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Klingon Talk

Posted on Mon Mar 20th, 2017 @ 9:45am by Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant Genevieve Oliver M.D., Ph.D.

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: MD4 - 0900 Hours

Jopass and his colleague, Kel'ino, paced the conference room while they wait for someone to 'talk' to them. Jopass felt a fool for accepting help from a Starfleet ship only to be held captive aboard their ship. They had been given medical care, decent ish food and a plush living space since they'd arrived the day before but the security detail that followed them about the ship meant they weren't guests.

"What's the plan, Jopass?" Asked Kel'ino as he grew impatient.

"There is no plan. We stick to the story and wait to be transferred back to our people. We know their mission, it won't be long until they reach Ty'Gokor." Jopass replied.

Genevieve took a deep breath and reviewed what she knew of the situation mentally. She wasn't entirely convinced they were getting the complete story from the Klingons, but hopefully after this conversation, she'd at least have stronger doubts or feel more reassured. In any case, she was grateful not to have the over eager security Ensign with her this time. The young man was just trying to be helpful, she knew, but the squabbling during the away team did not present the kind of professional image necessary to complete their tasks.

Turning to her co-interviewer, she asked, "Already ready, sir?"

Jack smiled, "Of course. Let's see what these Klingons have to say about their situation." He replied before leading the way into the conference room. Generally, he would have let the Lieutenant go first, but he didn't feel comfortable in letting Oliver go into a dangerous situation.

Genevieve silently followed Coburn into the room. She would let him take the lead and introductions for now, and in the meantime, she took a few moments to observe the two Klingons without the pressures of having to pay attention to whatever they might say. Most of the time, Klingons weren't terribly hard to read, as they tended to wear their emotions on their sleeves, so to speak. Understandably, they appeared openly suspicious, but she also got the impression from observing their body language they were trying to withhold their irritation over being doubted. They were only mildly successful. Of course, more would be determined once they started offering their point of view, assuming they were willing to be forthcoming at all.

"I'm Commander Jack Colburn, Commanding Officer of the USS Kumari. I believe you have already met my colleague, Lieutenant Genevieve Oliver." Jack said, gesturing to the Lieutenant who stood on his right side.

"I am Lieutenant Jopass, son of G'erg and this is bekk Kel'ino, son of Ch'okluq." The Klingon said proudly.

"Welcome aboard." Jack said with smile. He had already clocked Jopass' rank as a Commander and Kel'ino' as a Lieutenant, but continued nonetheless. "Shall we take a seat?" Colburn offered pointing to the free seats on one side of the conference table.

Jopass simply nodded and moved with Kel'ino and sat down.

Genevieve took her seat and passively observed the two Klingons. She had no concrete evidence, but her intuition was telling her things were not as they appeared. Unfortunately, she was going to have to draw specifics out of them. "I hope you've been treated well by my colleagues. If we can get you additional food, beverages, or medical care, just let us know. I realize you probably don't want to be here right now, but in all honesty, we just want to understand this entire situation better."

"You already know everything that we know. I told you what was happening when you were on our ship." Joypad said, through his teeth, trying to keep his temper under control.

"Yes, you talked, but only after swearing not to tell us anything," Genevieve pointed out, "which leads me and others to think there's more going on here than a reluctant battle against the Chancellor and a boarding by Ferengi pirates. That much we could've discerned on our own over time, so there has to be more to all of this. There's also the fact you blame your commanding officer for all of this, and yet, he's conveniently deceased and can't support any of this."

Jopass angrily smashed his fist down on the table, "You twist my words like a Romulan! I will not tell you anything further than what I've already said!"

Genevieve shrugged. "That is your right, although I'm only asking you to consider things from our point of view. I'd also like to point out despite being certain there's more to this you're not telling us, you have been given food and medical care. I don't think a Romulan would take quite as much interest in your physical well-being. Isn't it more dishonorable not to be honest with you about what we are thinking?"

Jopass and Kel'ino exchanged looks. A long conversation went on between each other without any actual words being spoken. "Very well." Jopass began. "I am Commander Jopass and this is Lieutenant Kel'ino, I apologise for our deception, we are under direct orders from Chancellor Martok. We were ordered to serve aboard the IKS Vor'nak."

Kel'ino continued, "The Vor'nak was identified as a leading player in this dishourable behaviour by Toral and his dogs. Our orders were simple, infiltrate the crews senior officers and give the High Council information on what was going on. When we were ordered to divert and intercept the Kumari, we sent a message informing the High Council, who in turn dispatched a ship to intercept. Unfortunately the ships Captain was inexperienced and the Vor'nak managed to destroy it. I was able to sabotage the ship enough during the battle to make sure we wouldn't be able to inception you."

"Unfortunately, a Ferengi ship came across our weakened state and over powered us, killing most of the crew in a surprise attack. They looted the ship before leaving us a drift. A few survivors, including ourselves, were cut off from the rest of the ship after the Fenergi ship attacked. We sent out a distress signal once we managed to gain access to the rest of the ship." Jopass said, "The Klingons who started attacking your boarding party were part of the ships assault guard. When it was clear they wouldn't negotiate which you, we killed them."

Colburn nodded, he was pleased they had told the truth, finally. The Ferengi being mentioned again couldn't have been a luck. Maybe it was something Kumari could look into after this mission was concluded. "Thank you for coming clean, Commander. I did think it was strange for two Klingon Officers, who were both inducted into the Order of the Bat'leth a few years ago, to turn their backs on the High Council."

Jopass frowned, "How did you know about the Order of the Bat'leth? We were assured our records would be adjusted to favour Toral."

Jack smiled, "Friends in high places, Commander." He said before turning to Lieutenant Oliver, "Is there anything else you'd like to ask these gentleman?"

Genevieve shook her head. "I'm satisfied for now. Thank you, gentleman, for your honesty."

"I apologise for our deceit. I hope you understand the position that we were in." Kel'ino added.

"Of course," Genevieve replied. "I'm just glad we're working together now."

"I think we're done here for now. I'll have security escort you back to your quarters." Colburn said as he stood from his chair and followed Lieutenant Oliver out of the Conference Room.


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