Command Update

Posted on Sat Jul 1st, 2017 @ 10:59pm by Captain Jack Colburn

Commander Jonathan Walker
Commanding Officer
USS Kumari

"The Kumari left Ty'Gokor about an hour ago. We're currently traveling at warp 7, heading for the Federation border. I've just spoken with Admiral Walker at Starfleet Intelligence and informed him of our current situation. He was concerned with the developments regarding Toral and the house of Duras. The last thing Starfleet needs is renewed tension with the Klingon Empire if Toral was able to seize power. He was also concerned about learning that the House of Duras was having outside help. The Admiral agreed with me that steps need to be taken to end this. I told him that we'd discovered the name of the ship which has been acting as the Klingons agent, the SS Vulpecula. I have asked if Kumari can investigate this lead. Admiral Walker has agreed and amended our mission according, we will meet the USS Namur on the Federation side of the border and transfer Emperor Kahless and Commander Jopass to them to continue their journey to Earth. The Kumari will then head for Deep Space Nine for brief short leave and replenish our supplies and wait for any information on the whereabouts of the SS Vulpecula.

"On a personal note, General D'jimpok has asked me to find one of his officers who was sent to find out who was helping Toral. The officer in question is someone who I was very close to during the Dominion war. I'm concerned for her well-being but don't want it compromising the mission. Perhaps closer to the time I'll discuss it with the senior staff."