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Asking for advice

Posted on Sun Feb 5th, 2017 @ 7:25pm by Ensign Shiela Grissom & Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Main Engineering

After Sheila had closed the channel on Ensign Simon Hunter, she found herself growling at the thought of being in the same room with him, after all; he had been nasty to her when she had found herself in the same quarters as he. As she continued to work on a console checking that its systems were working ordered, she grumbled to herself. “What the hell does he want,” as she reached for one of her tools she hit her head on the side of the unit.

“Ow,” as she slid from under the console and started to rub her head, she continued,”Damn you Hunter,” as she had lost her concentration on the job at hand, as she stood to her feet, she started to feel a bit dizzy and wondered if see had hit her head that much harder.

"You alright, Ensign?" Nilsson asked as she approached Grissom.

"No Ma'am, I just banged my head whilst getting from underneath whilst talking," replied Shiela, She continued,"to an ungrateful Ensign," as she rubbed her head, She finished, "who would not accept me as his roommate and yelled at me," as she was starting to get rather angry at herself for listening to Simon.

"Perhaps you should concentrate on one task at hand?" Astrid replied, unamused.

"Yeah I should, but he infuriates me," replied Shiela she continued," He even got the Chief Ops involved and got us moved," as she knew that it still upset her, She finished" Becuase the room only had a double bed in it," spilling the news to her boss. She asked,"Ma'am what do I do?" asking her for some advice.

The Lieutenant frowned, "Are you asking me for advice?" Taken back by the Ensigns question.

"Yes ma'am," Replied Shiela looking back at her boss, She continued," I just don't know what to do," she concluded," He has just contacted me, asking for a Chat," as after the last time they had spoken it hadn't gone down to well and ended up in an argument between them.

"Perhaps he feels bad about how he first spoke to you," Nilsson said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"So what you are saying, Ma'am," replied Shiela looking at the Chief engineer, She continued," To give him another chance?" as she leaned up against the console that she had been working on, she said," the reason he moaned was the room we had," looking embarrassed as she finished," Only had a double bed," as her cheeks started to go red. She knew that the Chief would notice it as she looked down at the floor.

"Whatever you get up to in your own time is up to you but everyone deserves a second chance in my book. See what he has to say." Astrid replied.

"I will Ma'am," replied Sheila as she looked back at the CEO, She continued," I'll give him his second chance," as she knew that When Simon had called her earlier he had been asking for the very same thing, She wondered if he had a change of attitude or a kick up the ass, but he wanted the chance to make amends, yet she was unsure if he was worthy of a second chance. However; she would give him the benefit of the doubt and take the chance on him.

"It sounds like you both acted a little weird in the situation. Perhaps you both need to clear the air and start again." Nilsson added.

"Well, it was late at night Ma'am and both of us were tired," replied Shiela as she knew that Simon had not been very happy at the time, She knew that giving Simon another chance might help clear the air between them, Shiela also knew that her roommate wanted to make him jealous, which if she did would only annoy him even more.

"Definitely sounds like you guys need to sit down and talk things through properly."

"Aye ma'am, that we will," replied Shiela, she continued,"Permission to call Ensign Hunter?" she looked at her boss as she asked the question, now she had to talk to Simon and wondered if the fates were pushing them together and for what reason, were they meant to be together? that was another question that needed to be answered. As she waited for the response she wondered what Clare was planning to make Simon jealous.

"Denied. But you can take a short break." The Chief Engineer said with a little wink.

"Thank you Ma'am," replied Sheila as her combadge chirped, She tapped her Combadge; She said,"Grissom Here," as she nodded to Nilsson and headed towards the exit for her Lunch break.



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