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Keep To The Plan!

Posted on Mon Feb 27th, 2017 @ 10:46pm by Captain Jack Colburn

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Unknown
Timeline: MD3 - 1435 Hours

"Sir, we must withdraw!" Roared the Klingon Lieutenant from the weapons station.

"General, our engines can't take much more of this!" Called out the Engineer.

Toral slammed his fist down onto the arm of his chair. "This day may be theirs but we shall win the war. Take us to warp!" Shouted Toral, bearing his teeth in disgust. "Where are our reinforcements?!"

"I don't know, General, perhaps you should contact him and find out." Replied Toral's loyal first officer, Commander G'odha, who stood at Toral's side.

"No need, sir, you are receiving a coded message from him." Said the Bekk at communications.

Toral clinched his fist again, "Time to get some answers. Put it through to my quarters. G'odha, you have the bridge. Make sure our repairs are completed swiftly."

When Toral arrived in his quarters, his associate was already on his consoles screen. "Where are you?!" He barked.

"We've just left and are on route to our rendezvous."

"I need you and your ships now!" Toral shouted angrily.

"If you had listened to me, you wouldn't be in this mess."

"What mess?! I'm trying to free the Empire. Blood must be spilt to do it!" Toral said as he took his seat at his desk.

"If you had listened to me you could have taken the Empire without losing any of your loyal ships. Now you've lost 8."

"Where are your ships?" The Klingon demanded.

"They are moving into position. They'll be there in time as we discussed."

"That's too long!" Toral raged again.

"My ship deployments have to be careful as not to arouse suspicion. I'm glad to see the ship you sent to intercept the Starfleet ship was destroyed."

"That was my best and loyalist Captain! I should cut your tongue out for that!" Toral said, quickly pulling his d'k tahg out and waving it in front of the screen.

"You should know, I informed the loyalists of your plans, hence why they were able to intercept the ship so quickly."

"WHAT!!!!" Raged Toral as pushed everything off of his desk in a rage.

"If you'd have destroyed that ship, Starfleet would have sent a fleet of ships to aid Martok. You would have lost and you wouldn't have had my help. Stop making stupid decisions and stick to the plan. Now, where is my last shipment?"

Toral didn't like to admit it but his associate was right. "It was sent via the usual channels."

"That'll take weeks to arrive, I told you I needed them now."

"Looks like we both need things now but aren't getting them." Toral said quietly.

His associate sighed, "Very well. We shall see you at the rendezvous." The screen went blank.

"Toral to G'odha, set course for our main rendezvous coordinates. Message our forces to wait for further instructions. We'll play the waiting game as he wants."


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