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A Second Chance For Simon

Posted on Fri Mar 10th, 2017 @ 5:04pm by Lieutenant Evlyn Madec & Ensign Simon Hunter

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Deck 1 - Conference Room
Timeline: MD4 - 0800 Hours

Having being summoned to the Conference Room on Deck 1, Simon had already had his ass chewed off by Lieutenant Mirok and the Captain, it now seemed that Lieutenant Madec wanted to join in on the fun and that Simon knew that that he had been in the wrong and had learned the lesson the hard way. But that wouldn't stop Lieutenant Madec from ripping into him as she was his department head.

He stepped inside the nearest turbolift and said, "Bridge." As Simon waited as the lift began its journey to the Bridge, Simon had already made his apologies to the Captain and Mirok He wondered why Lieutenant Madec wanted to see him, Was she going to bust him down to Petty officer? as the questions flowed through his mind, Simon knew this looked bad. As the lift doors opened and he stepped out onto the bridge and headed over towards the conference room. As he moved towards the big doors that slid open to reveal twelve chairs and a long oval table, he noticed the Lieutenant sitting in one of the twelve chairs, He said," You wanted to see me Ma'am,"

When the Ensign arrived, Evlyn stood up to greet him. "I did, Mister Hunter," she replied. "Please have a seat. It looks like we need to have a little talk." She gestured to the chair across the table from her.

Simon took the seat that was offered to him and looked directly back at the Lieutenant, He asked," May I ask why you called me Ma'am," as he knew the reason, but he wanted it clarified.

"I'm pretty sure you know why you're here, Ensign," Evlyn answered, although she decided to clarify it for him nonetheless. "It's about the away mission you were a part of and what happened on it. I've had long discussions with the Commander and Lieutenant Mirok about the events that took place but I would like to give you the chance to tell me your version of things."

"I screwed up Ma'am, I admit it, I screwed up," replied Simon as he looked back at the Lieutenant, He continued," I have learned my lesson the hard way and both the Captain and Lieutenant Mirok have given me another chance," as he leaned back in the chair, he finished, "I'm sorry that I let you down Ma'am."

Simon, Evlyn knew, was no telepath so there was no way for him to know whether or not she'd been let down by his actions. In all honesty, the Lieutenant wasn't really surprised about what transpired. "I was young once too," she reminded him, accompanied by a soft smile. "You still haven't explained yourself though. Why did you act the way that you did? Was it nerves? Something else?"

"Ma'am, the Klingon's were firing at us and when they put their weapons on the floor," replied Simon looking back at her, He continued, "I wasn't taking no chances," keeping his eyes upon her, He asked, "What would have been said had Lieutenant Mirok been injured?" he conclude, "And was I to know if they did or didn't have extra weapons," as he leaned back in his chair. "When the Lieutenant told me to stand down I didn't," replied Simon as he looked down at the table.

"I do accept that people make mistakes. You're new to this. Given our vocation, however, I think that you will need to prove yourself to me before I can permit you to be on another away mission. We're in Starfleet Intelligence and a certain level of professionalism and discipline is required. I expect that from every officer in my department, including you."

Simon knew that he had let her down, but still he had gotten into trouble, but he was an engineer first spook second. He remembered back at the Academy when he had to take his intel classes outside of his normal lessons, He said, "Ma'am, I need to get my head round getting stuff with being sneaky and learning the tech," as he remembered that he hadn't got used to some of the toys.

"Simon, this has nothing to do with being sneaky or learning the tech. There's more to Starfleet Intelligence than that," she told him. "Your inexperience almost got everyone killed. While it is good to show initiative, you need to learn when it's the right time to do so. I don't know why you were assigned to this ship. Usually they get more experienced officers to work SFI missions... but regardless, you're here now and you're going to have to get on your game quickly if you want to stay."

"I do want to stay here Ma'am, I really do," replied Simon as having a secondary skill set would be hard for him, he continued," I do want to learn Ma'am," as he didn't want to leave here a failure, he leaned back into the chair and knew that he could do this.

"Learning is always a good thing," Evlyn said to him. "I'm going to have a word with Lieutenant Mirok and see if we can come up with some extra duties that you can do that will help you get up to speed with the rest of us. For now though, return to your duties."

"Aye ma'am," replied Simon rising from his seat, he still wondered how long his luck was going to hold, first both the Captain and Lieutenant Mirok had cleared him and now Lieutenant Madec, all he needed now was Sheila to forgive him and give him another chance. but for now he had to return to his duties and check his work station. as he headed for the door Simon also knew that now he was being watched and didn't want anymore slip ups or that was it.


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