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Shakey Shakey

Posted on Sun Feb 12th, 2017 @ 1:15pm by Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson & Lieutenant Evlyn Madec

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Deck 2 - Main Engineering, Deck 8
Timeline: PM5 - 1530 Hours

Nilsson slammed her fist against her console. "God damn ship is gonna shake itself apart if we go any faster!" She said through gritted teeth. Kumari had been in space for over a day now but teething problems were still cropping up. Now it was the structural integrity field that wasn't working properly.

"Keep it together Lieutenant," Evlyn said with a hint of a smile. "We'll get to the root of the problem." The ship's Chief of Operations had been working closely with Astrid since the briefing to rectify any and all of the complications they'd run into. For the most part they'd been successful in thwarting the most problematic ones. The structural integrity field was another story though. Something just wasn't right. "I've heard of starships going through growing pains, but what we've gone through on the Kumari is another story altogether. You should let the Corps. of Engineers that they did a lousy job."

"I just don't understand. Everything is reading in the green and by the book, yet we keep getting a weakness somewhere within the structural integrity field causing us to almost shake the ship apart." Astrid said as she walked away from the console. "I'm pretty sure when we was given this assignment we were meant to go faster than warp six."

"If there's something wrong, but the diagnostic sensors are indicating otherwise, then something must be wrong with the sensors," Madec pointed out in a logical manner. "We should run a manual diagnostic on the Primary SIF Generator to circumvent the system. That way we'll better be able to pinpoint the source of the problem." It would take time but they weren't really getting anywhere right now.

Astrid let out a long puff of air as she tried to clear her mind. "You're right, Lieutenant." She said with a nod. "It's gotta be back to basics to this sorted. I was so sure everything was working at 100% before we left McKinley but as you said, Kumari is having growing pains."

"I thought you Engineers liked being kept busy? Doesn't it beat the alternative of accidentally breaking something that wasn't broken in the first place?" she asked. Evlyn had always found engineers to be a curious bunch.

"To be honest, I could have probably done with a break before leaving spacedock. Kumari has been my life for the past six months. I don't even think I've stepped off of her in that time." She said as she bent down and picked up her tool kit. "Let's take a look at this Primary SIF Generator."

"Lead the way," Evlyn said to her. "Things will settle down eventually you know. You might even start to get a little bored." And that was usually a problem when it came to engineers. It was when they started breaking things on purpose so that they'd have something to fix.

Astrid smiled, "I can't wait." She replied. She knew as they walked out of Engineering the Lieutenant was right. She loved to be busy, but she loved to be on top of her work.

They headed down to Deck 8 to start the manual diagnostic of the primary SIF generator. "If you monitor the diagnostic progress, I'll start manually going through the generator. That way one of us will spot something amiss with it." Astrid said as she pulled open the jefferies tube access and began to crawl inside.

"Let me know once you have it hooked up," Evlyn told her. She positioned herself at the computer terminal near the access point and brought up the relevant programs that would allow them to check on the generator independently of the other systems.

The Chief Engineer pulled off the panel to the primary SIF generator and hooked up the small portable diagnostic tool. "Alright, I'm ready." Astrid called out.

"I see it," the Ardanan said when she got confirmation on the computer as well. "Go ahead and start."

"Here goes nothing." Astrid said as she began the diagnostic. "Let me know if something comes up."

"It'll take some time," she told the Engineer even though she probably didn't have to. Manual inspections always took more time than anyone ever had available. "We should have stopped by the mess hall on our way here," Evlyn said. A nice warm cup of coffee would have helped to get through the excruciating wait.

"Do you reckon they deliver?" Nilsson called out with a chuckle. "A nice tuna sandwich wouldn't go amiss either."

"If only," Evlyn said. "One of us would have to call in a few favors to get that kind of service around here."

The Chief Engineer sighed, "Only problem is we're not owed any favors yet." She called out as she continued the diagnostic. "And I hate being in debt to people."

"Depends who," Evlyn commented cheekily with a shrug. "So far, so good on the diagnostic," she said as it reached a fifth of the way through. She grabbed a tricorder from the case and moved to the generator itself to run further scans.

"Come on, show yourself!" Astrid thought out loud without realizing it.

"I don't think yelling at it is going to make the diagnostic go any faster," the Operations Officer teased. Evlyn pressed a few buttons on her tricorder. "Structurally, the generator appears to be sound."

Astrid sighed, "It's not even making me feel better." She replied as she worked. "I knew we'd have problems but I just hoped they wouldn't be so soon."

"So you've said." The Ardanan shrugged. "These things happen though. Problems like these only come up when you put a ship through its paces, which is something the Corps. doesn't really get a chance to do. We'll find and fix the problem. You can count on it."

* * * * *

"All done." Called Astrid, now fed up with being stuck in the Jefferies tube for so long. She hoped they had found the fault so it could be fixed. "Anything?"

"Possibly," Evlyn told her all the while checking some data on her tricorder. After a few moments, she looked up to the Engineer. "Take a closer look at the flux shield. The diagnostic is showing that's its emitting at a higher than normal frequency."

Astrid sighed, perhaps her stay in the tube was going to last a little longer. She moved towards the flux shield control and pulled the panel off. The Engineer then pulled her tricorder out and scanned the flux shield. "You're right, it needs adjusting. Give me a sec." Nilsson said as she began her repairs. "How's that?" She called out after a few minutes.

Evlyn set her tricorder down and ran a manual diagnostic on the one component in the SIF generator. Not long afterwards, the result of the diagnostic returned indicating that the system was now operating normally. The Lieutenant smiled and nodded. "Looks like we did it," she said to Astrid. "That should, hopefully, take care of the problem."

"Thank god!" Astrid said as she began to put the hatched back in their places before crawling out of the jefferies tube and having a really long stretch. "Thank you for your help, Lieutenant." She said with a warm smile.

"No thanks necessary Astrid," she replied. "It was a team effort."

"I still appreciate it." Nilsson said. "I'll buy you a drink later."

"I didn't know we had a bar," the Ardanan said, a little surprised by that revelation. Real wine would go down so much better than the synthehol she'd been having with her dinner since she arrived on the Kumari.

Astrid laughed, "We don't. It's figure of speech, but I do have some choice wines that I've hidden away, if you interested."

"You just said the magic words," Evlyn told her. Of course she was interested.

"Drop by my quarters around 2100 hours and we'll break a bottle open." Astrid said with a smile.

"Sounds like a plan," the Lieutenant said, agreeing to her offer. She finished packing up the tools she used along with her tricorder. "I'll go inform the Commander that we've resolved the problem. I'll see you tonight," Evlyn called out as she departed from the room.

"See you later, Lieutenant." Nilsson replied. She was pleased they'd finally got to the root of the problem and that the ship wouldn't shake itself apart.


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