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A Dinner Date In The Mess Hall

Posted on Wed Mar 8th, 2017 @ 10:35pm by Lieutenant Evlyn Madec & Lieutenant Lachlan MacLeod

Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Deck 3 - Mess Hall
Timeline: PM2 - 1800 Hours

The day had gone exactly as Evlyn predicted. With the launch of the Kumari less than two days away, nearly everyone was scrambling to make certain the ship was ready. For her, that meant verifying that all the supplies were on board, assigning quarters for the new crew, running diagnostics on critical systems, and repairing or modifying anything that wasn't functioning up to par. Those were her primary responsibilities. She would have still been working had she not pulled herself away, having figured that she could just continue with the majority of her work in the morning. She still had plenty of time.

As Evlyn hadn't eaten all day, she wandered down to the mess hall on deck three to have dinner. There were a number of people occupying the small room when she arrived. She smiled softly when she saw Doctor MacLeod at one of the tables. He seemed a nice enough man and she absolutely loved his accent. Evlyn expected that the two of them would work well together if the chance ever came.

The Ardanan approached the replicator and programmed it to make her a dish of scallops with guinea fowl, chorizo, red pepper puree and a shellfish bisque. A glass of synthehol white wine too. Once it materialized on the pad, she grabbed the tray and walked over to the man she'd been eyeing.

"Hiya! Mind if I join you, Doctor?" she asked, standing near to the table.

"Knock yerself out lass." Mac smiled up at her then pushed out the chair opposite him to make room for her, "It'll be nice to have some company." he peered at her tray and grinned, "Looks like a feast. Kind of puts mine to shame." he gestured at his tray which contained a sandwich, two pieces of fruit and some chocolate milk.

Evlyn sat across from him and then draped her serviette over her lap. "I didn't get a chance to eat lunch," she told him. "There is WAY too much to do right now." She cut a piece of the scallop and ate it, nodding in approval at how it tasted. It wasn't the real thing but it was an adequate facsimile. "It's not unexpected. Launching a starship is always a big deal. Need to make certain we have everything before we leave."

"Aye and ye do have the most important job for that after all." Mac replied, "I couldnae do yer job for all the tea in China." he added as he took a bite of the sandwich.

"And I couldn't do yours," she commented. Not that Evlyn ever wanted to be a doctor. That was well beyond what she knew she was capable of doing. "I think there's just a bit of added pressure because this is the first time I'm doing this as a department head. My previous two assignments prior to Kumari were already up and running when I got there."

"I can understand that." Mac nodded, "I remember the first time I went solo on a surgery. Must be a similar feeling...suddenly being responsible for the whole shebang." then he smiled and said "I'll never forget how good that felt to do everything right and have a patient alive at the end of it."

"It must be very rewarding on a personal level," Evlyn said in between bites of her dinner. "Is saving lives something that you ever get tired of doing? I don't mean in the sense where you willingly stop helping people... however it is the main focus of your job." She wondered if over time the gravity of such a responsibility weighed a person down both physically and emotionally.

"Saving lives? Och never lass." Mac shook his head, "Saving a life is the most amazing feeling in the universe." he set his sandwich back down on his plate, "The thing I get tired of is the feeling I get for the ones I cannae save. Now that's a feeling that I'll never get used to so long as I live. And if I ever do then that will be the day that I give this job up."

"Fair point. I would guess that with how advanced medical technology is these days, that you probably don't lose very many. Beyond circumstances that you have no control over that is," Evlyn said. With Humanity being the backdrop of the Federation, they'd certainly come a long way in the last three centuries alone.

"Aye. Fortunately we save more than we used to. Which is fine by me." Mac nodded. With the exception of microbial infections which were always mutating along with trauma, most human diseases and those of many other species had been cured a long time ago.

"I realize that my question was an odd one," she confessed. "What I was trying to get at is the monotony that our professions can bring. Alot of the time we end up doing the same tasks day after day. It can become a little uninspiring. In your case, if there aren't any medical emergencies, you might have little or nothing to do. Not that it's a bad thing especially when people's lives are hanging in the balance. We're in deep space and there's not always much for us to do out here."

"Ah but that's the beauty of medicine." Mac smiled, "When there are no patients there's research." he added, "Ye just have to be sure that ye bring plenty of it along for the down times." he picked up his sandwich again and took a large bite.

Evlyn returned the smile. "Makes sense. That doesn't really account for any that gets dumped in your lap such as my blood work for example. Did you get started on that yet, by the way?" she asked him.

"Not yet." Mac shook his head, "Though it is next on my pile of things to do." he reassured her, "I've been pretty busy with boarding medicals since we last spoke."

"Like I said this morning, there's no hurry," she reminded him. "Although I imagine with the size of the Kumari's crew that you'll be done the meds in the next day or so." There was only forty people assigned to the ship.

"Aye. Not many left to do now." Mac nodded, "Then I can free up some time." he smiled.

The Ardanan nodded lightly and she took a sip from her synthehol. "You know, earlier today you told me why you ended up joining Starfleet," Okay, maybe not in so many words, "but how did you get roped in by Intel?" she then asked him.

"They wanted someone with a trauma background." Mac replied, "And I'm pretty good at it even if I do say so meself." he grinned at her, his deep brown eyes twinkling, "So they twisted my arm."

"They're good at doing that," she commented and gave the Doctor a small smile. "They've been helping me with something personal so when they said I was being reassigned from Starbase 2, I had to pack my bags."

"Because you owe them?" Mac asked, surprised that Starfleet would be so devious.

"It's a bit more complicated than that," she replied, not wishing to go into further detail. If she did, Evlyn knew what kind of response she would get.

"I see." Mac replied, though he didn't really see at all. "Well I'm sure the Kumari is lucky to have ye anyway." he added with a wide smile.

"Well, we'll see how that turns out," Evlyn said to him with a soft laugh. "You doing anything tonight?" she asked him before scooping up the last of the food, that was on her plate, into her mouth.

"I was gonnae have a date with a paper on the K'Tarian flu and the mutation that's allowing it to infect other species." Mac replied before asking "Why? Do ye have anything more fun in mind?"

Evlyn laughed out loud. "Off the top of my head I can think of a dozen or so things that are alot more fun than reading a paper."

"Such as?" Mac propped his chin on his hand and leaned a little closer, interested to hear what she had to say.

"Well the holodeck is fun," Evlyn replied. "You could read a book instead of a research paper. Do you like games?" she asked him.

"I do." Mac nodded, "Does that mean you do to?" he asked, wondering if she was going to suggest that they should hang out together tonight.

Who didn't enjoy playing games? Albeit it wasn't something she did very often. "Yes, although I tend to spend most of my recreational time playing music, dancing or reading. My people are strong supporters of the arts, you see. It's good to be active." As he was a doctor, Evlyn was sure that he'd appreciate that sentiment. She paused and tilted her body away from the table so that she could get a good look at Mac's physique. "Have you ever heard of springball?" she asked him.

"The Bajoran game?" Mac asked, "If so aye, that I have."

"You ever play it?" Evlyn prodded on.

"I cannae say I have, but I'm going to bet that ye have am I right?" Mac grinned at her.

"A few times," she said with a light shrug. Okay it was probably more than a few times, but she wasn't about to tell him that. "You up for a match in about an hour and a half?" she asked him.

"I guess my journals can wait." Mac nodded, finding himself eager to spend some time with someone rather than be alone.

"That they can," Evlyn said with a smile. She finished off the last of her synthehol and then put her glass and her plate back onto the tray so that it could be recycled. She got up from the table and as she headed there to do just that, she playfully nudged the Doctor on her way by. "I promise I'll go easy on you," she teased before walking off towards the replicator.

"Och, there'll be no need lass." Mac chuckled as he watched her leave, shaking his head. One thing was for sure, Evlyn Madec was a very intriguing woman indeed and he looked forward to spending more time with her.


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