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Into The Emperor's Lair

Posted on Mon Mar 20th, 2017 @ 5:43pm by Captain Jack Colburn & Crewman Peri Rolotea & Lieutenant Evlyn Madec & Lieutenant Mirok & Lieutenant Genevieve Oliver M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: USS Kumari, Bridge
Timeline: MD4 - 1430 Hours

"Commander Colburn, we've reached Ty'Gokor's outer defensive marker." Crewman Peri reported.

Jack adjusted his seating position and yanked down his uniform jacket. "Bring us to a full stop, Crewman. Opening hailing frequencies, Lieutenant Mirok."

"Channel open, sir." Mirok responded, staying otherwise quiet.

"This is the Federation Starship Kumari, we are here by invitation by Chancellor Martok. We are awaiting further instructions." Colburn said.

"Federation ship Kumari, you are deep in Klingon space. Why are you here?" Came a gruff audio response.

"Identify yourself." Colburn demanded.

"I'm General D'jimpok, commander of Ty'Gokor. Who might you be?"

Colburn smiled, "D'jimpok, son of Girk?"

"Yes." Came the reply at length.

"It's Jack Colburn, we served together on the Ki'tang." The Commander said as smile grew across his face.

"Colburn! It's good to hear you're still alive." D'jimpok said with a chuckle. "So, you're a Captain now and being important assignments."

"Actually, I'm a Commander but I am in command of the Kumari." Jack replied.

"I'm actually glad it's you Starfleet has sent. I don't like having trust outsiders with a delicate mission at an important time." The General said in a serious tone. "Unfortunately, there isn't much I can discuss with you."

Jack nodded, although the General couldn't see. "I understand. We came across the IKS Vor'nak on our way here and rescued two crew members. Unfortunately, the ship was usalvageable. We'll gladly return them to you once you've given us permission to enter the defense perimeter."

"Impossible. Klingon law forbids any alien starships to enter to defense perimeter. Including ships of our allies." The General snapped.

"Well, how do you expect us to do our mission then, General?" Colburn asked, trying hard not to show his annoyance.

"We shall allow a small shuttle to enter the defense perimeter and follow a strict course. I'll allow two of your crew plus the two Klingons to be aboard. Any deviation from the pre-set course will result in the shuttle being destroyed." D'jimpok said.

"Do you not trust us, General?" Colburn asked defensively.

"The Klingons don't trust 'anyone' near this installation, Colburn. Do not take it personally." The General replied.

"I cannot and will not send a shuttle into an area of space were I can't protect them." Colburn said as he rose to his feet. "Unless, of course, they'll be under 'your' protection?"

"I will see to it that they are protected, you have my word." The Son of Girk replied.

"How can I trust your word when I can't even see your face!" Jack replied angrily.

"This is standard policy for talking to outsiders." The General replied calmly.

"Didn't realize you had many 'outsiders' this deep in Klingon space." Jack replied, smirking.

"Enough!" Shouted D'jimpok. "These are the terms, follow them or leave!"

"Our shuttle will depart in around 15 minutes. Kumari out." Colburn said, cutting the conversation short before turning to face his second officer. "Fancy a jaunt in a shuttle, Lieutenant?" He said with a smile.

"Somehow I get the feeling that it won't be as easy as a 'jaunt', Sir," she replied as she got up from her seat. Evlyn couldn't help but feel as if something was going to go wrong on the way down. "Given the uncertain nature of this trip, and how the previous away mission went, I think that bringing the Lieutenant along would be the best option," she said while looking past Colburn and to Lieutenant Mirok. If they ran into any trouble, having the Chief of Tactical along would be hugely beneficial.

"I'll go armed." Mirok said, trying to ease everyone's fears. "Although if its me going, one one other can come along, as I don't fancy getting acquainted with a Bat'leth."

Evlyn shook her head. "D'jimpok said only two of us and our two guests. So it can only be me and you," she reminded him.

"Right. I'll carry a type one, I'd rather be overly prepared than need a weapon and not have it." Mirok said.

"D'jimpok is a fool if he thinks we'll follow those instructions to the letter. Take the Runabout Bernard and Crewman Peri. If there's any trouble the Kumari will cross the defence perimeter. I'm tired with playing these games with the Klingons." Colburn said, crossing his arms.

"Yes sir. I'll load a couple rifles on board as well as a precaution. I've had dealings with Klingons, they don't tend to like anyone, and I will not allow fatalities on my watch."

From her console, T'Rhe spoke up. "Are you sure you want to do that, Lieutenant--the Klingons are known to scan for weapons, and in the current climate, bringing that much firepower could be seen as an act of aggression. Also, with all due respect, maybe you should have someone along who understands at least a little Klingon."

She also shot Colburn a look, trying to communicate non-verbally that she didn't think Mirok going was a good idea--if the Klingons found out his Romulan nature, all hell would break loose.

"I understand your point of view, Lieutenant, but we are here to collect Emperor Kah'less and escort him back to Starfleet Medical. Not being able to protect the Emperor could also alienate the Klingons." Colburn replied, before looking at Mirok. "Take the weapons but keep them locked away for emergency use only."

"Yes sir." Mirok said as he headed for the turbolift. He would head to the armory to get weapons for this mission.

T'Rhe looked after Mirok, wondering if she'd see him again. "I don't like it, but all angles have to be considered," she said to Colburn. "Sorry, Sir--I was just trying to make sure things go smoothly down there."

Jack smiled, "Thank you for your concern, Lieutenant. I understand what you were saying, you just need to toe the line with Klingons and never let them think they're in charge of a situation. Colburn to Lieutenant Oliver, could you escort our guests to the shuttlebay?"

"On my way, sir," Genevieve replied.

"Good luck, Lieutenant. Kumari will be watching your back." Colburn said to Evlyn with a reassuring smile.

"I wouldn't expect anything less, Sir," the Ardanan replied as she made her way for the turbolift. She wasn't too worried about any 'cloak and dagger' games from the Klingons because when they attacked they usually did so with brute force. That didn't mean that their mission would be easy. Evlyn knew that both she and Mirok needed to be on their toes. If they were prepared for the Klingons, then at least that gave them a higher chance of actually returning to the Kumari alive.


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