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Posted on Fri Feb 17th, 2017 @ 8:50pm by Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant Mirok & Ensign Simon Hunter

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Chief of Security's office
Timeline: MD3 - 2030 Hours

Mirok finished up with the Klingons and moved on the next matter of importance: dealing with Ensign Hunter. As much as he didn't want to, he knew he had to do something, and had spent an hour writing up a detailed formal complaint. Before he submitted it, however, he wanted to get a second opinion.

"Mirok to Commander Colburn."

"Colburn here." The Commander replied after setting down the padd which he was reading down on his desk.

"Can I speak to you in my office, sir? It's about the events on the away mission." Mirok didn't like it, but he also didn't want to blemish the Ensign's record.

"Alright, Lieutenant. I'm on my way." He said, before raising to his feet. He put his empty coffee mug into the replicator to be recycled and then made his way down to his Chief of Security's office. When he arrived he pressed the door chime and waited for permission to enter.

"Come!" Mirok called out, as he placed the PADD so it was facing the other chair.

Colburn entered the sparsely decorated office. It wasn't a surprise, Vulcans were known for being minimalists.

Mirok gestured towards the chair, "Have a seat, sir." He nodded towards the PADD "that's the report of what happened on the away mission with Ensign Hunter. I've written it as a formal complaint, but I want to know if there's anything I can do to not put this...insubordination...on his official record."

Jack didn't like the sound of this and picked up the padd and skimmed through its contents. He wasn't impressed by what he saw. A written formal complaint on the young man's record would leave a mark which would see him passed over for promotion several times. "Off the record, how would you want to proceed? It was your away mission after all."

"Off the record, I couldn't do it to him, but something needs to be done," Mirok responded with a sigh. "I don't know what to do anymore."

"I agree this needs to be addressed," Jack said with a nod. "Should we asked Ensign Hunter his version of events? See if he knows he did wrong?"

"It might be for the best, he has potential, and I don't want to put this on his record." Mirok agreed.

Colburn tapped his comm badge, "Colburn to Ensign Hunter, please report to Lieutenant Mirok's office, on the double."

"Hunter here Sir," replied Simon as he heard the Captain's voice and now knew that he was in trouble, He continued," I'm on my way, sir," as he headed towards the nearest turbo lift and take him to Deck 5. Simon knew that he had been unprofessional on the away mission and had taken most of his grumpiness out on the Klingon's after the argument with Ensign Grissom and now he was going to pay for it. As he turned the corner and found a turbo lift being vacated by some of his fellow officers, Simon just gave a slight nod of his head as he walked past them and entered the lift, he turned to face the closing doors and said,"Deck 5"

[5 Minutes later]

As the doors to the lift opened and Simon exited the lift, he knew now that the Captain had most probably been informed of his actions on the away mission, was he going to kick him out of the Service that he had earned at the Academy, now he was fearing the worst, Whilst he continued in deep thought, He wondered if his attitude had gotten him in this mess and knew that it had to change as he found himself outside the Chief Security office. He straightened his uniform and pressed the buzzer and then waited for his fate.

Mirok sighed and stood up, he trusted himself better standing up. "It's open!" He had turned off the privacy protocols for a few days and was glad he had.

Simon entered the office and noticed Lieutenant Mirok was standing behind his desk and the Captain sitting in front of it, He gulped and said,"Ensign Hunter reporting as ordered, Sirs," as he came to a stop in front of them both.

"Ensign, you remember what happened on the away mission?" Mirok tried to keep his anger in check, he was in the presence of the senior-most officer on the ship, and a subordinate, it wouldn't look good if he lashed out.

"Yes Sir, I do," replied Simon as he looked back at both the senior officers and continued,"And I regret what transpired between the three of us and that I let you both down," as he dropped his head knowing that he felt like he was back at the academy once more.

Mirok looked toward Colburn briefly, "If it wasn't for the potential I see in you, I'd have submitted a formal complaint to Starfleet by now, however; there are two reasons I didn't. The first one is that I do not go over the heads of my superiors, and this would go on your record."

"And the Second reason sir?" asked Simon as he raised his head slowly looking back at the Kunami's Security Chief.

"I see the potential for you to be a great officer one day," Mirok responded coldly

"We also want to know why you had a breach in discipline, Ensign. A breach that could have cost the lives of one or more of the away team in a delicate situation." Colburn added.

"Sir, I haven't been in the slight good mood since the argument with Ensign Grissom," he replied, looking back at both senior officers, "and that was due to the Quartermaster putting us in shared quarters with only a double bed," He continued looking at Lieutenant Mirok, he finished," Lieutenant Madec knows about this," as he wondered if she had even told the Captain about it.

"If I remember my nearly 5 years at the academy correctly, they continuously stress that you shouldn't let personal feelings or problems get in the way of your duties." Mirok decided to continue, "Think about how I feel, Ensign, I lost my entire homeworld in the Hobus Incident. I think about the people we lost every day, and am I mad, of course, but I put aside all of the hurt, pain, and anger I feel so I can do my job."

"I am far from perfect, Ensign, but what you did could have started a galactic incident!" Mirok could feel his anger rising, and it was obvious by the tone of his voice.

"Sirs, I will use what I did wrong as a lesson learned the hard way," replied Simon, He knew that the Lieutenant was angry with him, He continued,"and I am sorry for letting you both down and I promise that it won't happen again," as he knew that he had to talk to Shiela once more and clear the air with her.

"Captain?" Mirok asked him for his input to avoid what was the inevitable punching he would lay down on Hunter.

"Remember your place, Ensign. Let the senior officer of the mission do the talking. I know it can be difficult but perhaps remember this incident with reminding you not to speak out of turn. I agree with Lieutenant Mirok, you are too early in your career to have this officially marked against you." Colburn said firmly. "If it happens again I won't hesitate to log the reprimand on your file and have you removed from this crew. Do I make myself clear, Ensign?"

"Aye Sir," replied Simon as he looked back at the Captain as he was giving him another chance, He continued, "understood and noted Sir," as he looked back at Lieutenant Mirok, Simon hoped that the Lieutenant would be forgiving as the Captain was. However; from the look on the lieutenant's face told him a different story.

Mirok looked between Colburn and Hunter. "And I'll petition Starfleet to send you back to the academy." It was an empty threat but hopefully another motivator.

Simon looked straight ahead at the Lieutenant and knew he meant what he said, He replied,"I have learned my Lesson Sir, and if I am on another away mission, He finished," I will wait until I am asked to speak,"

"It's okay to speak, Ensign, the problem here is you interfered with not only what was supposed to be an aid mission, but you threatened the very people we were trying to help. What if, instead of Lieutenant T'Rhe intercepting the negotiations, they had just started attacking us? I could probably take one with the help of someone else, but we had Doctor Oliver with us, what if she got hurt?!" Mirok slammed his hand down on his desk, hoping the noise would make a better point than throttling Hunter, as he was sure Colburn wouldn't like it if he did.

"Alright, that's enough. Ensign Hunter, think about what's been said here. Dismissed." Colburn said.

" I will Sir," replied Simon as he turned to leave the room, he knew that he had just been handed a lifeline and also knew that if he cocked up again he would be out of Starfleet, and that was something he didn't want. Now he had to talk to Shiela and sort out their differences as he exited the room leaving the Captain and Lieutenant Mirok to talk.

"Everything ok, Lieutenant? You seem a little rattled." Colburn asked after Hunter had left the office.

"I'm not a little rattled!!! I'm pissed at how this mission went!!!!" Mirok shouted at Colburn, his file ringing true about his temper.

"I was being polite. Care to talk about it? Leave rank at the door so to speak. Or maybe speak to Lieutenant Oliver?" Said the Commander.

"I don't need to speak to anyone!!!" Mirok crossed the space between them, getting up in Colburn's face, "I don't care if you were just being polite!!!!!!!!"

"Stand down, Lieutenant!" Colburn bellowed, but not backing away from his raging security chief.

Mirok hesitated momentarily, but he sighed and backed down.

"What's going on, Lieutenant?" Colburn asked. "Is it due to being in contact with your father?"

Mirok grit his teeth, "yes. We need intel, but the price is getting higher and higher." Mirok said.

"Talk to me, Lieutenant." Colburn said, concerned that his request for information was pushing the tactical officer over the edge.

"The commander of the warbird wanted me to give him information on certain higher ranking officers in Starfleet. I had to give them at least names and assignments. If this comes out my career is over." Mirok sighed and sat back down at his desk. "Its conduct unbecoming of an officer."

"Did you give him the information? What information did he give you?" Colburn asked.

"I had to. I got a huge piece of information. The Ferengi ship is the SS Vulpecula, a Profit Class freighter." Mirok sighed, "I didn't go with the basic information." He pulled up the list he sent to the warbird on a PADD and handed it to Colburn. "I sent all of this information to them."

"That's a nice piece of intel, something we can follow up on later." Colburn said as he skimmed through the PADD he'd been given. He sighed, "I'm going to have to inform Starfleet Intelligence of this breach of security, but I'll make sure your name isn't mentioned though. Ignore all communiques from your father from now on. Do I make myself clear?"

"If the words security breach and Romulan end up in the same sentence they might figure out its me," Mirok said. "And I dunno how I'm gonna be able to ignore the communiques, but I'll try."

"I don't intend on saying the word Romulan to Admiral Walker." Jack said with a chuckle. "I'll speak to Lieutenant T'Rhe about blocking the comms from your father or at the very least deflecting them."

"I've got a private comm beacon, they'll connect to it." Mirok had managed to hide it this long, but hiding it wouldn't do him any good thus far.

"We know." Colburn replied. "We will stop him contacting you. I don't want you being put in another bad situation."

"You can't stop him from contacting me unless I turn in that beacon. And I don't plan on doing that."

Jack sighed and scratched his chin as he thought for a moment. "What about if we put your beacon in a secure locker? I'll be the only one to access the locker but will only do so with you being there."

Mirok clenched his jaw--there was no way he could win this. "That'll have to do for now." His short statement showed just how Romulan he could be.

Colburn nodded, "I know you don't like this, Lieutenant. I also I know I've put you in this position but I want to save your career. Something's I can help cover up, others I can't. Get some rest. We'll do the beacon tomorrow, I trust you can be trusted with it for one more evening?"

Mirok gave him the glare Romulans were famous for--a combination of condescending and anger. "Yes sir."

"Get some sleep, Lieutenant." Colburn said before turning and exiting the security officers office.


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