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New orders

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Mission: Episode 1: The Emperor's Throne
Location: Quarks
Timeline: DM 3

Matthew took one last look around his quarters, making sure everything had been packed. It was sad to think this would be the last time seeing so many friends. His promotion orders of Chief engineer on the Kumari had only come in 72 hours earlier and left him with very little time to say good bye to everyone. Wistfully he stepped through open portal and closed the doors for the last time. As he headed down the corridor towards the engine room many of his crew mates congratulated him on the promotion, only one or two of his fellow engineers really seemed sad to see him go. He stepped in to the engine room looking around one last time in his own silent good bye to the engine that had been both tormentor and friend. Without so much as saying a word he again departed the room.

"Bridge to Mr. Fetzer." Came the recognizable voice of Captain Bruce Williamson. "Fetzer here sir." He responded tapping his badge. " Mr. Fetzer we are approaching DS9 please join your family in the shuttle bay." "Acknowledged sir." He made his way towards the turbo lift and down to the shuttle bay. There his wife Mallory stood looking a little disheveled as three of their children ran around playing and their youngest gripping tightly to his wife's shirt. " Thank goodness you're here I think our replicator must have added sugar and caffeine to the children's breakfast!" She said exhausted, " I'm driving I need a break." She said teasingly and kissed him lightly as she leaned in to hand him their daughter. " Alright kids everyone on the shuttle." He ordered and the quickly loaded up. Mallory got clearance to launch while the children took their seats. No sooner had they cleared the docking bay Joshua his ten year old was up and looking through the windows at the fast approaching space station. " Is it true that there is a Cardassian spy that lives on the station, dad?" He asked bouncing his head between portals to get a better view of the station. " Where did you hear that?" Mathew asked his son in curiosity. " Jon told me he heard his dad telling his security team not to deal with him the last time we were here." Joshua answered his father. Mathew gave his son "the" look which told him he should probably not continue talking about it. With a slight bump the shuttle came to a stop in the shuttle bay of DS9.
"I'll take the kids and get us some quarters if you want to find out where you need to report in the morning." His wife said and began to lead the children away. He gave her a quick wave goodbye and headed to the prominade. While leaving the shuttle bay he had gotten the information of where the Kumari had docked from the duty officer and decided he would go to quarks for a quick drink, before contacting the ship for more information.
Mathew took a seat at the bar and order a synthahol. Quark was looking more frustrated than normal and set the glass on the bar leaning in quark began his rant."StarFleet I swear your all the same! Look there I know that Caitian is cheating at Dabo and even though I've contacted security they refuse to come and lock him up! Just be a of that uniform!" Quark pointed to the second level of the bar where a group were gathered around a large table. " I never should have stayed when Hu-mans took over, all they have done is corrupt my poor nephew!" Quark said as he turned around to grab Mathew another drink, he began to in detail explain how his cousin owned a moon while he was stuck on this "crummy" station.

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