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Food And Friends: Four Lieutenants And a Civilian

Posted on Sun May 7th, 2017 @ 2:42pm by Lieutenant Evlyn Madec & Lieutenant Genevieve Oliver M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: T'Rhe's Quarters
Timeline: PM8 - 1900 Hours

T'Rhe was, unusually, nervous. Admittedly, it was just three other female crewmembers coming for dinner, plus Jonathan, but it still bothered her for some odd reason.

Speaking of her adopted son, she saw him coming out of the bathroom, dressed for dinner. "Good--you're out in time to help. Would you mind setting the table?"

"Sure," he said, grabbing some silverware from a case.

The door chimed and T'Rhe went to answer it.

Doctor Genevieve Oliver down her simple royal blue dress with one hand while holding a basket of various beverages in the other. She appreciated the invitation to dinner, as it would give her an opportunity to get to know a few of her fellow crewmembers in a more relaxed informal setting.

"We're not late are we?" Evlyn asked over the Counselor's shoulder. She wasn't wearing an outfit as formal as Gen, but she hoped that it would prove acceptable for this evening; an aegean-coloured sweater whose sleeves went down to the elbows, and a charcoal-coloured skirt.

Astrid had seen both go into T'Rhe's quarters in casual clothing and she felt pretty silly as she had forgotten to change. She had been running late and only had time to grab a bottle of wine from her stash before heading to the gathering. She followed both Gen and Evlyn into T'Rhe's quarters and handed the Intelligence officer the bottle. "Sorry, I didn't realize this was a proper casual affair." She said glancing down to her slightly grubby uniform.

In answer to Evlyn's question, Genevieve turned to her and smiled. "You're not late at all. I think I just might be early." To Astrid, Genevieve said, "You're dressed fine. In fact, I considered coming in my uniform as well. I wasn't sure what I wanted to wear," she added with a laugh.

"Don't worry about it," said T'Rhe, accepting the wine. "Mmm, thank you--you have good taste. This will go perfectly with what I've got cooking. Please, come in and sit down. Jonathan, once you're done with the table, would you mind pouring this into glasses for all of us--yes, you may have a small one tonight."

Her son nodded minutely and took the bottle. He seemed shy around the other three, which wasn't unexpected.

"How are you settling in, Jonathan?" Astrid asked, trying to bring the young man out of his shell a little.

"Fine, I suppose," he responded. "Lieutenant Nilsson, right? Mom said I might be working with you."

T'Rhe, who had moved back to the stove, shot him a look. "The lieutenant and I are still working out details--perhaps, perhaps not."

Her brows came together in a slight frown. "Hmmm, think this is almost done. You all can sit down and help yourselves--there's bread and salad. Made it myself--quadrotriticale and wheat are my combined base grains."

"I hear you're quite the budding engineer. I look forward to seeing what you've got." Astrid said with a smile.

"You won't be disappointed, Ma'am," responded the teen politely.

A soft chime rang through the room. At its sound, Jonathan sprang up and took the plates from the table. T'Rhe looked on approvingly as he brought them to the stove.

"That's a little signal I invented to let him know that dinner was done," she told the others, even as she started serving. "I hope you like it--shrimp linguini in a lemon-butter sauce with vegetable-stuffed mushrooms on the side... Fair warning, the mushrooms are a little spicy."

"It looks delicious." Astrid said looking at the plates as the food was being dished up. "Any seat?" She said gesturing towards the dining table.

"Feel free," said T'Rhe. "This isn't the Academy after all."

Astrid laughed as she moved towards the table and took a seat, eagerly awaiting the food to arrive.

"They don't serve this kind of food there, believe me," Evlyn said with a soft laugh. She sat at the table and accepted the plate that was given to her. Whilst the food wasn't as elegant-looking as she was used to, it was pretty close. It did smell rather good. She'd have no trouble getting through this dinner. "Thank you," she said to T'Rhe. Before digging in, she waited for the others to be served as well.

"You're welcome. I hope the shrimp turned out all right--I don't work with fish often."

"Maybe we should put the Doc on alert," she teased.

"Nah, I'm sure it'll be fine." Astrid said licking her lips in anticipation.

"Please, serve yourselves. This isn't the graduation banquet at the Academy," said T'Rhe, easily. "Bread, Astrid?"

"Yes please." Astrid replied as she took a piece of bread from the plate T'Rhe offered.

After realizing that no one had taken out the drinks, Evlyn got up from her seat and quickly grabbed the bottle of wine that was on the side. She then found a corkscrew to open it. "How'd you manage to get this aboard the ship?" she asked.

"I'd like to hear that too," T'Rhe said to Astrid, "though its hardly illegal. As long as you're not terribly overt about it, and certainly not drunk on duty, command tends to let folks bring things like that aboard." She realized she was rambling, so turned to the engineer. "How did you get it aboard though?"

"Perks of being the only senior officer on board during her refit and shake down cruise." Astrid replied with a cheeky smirk.

"I won't tell the Commander," Evlyn said as she popped open the bottle and began pouring out the alcohol for everyone.

"Please don't, I have a crate hidden on board for such occasions." Astrid said with a giggle.

"I certainly won't betray your confidence," said T'Rhe, taking the proffered glass from Madek. "Thanks, Evlyn."

From his spot at the table, Jonathan took a tentative sip of his small glass. It was rare that his mother let him have alcohol, and he planned on enjoying it. He looked to Nilsson. "I don't know much about this, but its not bad."

"It's from a Swedish vineyard." Astrid began. "I know the Swedish people aren't renowned for their wine, it's generally French or Italian, but I've known the family who have owned the vineyard since I was young. I think this stuff tastes better than your usual wine from Earth."

Evlyn couldn't really disagree with that assessment. It was delicious. Her sip was probably a bit more than that. "The family's not from Earth?" she asked the Engineer.

"Yeah. They're former Starfleet officers who left to settle on Earth. My parents were good friends with them when they served on the Endeavour. Used to spend a few weeks there a year when I was growing up. It was nice to get away from the fast pace of current life." Astrid replied.

T'Rhe perked up her ears. "Endeavour? Didn't they do some relief runs to the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone at one point?"

"She did, but that was after I left the ship with my parents." Astrid replied.

From her place at the table, Genevieve quietly observed the conversation around her while she enjoyed her meal. Everything was delicious, and she would be sure to say so as soon as another moment presented itself. For now, it was nice to see everyone getting to know each other in such a relaxed and friendly environment.

T'Rhe smiled. "I thought I remembered correctly... That ship transported me back to the Federation after some... unpleasantness in the DMZ."

"This is lovely, T'Rhe." Astrid said as she began to eat.

"What sort of unpleasantness?" Evlyn asked, curious about what she meant. She surely couldn't just leave the matter there!

T'Rhe's face took on a dark green scowl. "I don't like talking about it. In brief, my father held me as a virtual prisoner when I finally tracked him down, and fled before Federation forces could arrest him. Last I heard, he had allied himself with a group of pirates and fringers." Her expression lightened. "Lets not talk about that. I'm glad you like the food, Astrid--I was a professional chef before I joined Starfleet."

"And she was good at it," said Jonathan from his place. "It's good Mom, even if it is fish."

T'Rhe laughed. "Thanks. You still hold that clam incident against me, don't you?"

"Only a little," said the teenager, stabbing a piece of pasta a little harder than strictly necessary.

"Clam incident?" Evlyn wondered whilst looking at Jonathan. She ate a bit of her dinner as she waited to hear all about that story.

T'Rhe blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry--sometimes we get in our own little world. I asked him to shell clams for me because I hate doing it and I thought he might like to work with his hands. Turns out, he's allergic to them."

"Lucky I wasn't alone," added the teen. "I'm okay now, but I could have died."

"Sounds nasty." Astrid said after swallowing what was in her mouth.

"I'm glad that experience hasn't kept you from trying new fish, Jonathan," Genevieve offered brightly. She couldn't help but be concerned for their host, given the previous topic, but she agreed now was not the time to discuss something so personal. Still, the experience reminded Genevieve of the complexities of having to manage dual relationships with the crew. As a colleague, Oliver might have felt free to ignore what had been shared, but as a therapist, it would not be like her to ignore such a subject. She wasn't about to bring it up again now, but that didn't mean she didn't know what to do about later. She would have to think on it. For now, she was going to enjoy the company.

The human wrinkled his nose. "I don't really like fish, but I'll eat it."

T'Rhe gave him a little smile. "I know you don't like it, but thank you for eating it." She looked to the others. "There's more in the pan, if anyone would like some? More pasta as well."

"Please," Evlyn said whilst nodding enthusiastically. "It's delicious." It wasn't often that she went in for seconds, but she was surprised at how good the meal was. And so, she grabbed some more of the pasta and then offered the dish to the others just in case anyone else wanted more as well.

"It was lovely, thank you, T'Rhe." Astrid said as she sat back in her chair with her glass of wine after already eating two portions in quick succession. "I'm stuffed!"

The hybrid graced the lieutenant with a smile. "Thank you. I do have a cheese and fruit board in case anyone would like some for desert, but its optional."

"Cheese and wine; the perfect combination," Evlyn suggested as she worked on the second helping of pasta she'd given herself.

T'Rhe nodded. "I entirely agree." She gestured to Jonathan. "Keep your seats; we'll get it."


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