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The Ubiquitous Medical Checkup

Posted on Wed Mar 29th, 2017 @ 7:32pm by Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: USS Kumari, Sickbay
Timeline: PM 6, 16:00

T'Rhe entered Sickbay, Jonathan in tow. She hoped Captain Colburn had explained things to Kumari's CMO, both about her Cardassian heritage and Jonathan. Things could be awkward if he hadn't.

"Ah hello. And what cannae do for ye two?" Mac looked up from his reading as the two new arrivals stepped through the sickbay doors.

"I'm Lieutenant T'Rhe. This is my adopted son, Johnathan," replied T'Rhe. "Has Captain Colburn explained our circumstances to you, Doctor...?"

"Och, I'm afraid not, is there something that I should know?" Mac asked, figuring he'd have remembered if Colburn had told him something.

"Well, my physiology is... both obvious and unusual," T'Rhe settled on saying. "Also, it is unusual for Jonathan to be aboard an intelligence ship, but circumstances make it... necessary."

"Okay, so yes, I can tell your ancestry from your appearance." Mac nodded, "But as for the rest, you have me intrigued. Please, continue."

The other woman nodded. "Yes, I am half Vulcan, half Cardassian. The details are in my file. It was a... How shall we put this...? Violation that resulted in my birth, but that is not relevant. What is relevant is that biobeds don't often like me, but there should be a set of settings in my file that you can use... As for Jonathan, he's fully human, so his check-up should be smooth sailing, as you humans say."

She leaned towards the doctor. "He's with me because the other persons he trusts to take care of him aren't available. The captain and I have an understanding--you can talk to him for full details."

"Okay then." Mac nodded, "Then how about I take a look at the wee lad first?" he suggested, turning his attention to Jonathan and asking "How about it wee man?"

The teenager turned to the doctor--before that he'd been staring out a window. "I don't know what 'wee' means--some sort of collective address--but I am not whatever it is."

T'Rhe shot him a glare, but internally she was proud of him. He'd rarely sounded more Vulcan than he did now, and she was grateful. Granted, she would have preferred if he'd been like a normal human, but Vulcans were just fine in her book.

"Just a little colloquialism." Mac chuckled, "Ye'll get used to me in time." he added then patted the biobed nearest to him, "Come and sit up on here and we'll get this done, it's painless I promise."

The teen hopped up onto the bed, and T'Rhe regarded the doctor speculatively. "That's a fairly thick Scotts burr I hear, yes?"

"Aye, I was born on a wee farm in the Scottish Highlands." he replied, proud of his heritage.

"I see," responded the hybrid. "During my time as a chef, I worked in a restaurant in Aberdeen and spent a summer in the Shetland Islands. I enjoyed it, even if the climate was a bit cool for my taste... I made much use of locally-produced wool sweaters and scarves, you can be sure," she continued with a little chuckle.

"She might get cold at times but nothing beats a summer's day up there." Mac smiled, thinking that he must visit home next time he got the chance.

"I entirely agree," said T'Rhe, a fond smile gracing her features. "I don't think I've been to a more beautiful stretch of green in my life."

Jonathan wrinkled his nose. "It stank of fish," he said shortly.

"Och it's not so bad." Mac chuckled, "Besides, fish is good for ye." he winked at the teen before completing his scan, "And yer all done. Fit as a fiddle." he stood aside to let Jonathan step down.

"Thanks, Doc," responded the human. "I believe its your turn, Mom." He went off in a corner.

T'Rhe climbed up onto the bed and looked towards Mac. "Do your worst, and," she added with a look at her son, "I may not like working with fish, but it is good for you."

"That it is." Mac agreed, "Helps the old brain cells." he added as he flipped open his scanner and began to scan T'Rhe. "Any medical issues you need to tell me about?" he asked her as he continued.

"Hmmm, don't think so. I have a slight allergy to basil, and by slight I mean very slight. There have been some... interesting things in my past because of my heritage, but those are in my file... Personal things."

Mac stole a glance over at the young boy then nodded, "I'll take a look later." he smiled, taking it that she didn't want to discuss it in front of her son. "So how are ye both settling in? Everything good so far?" he asked to fill the silence.

"Its... small," said Jonathhan. "But I like it. Makes a nice change from Earth."

T'Rhe nodded in agreement. "It reminds me of the old NX-class ships--I toured the one they have at the fleet museum a couple of times."

"Ah yes, it must have been amazing to have been out here back in those days." Mac replied, "I've never been to the museum it worth a look?"

T'Rhe shrugged. "Its not bad. The NX-class is the best of the lot, in my view. They do have both an Andorian and Vulcan ship you can look at, but the tours are a bit... pro-human in some ways. No offense, but I suspect it was because of the Romulans. The Constitution-class, while fascinating, is a bit to focused on Captain Kirk to be entirely objective. The Excelsior, Constellation, Miranda and Ambassador-class tours aren't bad, although some of it is a bit of a whirlwind on the bigger ships."

"I'll stick it on my list of places to go." Mac nodded then flipped his tricorder shut, "Well yer fit as a fiddle too lass." he announced proudly and stood aside so she could step down.

T'Rhe got off the bed. "Thank you, Doctor. Its good to know I'm in perfect health, not to mention good hands. Come on," she said to her son, who followed her out of Sickbay.

"Yer welcome." Mac said to the now empty room then smiled as he got on with writing up the examinations. One thing that was fun in his job was meeting the people he'd be caring for during his time on board. And that pair had been interesting.


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