe, take tactical please."

"My pleasure, Commander," responded the Vulcan-Cardassian hybrid. She slid into the chair with ease and looked over the readouts. "Everything seems to be fine at the moment; the runabout has entered the defense perimeter."

"Bridge to Lieutenant Nilsson and Ensign Hunter, please report to the bridge." Colburn said after activating an open comm from his chairs control panel.

Simon tapped his combadge and replied "I'm on my way Sir, Hunter out," as Simon had been working on a console in his quarters trying to get the Menu on the screen to show what was on offer for the last 5 hours, But now he had to report in as ordered by the Captain. He wondered what it was that the Captain needed of him after the debacle of the Away mission he had been on. He rose from his position on the floor and headed out of his quarters.

As he headed on his way towards the nearest turbolift Simon knew that something had happened; and the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few or the one, in his case himself and was this the chance he needed to prove himself and make up for his mistakes, only time will tell. He turned the corner and found himself in front of a turbolift, As the doors slid open, Simon entered and said," Bridge," as the doors closed again and the lift started to move upon its journey.

"On my way, sir." Astrid replied, before making her way to the bridge

On the bridge, T'Rhe looked up in surprise. "Commander Colburn, we're getting an incoming hail--its that Klingon you spoke to earlier."

Colburn sighed, "Put him on speaker, Lieutenant."

"I thought I told you a two manned shuttle not a runabout!!" Bellowed the General as soon as comms were established. "Are you not taking this mission seriously, Colburn?!"

"Firstly, I do take this mission seriously, hence why I sent my team, which includes two Klingon warriors, in a slightly better ship than a shuttle." Jack said in a matter of fact tone. "Secondly, shouldn't you be concentrating on keeping that Runabout safe and preparing our passenger for transport. Kumari out." Colburn said before giving T'Rhe the hand signal to cut the comm channel.

T'Rhe closed the channel, then turned to Colburn. "Nicely done, Commander. You sure he won't take offense though?"

"The General and I go way back, Lieutenant. If he took offence, we'd be dead already."

Within a few minutes Simon found himself stepping out onto the bridge as he said," you wanted to see me Sir?" as he took the Operations seat at the front of the bridge and logged himself in as he wasn't sure why he had been called and not Lieutenant Madec, This had confused him much as he waited for a reply.

"Lieutenant Madec is currently off the ship, please assume her duties at Operations, Ensign." Jack said motioning towards the Ops station.

~Wow, this is my chance to prove that I can be trusted,~ thought Simon as he responded," Aye sir," as he began to make his way down to the front of the bridge, as he did so the young Ensign vacated the seat; which he now occupied, he looked over at the data that was coming in. He made sure that the ship was ok and everything was ready. " I have full transporter lock on away team Sir"

"Excellent, Ensign. Make sure we don't lose it." The Commander replied before having his attention drawn to the turbolift doors slide open to reveal the Chief Engineer.

"Will do Sir," replied Simon as he heard the lift doors open, but he kept his eyes firmly on his console noticing that all the repair teams were at their readiness in case being needed at some point. Simon continued," "Repair teams are on standby Sir," as now this was his chance to show them what they knew he could do.

"You wanted to see me, sir." Astrid said after walking onto the bridge.

"Take the helm, Lieutenant." Colburn said. He could see the Chief was about to argue with him so he held up his hand. "And before you start, you know this ship better than anyone. We might be going into a tactical situation I want you at the helm."

Astrid nodded and silently took the helm station.

Simon knew that this could go pear-shaped at any moment, but he hoped it didn't as he made sure that everything was green to go and by double checking it made him feel better that noting he did would put him at Odds again with Lieutenant Mirok and the Captain again.

Suddenly, T'Rhe's console let out an alert. "Commander, there is a Klingon bird-of-prey decloaking off the runabout's starboard aft."

"Could that be the protection the General was referring to?" Colburn asked, to no one in particular.

Another alert came in and T'Rhe scowled. "Another vessel is decloaking and has locked weapons on Kumari's aft!"

"Red alert!" Barked Colburn from the command chair. "Alarm all weapons, prepare to fire on my mark. Open a channel to the bird of..."

Before Colburn could finish what he was saying a heavy volley of Klingon weapons fire impacted the Kumari's hull throwing everyone on the bridge to the floor.

T'Rhe picked herself up and spat, a bit of blood falling out. "Transporters are out, as well as some EPS relays on Deck Six. Environmental controls are out on Deck Four, but a good bit of damage was diffused by our shields. They are holding."

As Simon fell off of his chair and on to the bridge floor, He said," I'm fine," as he up righted the chair and slid once more back onto it, Simon stated Repair teams are on the move sir ," as he tapped the commands on his console as this was going to be difficult and now combat had started. Simon knew that this could get worse and hoped that that was a mistake on the other ship.

Astrid picked herself back up from the floor. Her wrist was broken but that would have to wait. "Port thrusters are down, as is the port nacelle. We won't be going to warp for a while." The Engineer reported.

Jack listened to the status reports as he hauled himself to his feet. He felt the trickle of blood on his face but chose to ignore it. "Where's the Bird Of Prey, Lieutenant T'Rhe?"

"Fifty thousand kilometers off our aft and closing." The ship shook again. "That was a photon torpedo. Shields at 80 percent."

Simon wondered what the hell was happening with this ship and why was it the teams hadn't mobilised quickly then the damage had been noticed, He knew that he would have to sort this out whilst Madec was off the Ship and started to wonder for how long? as the questions flowed through his mind. He said," Sir, Teams are now heading to the damaged Sections,"

"Thank you, Ensign. Let me know when repairs are complete." Colburn said as he returned to his seat. "Bridge to Sickbay, casualty report?"

"A handful of walking wounded and one Ensign with a shard of bulkhead through his arm Sir, nothing we can't handle down here." Mac reported briskly as he worked.

"Expect more casualty's, Doctor." Colburn said before closing the channel.

"What about the other Bird of Prey?" Jack asked T'Rhe.

T'Rhe studied her readings. "They appear to be moving towards the runabout... We're out of range, and there's another odd reading... It looks like another ship, but its wobbly."

A slice of darkness opened up, showing the outline of a ship. The Kumari shook as a torpedo slammed into them. An ensign fell from his console and didn't get up. T'Rhe swore and fired back, but the phasers missed. The ship shook again, this time taking fire from the bird-of-prey that had first opened fire on them.

Thankfully the Kumari's shields took the brunt of the impact. "Lieutenant Nilsson, begin evasive maneuvers, pattern gamma. Lieutenant T'Rhe, lock weapons on the Bird of Prey, fire at will." Colburn said as he gripped the arms of his command chair. "Mr Hunter, coordinate damage control teams accordingly."

Nilsson nodded as she began guiding the ship through the evasive maneuvers pattern she was ordered to.

T'Rhe set to her task. "He picked the wrong day to attack us," she muttered sotto voce and in Cardassian. Phasers lanced out from Kumari, scoring a hit on the bird-of-prey's port nacelle. "They cannot flee at warp," reported the hybrid. "Targeting weapons systems."

A brace of torpedoes left the Sabre-class ship, but this wasn't as successful. They hit the shields of the Klingon vessel--apparently, someone had developed some sense on the other ship. Still, those shields were down to sixty-five percent.

"Sir, that wasn't good, not a lot of damage to the other ship," replied Simon as the data came over the terminal, just then he noticed something from the other ship," Brace for impact," He stated knowing that this was going to be hard as his hands flashed across the console informing his teams to get ready for more work.

Suddenly, bright red-orange disruptor fire lit the darkness of space. T'Rhe braced herself for the impact against the Kumari, but it never came. However, another ship shimmered into view. Larger than a Galaxy-class starship, the Negh'Var-class warship took the blast meant to destroy the runabout. Clearly, the commander of the bird-of-prey was taken aback, but quickly reoriented. The smaller ship swooped around and fired again, concentrating her fire where the Negh'Var couldn't intercept the disruptor cannons. T'Rhe looked to Colburn, her voice thick. "The runabout has been destroyed, Sir. No survivors. Also, that third ship--the wobbly sensor signal--appears to be an old K'Tinga-class warship, obviously upgraded."

The destruction of the runabout angered Colburn, but this wasn't time to grieve. "Lock quantum torpedo's onto the Bird of Prey and destroy them. Active scanning for that K'Tinga. Today was a bad day for them to pick a fight with us." The Commander said, grateful that General D'jimpok's flagship was joining in the fight.

T'Rhe worked her board, then watched as Kumari unleashed the most powerful missile in standard production carried by Federation starships.

Colburn watched as the Quantum Torpedo's streaked across space before impacting heavily on Bird of Prey, instantly vaporizing the ship. "Nice shooting, Lieutenant"

T'Rhe gave her commander a faint smile. "I'm glad my efforts are appreciated, Sir."

"Now find me that K'Tinga!" The Commander ordered, not settling for just one Klingon ship.

"Scanning now Sir," replied Simon as he knew the Captain was not in a good mood right now, he also knew that the Klingons were also not in a good mood which didn't bode well for those they were looking for.

"Can anyone get me a lock on that ship?!" Jack demanded.

T'Rhe scowled. "It fades in and out... Got it." She fired a torpedo, but the missile missed. "Damn... Scanning for plasma trail... Got them... No, gone again. Whoever this is, he's good."

An alert came in from her board and she looked to Colburn. "The other bird-of-prey appears to have suffered heavy damage from the general's Negh'Var. Their shields and weapons systems are offline, and their starboard nacelle is leaking plasma. I speculate that the general intends to interrogate..." Her console signaled again. "Commander, I am reading evidence that their warp core will breach... One minute and counting!"

"The General and I will be having words after this." Colburn said, angrily. "Let the General deal the Bird of Prey, this is his jurisdiction. Any sign of that K'Tinga, Lieutenant T'Rhe?"

T'Rhe checked her readouts. "She appears to be retreating. Apparently, she doesn't want to tangle with the Negh'Var, even if she can fire through her cloaking device."

"Probably due to being out numbered." Walker surmised. "Ensign Hunter, how are the repairs going?"

"Sir, they are 40% done, however; I am requesting more engineers to help with repairs," replied Simon as he knew his teams were being asked to go from one job to the next, He continued," It will at least with the rate at the moment 4 hours more," as he finished his report.

Jack nodded as he rose from the command chair. "Stand down from Red Alert. Lieutenant Nilsson, set course for the Negh'Var. I have some questions for the General."

Astrid nodded, "Aye, sir. Setting course."

The Commander looked around the bridge officers, most had injuries of some type. "Bridge to Doctor MacLeod, when you've got a moment, we could use some medical attention up here."

"MacLeod here...on my way Sir." the Scotsman replied as he grabbed a medkit and left his team to handle sickbay whilst he headed off to the bridge.

Simon sat at his station keeping an eye on the repairs situation knowing that as it slowly crept up to 45% and that his teams would need a huge amount of rest after this, He would have to ask the Captain for each team to have a few days R&R. But that would have to wait until it got to 100% as he tapped the command bringing the ship to yellow alert as he also knew that he would have to do the reports on how fast response times were to each of the biggest jobs that were needed done first.

It didn't take long for Mac to arrive and when he did, he was out of the turbolift before the door could fully open, "What've we got?" he asked as he began to look around the room, triaging the scene for the most obviously injured.


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