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Away Mission

Posted on Mon Jan 23rd, 2017 @ 8:45pm by Captain Jack Colburn & Lieutenant Mirok & Lieutenant Genevieve Oliver M.D., Ph.D. & Lieutenant Commander T'Rhe & Ensign Simon Hunter

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: IKS Vor'nak
Timeline: MD3 - 1330 Hours

The transporter beam resolved itself into four figures, two who were human and two with clearly pointed ears, denoting either Vulcan, Rigelian or Romulan ancestry.

T'Rhe looked around, noting that they'd beamed into one of the Klingon ships corridors. Sparks flew from a blasted panel, spitting as they hit the deck plates.

As Simon appeared and pulled out his tricorder and started to scan,; this he knew was his first away mission and that he better not screw this opportunity up as he made sure that he was checking things out before making his report. He turned and said," Sir, I have 5 life signs on this deck to the north,"

"Thank you, Ensign." Mirok said, " Lieutenant, be prepared for whatever we might have ahead." He said to both Genevieve and T'Rhe. "Let's move."

Oliver simply nodded in response to the Lieutenant's obvious statement. They absolutely needed to be prepared for whatever might lie ahead and she attributed the statement to understandable concern for the team's overall safety. In the meantime, took out her own tricorder.

Simon placed the tricorder in his left hand and retrieved his weapon from his holster on his left hip with his Right hand as they started to move off, whilst he continued at a slow pace; Simon kept checking his tricorder for the life signs that he had recently picked up when they had appeared on the ship.

Mirok drew his phaser, moving forward and breaking off ahead of the others. "Clear."

They came to a bulkhead, twisted and mangled. "Disruptor fire," T'Rhe said, noting the distinctive blast pattern. "It appears they were boarded."

She spotted something and bent to take a look. It was a pair of severed legs, the rest of the body trapped under the bulkhead. "He's dead," she told the others.

Genevieve nodded and offered a silent prayer for the soul that had lost his or her life. With such a severe injury, it would have been nearly impossible to survive, even with the redundancies and Klingon physiology, she just hoped the end had come quickly.

Mirok moved so his back was to the others, looking further down the corridor, and he cleared his throat. "Shh! Listen!" His whispered to the others.

Simon quickly glanced at his Tricorder and said," Sir, there are life signs behind it," he continued," Faint, but alive," as he knew this was the source of the area they needed to look, As he slid his Tricorder back into his holder and finished," Orders Sir?"

"Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam petaQ!" Bellowed from the far end of the dark corridor.

"Well, we found 'em." Mirok whispered, pressing buttons on his phaser.

T'Rhe checked her own weapon. "Sir, my Klingon isn't very good, but they probably think we're the pirates, or maybe another part of said group. He referred to us as 'Those who fight without honor', not to mention whatever else he said. I recommend caution."

"Noted, Lieutenant. Lets proceed, slowly."

"yap qoH!" Another voiced shouted out. "Leave Starfleet or we will kill you!" Said the Klingon before a green burst from a disruptor skimmed passed the away team. "That was your only warning!"

"Apparently, we're not the pirates," remarked T'Rhe, deadpan.

Mirok looked at where the disruptor blast narrowly missed them, before he fired in the same direction it came from. "Get back to where we beamed in. If you hear me go down, get out."

The last thing Doctor Oliver wanted to do was leave a colleague in danger, and she hesitated a brief moment, before finally following orders. Whether she liked it or not, this was his call, and she was only going to cause more disruption if she refused. In any case, Genevieve didn't fancy getting into a firefight with pissed off Klingons if she could avoid it.

"wo'!" Shouted Klingons as three emerged from the shadows and charged at the Starfleet away team, wielding Bat'leths and disruptors.

Mirok quickly took stock of the situation. He could take the ones with disruptors, but the Bat'leths would hurt, a lot.

T'Rhe saw that Lieutenant Mirok couldn't face all of them at once. "I will draw their attack. Dr. Oliver, go! Ensign Hunter, cover her." She moved towards the blade-accoutered Klingons, firing her phaser with sharp, efficient bursts.

Genevieve didn't waste any time, and moved swiftly, counting on Simon to cover her. She worked hard to suppress her natural instinct to not leave others behind, vulnerable to capture and injury. Intellectually, she knew she wasn't prepared to take on so many enemies, but that didn't help her feel any better. Like any other Starfleet officer, Oliver knew how to defend herself, but she also knew her skills warrant a match for so many Klingons determined to do her and the rest of the team harm.

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Mirok aimed for the ones with disruptors. "I now regret not bringing a rifle."

"No time to moan about it now," snarked T'Rhe, hitting one of the Klingons with a blast.

One of the Warriors, in full military uniform, dodged the Starfleet officers phaser fire to get close enough to start swinging his bat'leth at them.

T'Rhe sized up the big Klingon in an instant. Using her Vulcan strength to her advantage, she grappled with him, managing to get inside and twist his arm, trying to get him to drop the bat'Leth.

Mirok changed targets, aiming not to hurt any of them but to hopefully get them to drop their weapons.

Suddenly green disruptor fire hit the three attacking Klingons in the back. They fell to the floor hard, smoke coming from the burns. The smell of burnt flesh and leather raising up. Two more Klingons appeared from the dark corridor. Both threw their weapons towards the Starfleet away team. "We're done fighting for the wrong side." Said one of them.

Mirok caught one of the weapons on the floor with his foot. He kept his weapon out, but lowered it at the response from the Klingons

T'Rhe spoke up. "Were those who attacked you led by a man in a mask--black and silver perhaps?"

"I'm not answering any of your questions!" Bellowed the Klingon.

"Then on your knees with your hands behind your back," replied Simon who wasn't taking no chances with these Klingon's, He continued," your names Please?" as he moved towards the two weapons that now lay before them carefully.

"ENSIGN!" Mirok shouted. "Stand down! Now!" Mirok cast a sideways glance at the Ensign. "Do not try and exercise that power here, as the security officer present, I would be the one to issue any arrests, if necessary. I don't see the man as a threat."

"Sir, for all we know these two might be leading us into a trap," replied Simonas he didn't want to have more kingon's jumping them or try and make for the discarded weapons.

"We're all armed, Ensign, plus with the damage to this ship there probably aren't too many left alive. And besides--we're here on a mission to provide aid and get information, which we might not get now." Mirok scowled, putting his phaser away. "Probably just wrecked everything on this mission."

"But we might find out what the Klingons were after from these two Sir," replied Simon looking at the senior officer "and maybe I might be able to repair a console," He said hoping he could redeem himself.

"That'll come later, Ensign, after we help them how we can."

Genevieve took a few steps toward the group, now more frustrated by the team's squabbling than concerned for her own safety. The Ensign was over eager and they had all been there once, but now was not the time or the place to get into a debate with a senior officer.

The first Klingon turned to the other, "Looks like Starfleet is as bad as the Empire." He said before letting out a loud belly laugh.

Mirok raised an eyebrow at them, letting out a chuckle. "What happened here?"

"Who are you?!" The Klingon demanded. "How do I know your an ally to the Klingon Empire?"

Mirok put his phaser away, and motioned for the others to do so. "We're Starfleet, and while we might not exactly be allies of the Empire, we're here to help--if you'll allow us." Mirok put on his best Vulcan act, hoping it would help them.

"I am Jopass son of G'erg." The Klingon announced. "Who are you?"

"My name is Mirok." Mirok said, straightening his uniform.

"Why are you here? We are in Klingon space, not near the Federation border." Jopass demanded.

Mirok kicked himself mentally for not coming up with an excuse for them being there. "We were asked here by the Chancellor." Mirok, tentatively kept the name of the chancellor out of his mouth for the time being, having dealt with enough Klingons to know if he WAS discovered as a Romulan, they'd be on top of him if he did.

"As the Lieutenant said Bub, We are here to help," remarked Simon as he slid his weapon back into it's holster, He continued," if you don't want our help we could just leave, Your choice," as he kept his eyes on the klingons knowing that it would dishonour them if they didn't take the help that was offered to them.

"Ensign, I appreciate the help, but I've got this." Despite speaking to Simon his eyes never left the Klingons.

T'Rhe shot both of them a look. She thought Mirok was doing all right, but Hunter worried her. Also, she suspected this would go faster if she helped out. Turning to Jopass, she spoke in passable Klingon. "Forgive us, Son of G'erg. We do not seek your dishonor. While we were asked here by the Chancelor, we were on the watch for any vessel of a disreputable nature. The scum"--that was the nearest translation appropriate here--"that attacked you are pirates. They have no honor. What happened? Who were they?!"

"Kumari?" The Klingon asked, trying not to rip the young Ensigns head off who showed him dishonour by talking out of place.

Mirok wouldn't blame anyone if they tried. He was trying to diffuse the situation and Simon could have just caused another war quite quickly.

T'Rhe spoke again. "We are of the starship Kumari, Federation. Our captain is a man of honor, as are we." Then, sotto voce, she continued, in Klingon. "This Ensign who dishonors you is still a wet targ, not trained on how to address warriors such as yourselves with skill."

"I am not your Pet T'Rhe," remarked Simon glaring at T'Rhe, He continued, turning to the Klingon's "And I don't dishonor you," knowing that trying to save face might just not make the Lieutenant Mirok not tell him off Much. Still he knew that T'Rhe hadn't met him before this mission and hadn't got to know him,;nor had he for that matter.

Jopass let out a roar of laughter as he turned to his compatriot, "They would make good Klingons, all words no action!"

Mirok pinched the bridge of his nose mumbling. "Ensign, be quiet, Lieutenant T'Rhe is handling it." Mirok said, making a mental note to figure out which DH was Hunter's--the gold could be any of the three, and Mirok knew he wasn't his, and he was gonna have to discuss it with them.

T'Rhe made a mental note to watch herself--apparently, Hunter had gotten some of what she said. To the Klingons, she said, "You are brave to have stood against these foul, dishonorable vermin,"--the pirates, that is--"but you cannot stand alone forever. Did not Kahless say himself that, 'a warrior may accept the help of his fellows when the odds are too great'? You are by yourselves, on a severely damaged ship. The pirates may return at any time. Let us help you, and our captain, and our ship also."

Mirok stepped back, letting T'Rhe do the talking--he was utterly lost.

Simon looked back at Mirok and knew that he had been unprofessional on this away mission and knew that he was going to be in trouble when he got back to the Kunami; He moved towards the senior officer and spoke quietly so that the Klingons didn't hear him, He said," Sir, I wish to apologize for my behaviour earlier and hope that you will forgive me," as he watched carefully T'Rhe talk to the Klingon Officers with respect and dignity that he hadn't done so.

"We'll discuss this later, Ensign." Mirok responded, returning to the situation.

"Aye Sir," replied Simon looking back at the senior officer, as he hoped that it would just be a warning and not something drastic on his record, He hoped that being his first away mission might be just the sort of learning experience he needed and the kick up the ass he knew he was in for when he got back home.

"Our ships Captain is a supporter of General Toral and his cowardly ways. The General had ordered us to intercept the Kumari and destroy it." The Klingon began. "Not all of the crew support this but we are warriors, to go against your Captain without just cause is dishonourable, punishable by death. A ship loyal to Chancellor Martok was sent to intercept us. We were victorious but took heavy losses and battle damage. Then the gutless Ferengi boarded us and began scavenging the ship."

T'Rhe considered. "You support Chancellor Martok," she asked, just to confirm. "Do you believe that this pillaging of your vessel by the Ferengi indicates that they have allied themselves with General Toral? And, does your captain still live?"

"Toral would never ally himself with honourless dogs like the Ferengi!" Jopass replied, in his deep voice. "They are pirates operating in the area. A Klingon warship will always be worth the risk to them. They just weren't counting on there being survivors on board. Our Captain was killed during the battle."

T'Rhe nodded. "I must confer with my colleagues--give us a moment. Would you allow our ships doctor to see to your injuries?"

Jopass glanced at his fellow warrior, "We don't need medical attention but this ship is lost. Perhaps we could come with you?"

The Vulcan-Cardassian hybrid nodded. "We will get you off. Give us a moment."

T'Rhe clustered with Mirok, Oliver and Hunter. "I apologize if I overstepped my bounds, Sir," she said to Mirok.

"Its alright, Lieutenant." Mirok responded, "I was gonna get us either stabbed or shot."

"And I apologize for my remarks Lieutenant," replied Simon looking at T'Rhe," I didn't mean to bite your head off," as he offered his hand to her hoping the sign of his apology was sincere and hoped that she would accept it, He looked back at Mirok and hoped that he noted the apology as well.

T'Rhe nodded. "Accepted, Ensign. We'll discuss how you know Klingon later."

Mirok noted the apology, but he was still concerned with Simon's actions earlier. "And we'll be discussing your actions earlier with your department head."

T'Rhe gave Mirok an approving look, then said, "I think we ought to bring them back to the Kumari and let them meet with the captain. They are honorable men, and if they support Martok, this could give us an inroad when we reach Ty'Gokor... Even if they did help in the destruction of one of his allied vessels. What do you think, Dr. Oliver?"

"Agreed," Genevieve replied. "I don't possess psionic abilities, as you know, but I don't get the impression they're lying to us. Still, I think we must find a way to treat them respectfully but cautiously at the same time until we can verify everything they're saying."

"If they'll agree to it, I have no problem bring them to meet with the Commander, however I will not force anyone to do something they don't want to." Mirok said, intending to let them choose.

"Kumari to away team, how's it going over there?" Came the Commanders voice over comm.

"We've managed to make contact with the Klingons, Commander. We're deciding if we want to bring them back to the ship to meet with you."

"Bring them back, we've been analysing the ship and she has about 30 minutes before structural integrity fails and the ship is destroyed. We'll have Doctor MacLeod look them over as well." Colburn replied.

"Aye sir." Mirok responded to Colburn, and closed the channel before turning to Jopass, "Would you please come with us to our ship? The structural integrity of your ship is failing."

The Klingon glanced around the broken hulk which was a short time ago a great warship of the Empire. He looked at the other Klingon who nodded, "Remaining on board, will not give us honour when there are still enemy's to fight. Very well Starfleet."

Mirok tapped his commbadge, "Mirok to Kumari." He waited for the channel to open, "6 to beam up."

"We're bringing you home, away team." Colburn replied.


*Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam - Today is a good day to die

*PetaQ: Those who fight without honor.

*yap qoH - enough fools

*wo' - For the empire


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