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Returning to Kumari, Part Two

Posted on Fri Mar 10th, 2017 @ 3:25pm by Lieutenant Evlyn Madec & Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod & Lieutenant Genevieve Oliver M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Deck 4 - Sickbay
Timeline: MD3 - 1420 Hours

Not long after the small group of Starfleet and Klingon officers left the transporter room, they found themselves in the Kumari's medical centre. "Doctor, I have a couple of patients who are enthusiastic about seeing you," Evlyn called out as they entered.

"I'll be with ye in two shakes of a cat's tail." Mac called out from his office. There was a clattering sound followed by a few curses then Mac appeared in sickbay looking flustered as he added "Research." and pointed behind him. Catching sight of the Klingons he cleared his throat and said "Welcome, now which of you two fine gentlemen would like to go first?"

Both Klingons looked at each other before the biggest one stepped forward. "Let's get this over with." He grunted.

"Right, if ye could just take a seat up here big man." Mac said as he patted the biobed nearest to him.

"Are you sure I won't break it?" The Klingon said, as he tested the beds strength by pushing down on it.

"Dinnae ye worry, it's built to hold a five hundred pound fat man so it'll cope with ye lad." Mac grinned widely.

T'Rhe cringed--Mac's jovial attitude might not matter to most of the crew, but to these two, it could be taken as an insult.

Jopass frowned and gingerly pulled his large frame up on to the bed.

T'Rhe studied the Klingon. "It's all right," she reassured him in Klingon. "Just standard procedure. No hurt shall come to you."

Both Klingons laughed, "I'd like to see you try." Kel'ino said looking the Lieutenant up and down in a suggestive way.

"Well we could but then we'd get into trouble." Mac chimed in as he began to scan the Klingon, a look of concentration on his face making it difficult to see if he was being serious or not.

T'Rhe regarded the two for a moment. "Sorry, not interested. I prefer the... upper hand, shall we say, and you don't seem the type to be terribly... flexible or compromising."

Kel'ino moved towards the Lieutenant and bearing his teeth, letting out a growl as he did.

"Lieutenant," Genevieve offered firmly but quietly. "We're here to help, not to start a brawl."

"Can't you take a joke," said T'Rhe to the Klingon. "I thought it might help make things a bit lighter... Guess I'm spending too much time around Bolians or something... Sorry, Doctor," she apologized to Oliver.

"If ye all calm down, I'm sure that we'll be friends in no time." Mac noted as he completed his scan of the first Klingon. "And ye'll be pleased to hear that ye have no diseases or infections." he smiled then gestured to the big man to step down.

Jopass moved off of the bed with a grunt before Kel'ino backed off and hopped up. "Some Klingons don't like jokes by strangers." He commented before looking at the Doctor. "Let's get this done."

"I think I found that out," said T'Rhe, deferentially. She moved off to a corner, not wanting to embarrass herself further, and she needed to let Mac do his work.

"I am going to die, Doctor?" Kel'ino asked, boldly.

"What makes you ask?" Mac countered, thinking that it was an odd thing to say.

"You humans made it sound like we are at death's door with how insistent you were for us to be checked by a Doctor." Kel'ino replied.

"Not at all," Genevieve replied. "We're simply aware you were attacked and in battle not long ago, and we want to make sure you aren't ill or injured. Sometimes in the heat of battle, I know many of our warriors don't even realize they're hurt. I imagine honorable warriors such as yourselves would fight on even if you were aware, as victory is most important."

The Klingon nodded, accepting the human's reasoning. "I understand what you are saying, it does happen to Klingons as well. The heat of the battle burns in our souls making us fight on until the enemy is slain."

One or two misunderstandings aside, this was going as well as expected although Evlyn really didn't like the fact that there were so many people crowding and just hovering over the Klingons. It originally went against her better judgement to allow T'Rhe and Oliver to join her in escorting them here but it didn't feel right to exclude them. Maybe it was best not to try Jopass' patience more than they already had, and get the examinations done with, as he'd suggested. "So Doctor, are they fit enough to hunt Berengarian dragons?" the Ardanan asked as she emerged from the far side of the room.

"Aye. They'll do." Mac nodded as he finished the second scan, "Disgustingly healthy actually." he added, patting the large Klingon on the shoulder to indicate that he could stand up.

T'Rhe shot the Ops officer a quirked eyebrow; Berengarian dragons were a bit of a misnomer. They had been proven to be significantly smaller than the 21st century Vulcan survey team had said, and their fire-breathing abilities had been attributed to a mushroom the Vulcans had accidentally ingested while on the planet. Still, she'd keep quiet--despite the misnomer, those lizards were formidable foes.

Jopass smirked, "Do you hunt Berengarian Dragons as well, Human?" Asked the Klingon, who had now had his interest peaked by the Lieutenant.

Ignoring the remark that she was 'Human', as it was an easy mistake for people to make, Evlyn replied, "Nope. I've only heard stories. I leave the hunting to the big boys like you and your friend."

"Shame. We could have seen what you Humans are like on the hunt." Kel'ino replied. "Perhaps, something to consider for the future."

"Actually, I prefer my animal friends to be alive," Evlyn stated. "Anyhow, since we're done here, I'll take you to some temporary quarters until the Commander calls for you."

"Then I guess I'll let ye all be on yer way." Mac said, turning towards the nearest computer console to write up their guests' medical notes.

"Thanks for your time Doc," the Lieutenant said as she made her way to the main doors to lead the Klingons out. "Right this way gentlemen." Evlyn hoped that they wouldn't make as big of a fuss going to their quarters as they did coming here.


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