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Making up Part 2

Posted on Tue Feb 21st, 2017 @ 2:37am by Ensign Shiela Grissom

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Shiela's Shaired Quarters
Timeline: after Making up Part 1

Having finished her shift,  Ensign Sheila Grissom had returned to her shared quarters to get changed  before meeting with the officer who had caused her some trouble when they had found each other in the same quarters that they had been assigned to, but the catch had been that it held a double bed and the ensign in question had gotten both her and himself reassigned to different rooms.

Now here she was checking out her wardrobe looking at the different arrangement of her attire for her meeting with Ensign Simon Hunter, She asked herself,” Now what should I wear?” as the door to the shared quarters slid open and in walked the half Klingon/ human Claire Danvers; Who called,” I’m home,”

Sheila responded as she moved to her room door as it slid open “I’m in here,” turning back head inside her room once more as it closed once again, as the door opened once more, Claire Danvers followed her friend back and her friends room She asked,” So what are you doing?”

“I’m going to meet someone,” replied Sheila looking back at her roommate as she started to pull out different dresses, Claire asked “Who is it?” as she sat down on Sheila's bed. Sheila responded,” You're not going to like it,” as she looked back at the Klingon hybrid, She continued,” I’m going to meet Simon Hunter,”

“You’re what!” exclaimed Claire looking at her roommate,” After what he did to you and embarrassed you,” she continued, looking at her friend, she concluded,” I’m coming with you,” Sheila turned to face her friend and responded,” No the hell you're not!”

“What the hell,” replied Claire,” Clare, Listen to me, both Simon and I want to clear the air,” looking back at her roommate, Sheila continued,” So I do not want any, and I mean any interference from you,” as she pulled out a blue dress and held it up to her chest, She finished,” Do i make myself clear,”

“Crystal,” replied Claire looking back at her roommate once more, Sheila responded,” Look I know you mean well, but we have to work with each other here,” as she kept her eyes on Claire; who replied, "That we do Sheila,” as she now understood why her friend was willing to do this.

“Then let me do this,” replied Sheila, She continued,” He might have changed his attitude towards those around him,” she finished hoping her roommate would give him a chance. “ will you give him this on chance the same as I did?” Claire gave a short nod to Sheila in agreement, As Her friend responded,” Now help me get dressed,”



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