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Returning To Kumari, Part One

Posted on Thu Feb 9th, 2017 @ 8:37pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant Mirok & Lieutenant Genevieve Oliver M.D., Ph.D.
Edited on on Thu Aug 17th, 2017 @ 3:11am

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Deck 3 - Transporter Room 1
Timeline: MD3 - 1345 Hours

Mirok visibly relaxed once they materialized in the transporter room on the Kumari. "Well that was eventful."

Simon stepped off the transporter PADD without a word and didn't dare to answer Mirok, after all, he had overstepped his boundaries by trying to arrest the two Klingons that now were aboard the Kumari, He knew that it would be best for him if he left before he said anything that he would later regret.

Simon carried on walking putting his thoughts together and thinking what was best for him to sort the resolution to the mess he had found himself in, the first thing he knew he had to do was make peace with Shiela before she would not talk to him and avoid him altogether, which he didn't want, and as an Operations Officer he would have to sometimes work with her and he did not want to be silenced by her.

Doctor Oliver was also relieved when they materialized on the transporter PADD. They didn't have many more answers than when they'd first beamed down, but at least since they brought some survivors with them, there was a path forward.

As Lieutenant Madec entered the transporter room to welcome aboard their two new Klingon friends, she nearly bumped into one of her subordinates, Ensign Hunter who seemed quite in a hurry to get out of there. "What's wrong with him?" she asked the others although she didn't wait for an answer. Evlyn straightened her uniform and addressed their guests. "I'm Lieutenant Madec. Welcome aboard the Kumari. I'm to take you to see our Doctor."

"We don't need to see your Doctor!" Jopass said, angrily as he and his fellow warrior stepped down from the pad. He glanced around the small transporter room. "Did Starfleet run out of resources when they built this ship?" He said with a snarl.

"With all due respect, it's just standard procedure before anyone comes aboard a Starfleet vessel, even for her crew." Mirok caught the statement before someone possibly caused a diplomatic crisis. "Its for of you become ill or injured we know what your normal readings are."

The Klingon curled his lip and snarled before reluctantly nodding his head.

"Sickbay is just a deck above us. We'll be there in no time at all," Evlyn said to the Klingons. Somehow she had a feeling that Mac was going to have fun with these two.

Jopass nodded as he still studied the Kumari's transporter room.

Before taking the Klingons to where they needed to be, Evlyn turned to the away team. "Are the rest of you okay?" she asked them.

"We're good, thank you Lieutenant." Mirok told her.

"Report to the Commander. He'll want to know about everything that happened down there," Evlyn said. "I'll make sure that our guests are attended to."

"May I join you, Lieutenant? If none of you have objections, I feel it would be prudent for someone who understands at least most of the primary Klingon dialects to come along. If there are any mistakes, they can be smoothed over with translation."

"I'd like to join you as well," Genevieve replied. With her medical training, her presence wouldn't seem too unusual but primarily it would give her another opportunity to observe the two Klingons.

"Of course," she answered.

"Can we get on with this? I want to try out your famed Starfleet replicators." Jopass said, getting restless.

T'Rhe grinned at him. "That's a joke, right? Forgive me, but Klingon humor escapes me," she said lightly.

"Hungry are you?" Evlyn asked the Klingon as she led the group out of the transporter room. "I'll see if we can have some kind of a feast prepared for you and the senior staff later on."

"Klingon field rations aren't very palatable." Jopass grunted.

"Well, replicated food isn't exactly fresh but I can guarantee that it'll be better than rations," Evlyn told him.

Jopass nodded, "We shall try this replicated food."

T'Rhe leaned towards him as they entered a turbolift. "The bloodwine is a little weak, but its not bad, honestly." She winked.

"You're in for an...interesting...experience to say the least. I would actually recommend the replicators in the officer's lounge, they tend to work a little...better." Mirok responded, butting into the conversation.

That was true. "Good idea," Evlyn agreed. Serving the Klingons would undoubtedly use up much of their replicator rations for the next few days but it was better to make them feel welcome instead of the alternative. Hopefully by showing them good hospitality, they'd start uttering more than a few words at a time. The thought of which made the Ardanan think about Klingon opera. Maybe a little music would help them lighten up a bit. Evlyn was going to have to remember that for later on.


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