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Warning And Assignment

Posted on Sun Mar 26th, 2017 @ 6:51pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Captain Jack Colburn

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: USS Kumari, Main Bridge; Captain's Readyroom
Timeline: PM 7, 08:30

Commander Colburn sat in the centre seat on the Bridge of the USS Kumari as she warped towards Klingon space. He was reading the latest update from Starfleet about what was going on within the Empire. He did like what he read, reports of skirmishes between the two Klingon factions weren't painting a pretty picture for the Empire, but these were unconfirmed reports. They could be better or a lot worse. This made Jack feel a little uneasy about entering Klingon space.

T'Rhe entered, checking her steps abruptly. She had been moving faster than she ought, and she was a little winded. "Captain Colburn, forgive my haste, but I need to speak to you in your ready room. It is urgent."

"Of course, Lieutenant." Colburn said rising to his feet and gesturing towards his ready room. "Lieutenant Madec, you have the bridge."

T'Rhe followed the human into the ready room and looked around. She sat in one of the chairs facing the desk.

"What's this about, Lieutenant?" Colburn said as he settled into his chair.

"Its about Lieutenant Mirok," she began. "I just had breakfast with him, and something seems... Off about him. I can't put my finger on it."

She debated telling him about the lieutenant growing up on Romulus, but thought better of it. Mirok had asked her not to speak of it, and T'Rhe would not betray his confidence... If he proved traitor, however, there would be no place safe from her for Mirok to hide. There was nothing T'Rhe despised more than a traitor.

Jack frowned, "Off? In what way?"

"He seems... Closed off. More than usual, I mean. He's a Vulcan,"--and this, she knew was not an official lie, for she'd checked up on Mirok before coming to the bridge--"but even so... There's something fishy about him I do not like."

"Seems a little unusual to hear of a Vulcan talking about a gut feeling." The Commander said. "Can you give me anything else?"

"Yes, I can. I was going over our records--sensors, communications, etc.--and I picked up something odd." She held out a PADD. "Take a look. The transmission origin is in Romulan space... Who would be receiving transmissions from Romulan space, particularly on a Starfleet vessel?"

Jack sighed as he took the PADD from his intelligence officer and glanced at it. "I know who is sending these messages, Lieutenant."

"You do? Who is it...? If I'm not asking for sensitive information?"

"Its Lieutenant Mirok. His father is a serving officer on a Romulan ship." Colburn replied after taking a few moments to reply.

Her mouth thinned into a grim line. "I see... I assume Starfleet knows about this in some fashion? Do you want me to arrest him as a potential spy?"

Colburn shook his head. "He is contacting his father on my orders. I was hoping he'd do a better job at covering his tracks." The Commander sighed. "I don't want him arrested but keep an eye on how frequent these messages are being exchanged. His father has wanted information in exchange for information, I don't want the Lieutenant being put between a rock and a hard place, choosing loyalties can drive you to the edge."

"Aye, Sir." T'Rhe rose. "Something else, Sir... Mirok asked me to dinner while we were in the mess hall. I just thought you ought to know. If he's being compromised, I'll pull back, and regardless, it won't impact my work; I'll make sure of that."

"It'll probably be a good thing, I need my senior officers working as a team." Jack said with a smile. "If we need to address your friendship in the future, we will, but for now, continue as you are."

"Aye," she responded, then turned to go. "One more thing, Sir... Particularly in the mornings, if I slip into Cardassian, don't freak out. I can get a bit... cranky before my first cup of whatever I'm drinking, and sometimes it slips out. My father might be a right rotten person, but I decided to learn the language anyway."

Jack found that rather amusing, "Do I need to brush up on my Cardassian, Lieutenant?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Hardly." She chuckled. "It usually only happens when I'm under a lot of stress and I haven't slept well. Just didn't want you to be shocked if you couldn't identify what was coming out of my mouth."

"Let's hope you're well rested and don't get to stressed." The Commander joked.

"Let's hope." Her face turned serious again. "I'll let you know how things with Mirok are progressing, Sir."

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Dismissed."

T'Rhe snapped a smart salute, said, "Sir,", and exited back to the bridge, her thoughts full of worry. Talking with Colburn had been the right thing, though she wasn't all that happy with the result. What would come, would come however, and she would meet it when it did.


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