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A Little Bit of Romulan Into the Mix

Posted on Sun Jan 29th, 2017 @ 12:52pm by Lieutenant Mirok & Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Sickbay

Mirok stepped into sickbay, half expecting a huge medbay like on the starbase, and only upon the door opening did he remember the small stature of the ship. It seemed that it was much more relaxed at current--then again, it was lacking any patients at current.

"And what might I do for ye Lieutenant?" Mac looked up from the computer console he had been working at and looked over at the new arrival, immediately checking for signs of injury on visual inspection.

"I'm here for my boarding physical." Mirok knew here was a place where he'd have to reveal his mixed heritage, as the tricorder would end up doing it for him at some point.

"Ah a willing victim." Mac grinned then patted a nearby biobed, "Then pull up a pew and I'll be done before ye know it." he added as he reached into his lab coat and pulled out his tricorder. "I usually have to drag the crew in."

Mirok sighed and hopped in on the biobed. "You might get mixed readings, I have a mixed heritage."

"Ye do huh?" Mac replied, "What species?" he asked, ever eager to hear it from the horse's mouth than look it up.

"Romulan and Vulcan."

"Now that's quite the combination." Mac replied, activating the tricorder and tapping a few buttons before beginning his scan, "Och, that ye are." he smiled as the DNA analysis confirmed the statement, "So how did yer parents meet?" he made conversation as he worked, "It's not often Vulcans and Romulans find themselves in the same room together."

"Meet is the nice way of putting it. My father was part of an infiltration ring into Vulcan society, and he raped my mother before they left. Not long after I was born he returned and took me to Romulus." Mirok sighed sightly, "I never got to know her."

"That's..." Mac began, about to comment but then he cleared his throat and said "I'm sorry. It can't have been easy for you."

"Its fine. Learned a lot growing up Romulan." Mirok said, "my father wasn't too supportive of my decision to go Starfleet."

"Not a fan I'm guessing?" Mac replied, fully aware of the how the Romulan's viewed the Federation.

"Are Romulans fans of anything that isn't helpful to them these days?" Mirok said with an eye roll.

"Ye do have a point there." Mac had to agree. The tricorder indicated that the scan was complete and Mac took a look at the data as he continued to speak, "So did ye spend any time on Vulcan once ye were part of Starfleet?"

"Nope. Wanted to but didn't know how they'd take it." Mirok chuckled a little. "Considering I was raised Romulan."

"Och, they're pretty understanding even if they're emotionally cold." Mac smiled, "And besides, you can't be all bad, ye've got their DNA in ye too." he pointed out, his brown eyes twinkling.

"I also was raised to be a Tal Shiar operative, they don't take too kindly to that." Mirok relied with a smile. "I don't mind, though. Things have worked out for the better."

"I'll say." Mac nodded, "I've heard the Tal Shiar are slippery little b&%$£!ds." he chuckled at his own observation.

"They ensure complete erasure of an individual if they are captured." Mirok shared, "Ways that even I don't know."

"Well then, sounds like yer definitely better off with us lad." Mac observed before adding "And as for yer check up yer clear for duty." he smiled.

"Well I would hope." Mirok joked. "I didn't plan to get sick or anything, but you never know."

"Aye, ye never know." Mac had to agree, "So if there's nothing else ye need then feel free to go, I know most people have to stop themselves from running to the doors." he winked at Mirok.

Mirok nodded and stood up. "Thank you, Doctor." He turned and left at that note.



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