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making things right Part 1

Posted on Sun Jan 22nd, 2017 @ 1:05pm by Ensign Simon Hunter & Ensign Shiela Grissom
Edited on on Sun Jan 29th, 2017 @ 12:08am

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Corridor
Timeline: after away mission

After arriving back from the mission; Simon knew that he was going to have to answer for his actions on the mission, Although he had apologized for it to both Lieutenants, he knew full well that he would have would have to face his department head over what had happened to the mission. Still, at least the mission had given him some space from Sheila Grissom who he had yelled at and caused some friction with when he had found out that they had been paired with.

It wasn't that he didn't want to share with her; but it had been the sleeping arrangements that had been the problem and not with her; as he knew from the last time they had spoken was what she had made out to be and he didn't have the chance to put her straight; However; He had been in a foul mood before the away mission.

Now he had finished the away mission; Simon had to come to terms that maybe he should know the woman, After meeting with her, he wondered if it might help him get over the funk that he was in and just maybe understand how to get along with others. He was a Starfleet officer and should have known better than to argue on a mission in front of those that had been needing help.

Maybe, he thought he should make an appointment with the counselor and talk with them before it got out of hand with either him or Sheila and his department head. He knew that Lieutenant Mirok might suggest the same thing to him and would once he got back to his quarters he would ask the Counselors office to make one for him. That was if he was still in Starfleet after Lieutenant Mirok had given him the riot act.

He tapped his comm badge and spoke carefully “Ensign Hunter to Ensign Grissom,” as he waited for an answer as he wanted to have a talk with her before going off to see the counselor, He heard her reply,+” Grissom here, what do you want Simon?”+ asking the question to him.

Simon replied,”I just want to talk with you,” as he continued on down the corridor as he continued,” and clear up a misunderstanding,” Simon knew this was a lot to ask after their first meeting had gone badly, Sheila replied,+”What so you can bark at me some more Simon?”+

“No, that’s not it, I want us to have a civil conversation,” replied Simon as he continued walking along the corridor, he continued,” I know we didn't get off on the right foot, “ He finished,” I want to talk to you face to face and clear the air,” as he rubbed his forehead trying to get rid of the sweat.

+” I’ll think about it Simon; but don't push me,” + replied Sheila over the comm, she continued,+” You hurt me by not talking like an adult, this is your one chance,” as she concluded,+” and only chance, Grissom out,”+ as she closed the comm channel, Simon knew that he had indeed upset the young woman and he also knew he had to put things right, as he knew that a change of uniform wouldn't go amiss as he headed back to his quarters.



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