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Meeting In The Mess Hall

Posted on Sun Mar 26th, 2017 @ 6:41pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Lieutenant Mirok

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: USS Kumari, Mess Hall
Timeline: PM 7, 06:00

T'Rhe entered the mess hall, already having had a cup of coffee, but needing something a bit more filling. Grabbing a bowl of oatmeal and some rye toast--a human breakfast she'd developed a liking for while on Earth, she looked for a table. The only one available had a single male Lieutenant at it, and she thought she recognized him from the images she'd seen of the vessel's senior officer's.

She headed in that direction. "May I join you?"

Mirok glanced up at the speaker, and noticed the ridges on her skin, and yet also the pointed ears, Romulan or Vulcan mixed with Cardassian...interesting... He thought, before speaking up. "Of course Lieutenant." He had no clue who she was, but he was confident he'd find out soon enough.

T'Rhe sat, putting her items down before doing so. "Thank you, Lieutenant...?"

"Mirok." He said with a small smile, "and you are?"

"T'Rhe." She noticed his look. "What, were you expecting me to call myself Glin 'insert name here'? ... My father was Cardassian, yes, and it isn't a pleasant thing to think about." Her lips tightened slightly. "He's not a pleasant man."

"I know how that is." Mirok replied. "Mine is a bit...ah what's the word..."

"Not sure there's a Terran word for it." She said something rather unflattering in Vulcan, who's nearest translation would be "difficult, possibly overwrought with insanity".

Mirok burst out laughing at her statement. "The equivalent of that in Romulan would get me punched." Mirok said it followed by a laugh.

T'Rhe chuckled, though it was clearly a bit forced. "Yes, Romulans aren't known for their... quiet tempers, shall we say... Did you pick up Romulan on the sly as it were, or is there a good reason you know it? Its not exactly the most common language for a Starfleet officer to know... Unless you were in intelligence and can't talk about it?"

T'Rhe was trying to be relatively open, quite a change from her normally rather cold exterior. She wasn't sure why, but there was something about Mirok that both fascinated her, but also put her on edge... just slightly.

"Its part of where I grew up. Romulus was my home for much of my life, its home...well was home." Mirok smiled.

T'Rhe returned his sad smile. The Hovus supernova had sent shockwaves through the quadrant. "My home was both Vulcan and Earth. Cardassia was obviously out of the question, given the circumstances."

"I was granted emergency leave after the...incident..." Mirok used the term that the Tal Shiar had begun to use in reference to the supernova. "I'm just lucky my father's ship escaped from orbit just mere moments prior to it."

"Indeed," replied T'Rhe. "He is a ship's captain, then?"

"Subcommander. Pretty much the equivalent of a Commander in Starfleet."

"Ah, yes. Thank you... My mother never quite recovered from her... violation, though she manages well enough. She is one of Admiral T'Vel's top aides, and I suspect other things as well." T'Rhe chuckled again, rather amused at her mother's late-blooming sense of adventure.

Mirok chuckled. "I never met my mother, at least that I can remember."

T'Rhe sighed. "It seems a common experience with hybrids, that one parent is not present in the child's life." She took a sip of coffee and a bit of oatmeal. "Not bad--for replicated protein molecules."

Mirok chuckled. "My favorite drink would get me in trouble."

"You know Romulan ale is legal now, right?" T'Rhe asked him. "That said, one of my favorite beverages would cause a heap of trouble for me. Earth Scotch mixed with kanar... Potent, but very good."

"Then I know what to request my father send to me by way of the Ferengi. They'll probably steal of the damn stuff." Mirok said, shaking his head, "They're scammers."

"You can say that again." T'Rhe nodded and continued. "I may not like my father's people--in fact, I despise the majority of them, but I do like their attitudes towards the Ferengi... Don't deal with htem, unless you absolutely have to." She looked at him. "What are you eating, anyway? Never seen that before."

"Viinerine." Mirok responded, "it's often served on the ships of the empire. I've grow to being able to somewhat enjoy it." He picked up a glass of a very aromatic blue drink. "And this, is Kali Fal. Very aromatic, better when not replicated."

T'Rhe sniffed, her nose turning up at it. "Sorry--it actually smells very good, just a bit strong. I'm cursed with our mothers' people's sense of smell."

"Actually many people find the smell a bit strong. But it's actually quite good." Mirok smirked, "try some."

"Thanks..." She eyed his glass speculatively, then took the small bowl that had contined the pecans for her oatmeal and dipped out a measure of his ddrink. She sniffed it, swirled it as though it were wine--just as she'dd been taught in culinary school, then took a tentative sip.

The effect was immediate. Her face flushed and she began to get hot all over. The taste was firey--almost unpleasantly so, but tolerable. She could feel heat coloring her cheeks. "T'Uvori'el," she muttered.

Mirok started laughing a little. "Yes, it tends to be an...experience...for those who aren't used to it

"I'll say," responded T'Rhe. She blushed again. "Please tell me you didn't understand what I actually said?"

"I don't speak Vulcan." Mirok assured her, "but I got the meaning."

"Thank God," she said, blushing again. "That could have been... embarrassing... So, have you endeavored to find out anything about your mother?"

"I have. But I can't find anything."

T'Rhe's eyebrows drew together. "That's odd--you'd think Vulcan would have excellent records."

"I'm thinking part of it was the...circumstances..."

T'Rhe nodded. "Understandable..." She considered a moment. "Would you like me to try and find out anything? Given my mother's own... circumstances, she may be able to assist you. She heads a support group for Vulcan survivors of... violations, mental and physical."

"Yes. I've found out only a name. T'hais. Would've been about 40 years ago, almost 50. I dunno if she named me or not." Mirok smiled, "I'd like to meet her at some point."

"I'll see what I can do when I next speak to my mother. It may take a while though; she is rather busy, both professionally and personally."

"I'd be surprised if she's alive, honestly, since I've had no luck."

T'Rhe regarded him amusedly. "You don't have all the answers all the time, Mirok." She rose. "Well, I'd best be going--lots to do. Would you like to have dinner later? This has been quite pleasant."

"I would actually! Perfect way to end a day, in my opinion." Mirok responded with a smile.

She nodded to him. "Shall we say 19:00? If you'd like, I could cook something up, or we can eat here." She tried to keep it casual, but she hoped he'd catch her hint.

"Make it a date in your quarters then." Mirok replied with a smirk, standing.

T'Rhe gave him a little smile of her own. "I'm sure I can whip something up we'll both like. Thank you, Mirok. If I don't see you today, I'll definitely see you tonight."

She turned on her heal and exited the room, a slight spring in her step, though she was still cautious around the other lieutenant. As she left, she hoped he caught the sex appeal she put in her walk; men were easier to deal with when they were confused that way.


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