Lieutenant Amelia Kane

Name Amelia Marie Kane M.S.

Position Chief Counselor

Second Position Language Specialist

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Amelia Kane is a taller than average human female who has a petite but toned build. She has long dark hair in which she eithers leaves down or pulls up, and dark brown eyes. Her skin tone denotes her mixed Anglo and African roots. She is free of any body markings or scars, and only has pierced ears. Due to Starfleet’s demands for physical fitness, Amelia keeps herself in top physical condition. On duty, she is a proud wearer of the uniform, and often times she will opt for the skirt option over the trousers options for the standard uniform. Off duty, she leans towards clothing that shows off some of the curves that she has. She also opts for clothing that is colorful and bright, a contrast to the dark and monotone colors that Starfleet goes with. She keeps her makeup light, and her nails are always manicured, finished with a clear polish. Generally she presents herself well, feeling it is important to live by the old adage: First impressions are lasting impressions.


Spouse Single
Children No Children
Father Joseph and Corey Kane
Mother Surrogate
Brother(s) No brothers
Sister(s) No sisters
Other Family Extended family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though Amelia is a consummate professional, she above all else is a warm and compassionate human being. She will always put others above herself, and would never hesitate to give the shirt off her back if it meant keeping another person warm at the expense of her own health. Her fathers had taught her from a young age how important it was to help those in need, how others lives might not be as good as their own. Her fathers, who would be considered humanitarians, had brought her to many places along the Federation border to render aid.

Another important aspect of Amelia’s personality is how she is a staunch supporter of the counselor/patient privilege. She has sat in the brig once because she wouldn’t give up information regarding a patient. She was lucky enough the JAG office didn’t come down hard on her, but she would have gladly taken whatever consequences were given out if it meant protecting her patient.

Amelia is also an advocate for the rights of others. Despite it being the twenty-fourth century, there are still a lot of problems and stigmas that plague the galaxy. Hatred, bigotry, misogyny, and stereotyping are still real problems in places, and Amelia feels it is not only her duty as a Starfleet Officer, but a counselor to combat that wherever possible. She is also a strong advocate for those experiencing mental health disorders. Though psychological and psychiatric practices have come a long way in five hundred years, there is still quite a bit of work to be done.

Really, Amelia is just a kind person, a person who wants to help. Though she enjoys being in Starfleet, she at times feels confined by it. She will never ever do anything to dishonor the uniform, but she also will not sit there and be quiet if an injustice is happening, and Starfleet has the power to help.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kindness and compassion have always been Amelia Kane’s largest strengths. She also has a gift for languages, something that was noticed as far back at the age of 3 years old. Though she prefers to do counseling duties, she will help where she can if there is a language barrier. In fact, her skills as a linguist have come in handy on more than one occasion.

Amelia, for the most part, has an easy-going way about her. She has an outgoing personality, and is one to make friends easily. She really gets along with just about anyone, and has proven to have good working relationships with others. She has also been a valuable source for advice for her former Captain, and is hoping to have that kind of working relationship with her new Captain.

Possibly one of her biggest weaknesses is the fact she has a bad habit of speaking her mind, especially in an unjust situation. It’s not that she means to do it, but it’s just hard for her to stand by and watch an injustice happen. She has never crossed the line of insubordination, but she has toed that line.

Amelia knows that she is flawed, and she embraces those flaws. By embracing them, she knows they not only make her a better counselor and Starfleet Officer, but a better human being.
Ambitions Amelia’s main ambition and goal is to just be a good counselor. Despite all the obstacles that Starfleet at times puts in place, she knows who matters most… those who need her help. She wants her office to be a safe space, one that anyone can come to and feel like they can unload without any repercussion or judgment. She knows a lot of people distrust counselors, and she understands that full, but she makes it a goal to gain that trust that most times is so sorely needed.

Still being fairly young, she isn’t exactly sure where she wants to take her career. As a counselor, and a linguistic specialist, there are many possibilities. But for now, she is just perfectly content with her career where it is at, and will gladly go wherever Starfleet feel she is needed.
Hobbies & Interests Amelia’s hobbies and interests vary. One thing she does value is her alone and quiet time, and it’s during that time she will either meditate, or something that will relax her. She is a big fan of the health and mental health benefits of Eastern medicinal, and exercise practices. Yoga, tai chi, and holistic medicine are a passion of hers. When not on her own, she likes to be social. She likes to go to the lounge, and have cocktails, and won’t ever turn down a nice dinner.

She has an interest in many things, and cultures and languages is one of those interests. Being talented in languages has helped open her mind to other cultures, and cultural practices. Because of this, she is a good person to have at a diplomatic function, or a bargaining table. She feels she is always going to be a life long student, and embraces that.

Amelia is also a big fan of the holodeck. She not only feels it’s a good recreational tool, but a good therapeutic one as well. On a starship, to her, holodecks are vital, and uses them when she can, or feels she needs to ‘get away’ from starship life.

Overall, she is one of those personality types that will surely try just about anything with the idea that life (despite the length at which humans live) is still too short. She subscribes to the saying ‘Live, Love, and Laugh’, because you only get one life to live.

Personal History Amelia Kane was born the Earth calendar year October 13, 2360 to Joseph and Corey Kane, both Starfleet doctors. A surrogate was used to carry her, and Amelia to this day does not know who this surrogate was, and she is completely fine with this. She was born in San Francisco at Starfleet Medical, and lived on Earth the first three years of her life while her father’s served as practicing physicians for Starfleet Medical.

Just after Amelia’s third birthday, her fathers resigned their commissions from Starfleet. To this day, she isn’t entirely sure why, and it’s not a topic that is discussed. Joseph and Corey fully support their daughter’s Starfleet career, but their issues with Starfleet are closely guarded. After the two left, Amelia found herself on a transport ship to Trill, a vessel was purchased, and for the next fifteen years, she lived on that vessel, going from planet to planet, outpost to outpost, helping those in need.

It wasn’t always great, but Amelia gained appreciation for what was out there beyond the Federation borders. She also learned that Starfleet, and at times the Federation, were more about keeping their own self interests in check. Nevertheless, it was the fifteen years she spent traveling around that molded her into the woman that she is today. Her fathers taught her what it meant to be a compassionate, kind, and helpful person. She helped them everyday, from maintaining the vessel in which they lived, to helping out in field hospitals, first aid stations, and war zones. Some may have thought Joseph and Corey were mad for bringing their daughter in such situations, but when Amelia looks back on her childhood, she thinks about it with nothing but fondness and good memories.

Despite the jumping around, Joseph and Corey were quite strict concerning education. Amelia did not get a free pass in that regard. Schooling was mandatory for her, and really her life was one big classroom. From an early age she developed the gift for languages, a talent that was encouraged and molded. She would spend hours at a computer terminal, learning languages, social studies, cultural studies, math, science, history, and of course all about the worlds they visited. All this knowledge, and discipline allowed her to be able to take the entrance exams to get into Starfleet.

In which she passed the first time.

Though her fathers didn’t want to see their baby girl go, they did so. They knew their daughter had to forge her own path, even if that meant Amelia going into Starfleet. With that, her fathers decided to stay on Earth for the first year Amelia was at the Academy, just so they could support her if she needed it. They settled in San Diego, and took up work at one of the hospitals.

Having lived on a vessel, in space, for so many years, Amelia had a hard time adjusting to being planetside on such a long-term basis. Not to mention, all the people. Sure, she had been to many planets in her youth, but it was all temporary. She would now be spending night and day at the Academy surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people day in and day out. It was a hard adjustment at first, but within the first week she started making friends, and getting into her classes, but there was still one thing that bothered her… the uniform.

She hated it!

Which was an understatement really. There were many words she had for the confining fabric, so the word ‘hate’ was definitely not strong enough. It was something she would have to get used to (even her fathers stated as such), but still it raked on her nerves.

Due to her gift with languages, she was originally placed in the science track with an emphasis in communications. However, Amelia felt to confined by that, plus she wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps. She didn’t want to be a medical doctor, but she had seen a lot of people suffering in her short lifetime, and knew some of those people just needed someone to talk to. She wanted to be that person. So, she switched her track to counseling, and kept the language specialist as a minor.

Four years went by with very little to note. Amelia made friends, she worked hard, she experienced a lot of firsts at the Academy, and when it was all said and done, grateful that she got to experience all that the Academy had to offer. But, what she was really grateful for, was the fact the Academy jumpstarted something in her she didn’t know was even there, her passion for continued learning. She always loved her schooling, but she was also glad when the day would be done. But at the Academy it was different. Part of that was she had peers to debate with and study with and share ideas with it, but the biggest part was she could be challenged and challenge as well.

So with that in mind, she decided to continue with her schooling. She had taken all the necessary exams to be a counselor, and she could have gone further with that, but she decided to focus on xeno-linguistics. It was her thinking that it would not only help in her career, and postings, but help in her counseling as well. With that decided, she was accepted into a masters degree track that would allow her to hone her skills as a linguist as well. But, it wasn’t just about languages it was so much more. There were lectures on cultural studies, diplomatic relations, diplomatic regulations and protocols, and even some upper level counseling courses. What Amelia liked the most was that she could just focus on this, there were no extraneous math, science, or engineering courses she had to worry about. Two more years went by, and with her thesis accepted, she was granted her masters of science degree in xeno-linguistics.

A couple of weeks later she was assigned to the USS Connecticut as the Chief Counselor and doubled as the language specialist. To say she was surprised was another understatement. She didn’t even think that she would be assigned at the chief counselor at the start of her career. Sure, stranger things had happened, but she also knew there were plenty of seasoned officers with more experience who were qualified.

However, despite that, she settled in nicely. The only issue was, and this was kind of big one, was that she was the only counselor on board for the first year she served. It was a busy year, her days and nights were filled with appointments, away missions, diplomatic relations, first contact situations, and the list went on and on. By her second year on the Connecticut, another counselor was brought on board, and when this happened Amelia found her duties increasing. She was an important part of the senior staff at that point, and the Captain relied on her abilities and expertise more and more. Though it made for long days sometimes, she enjoyed the challenge.

To Amelia, the Connecticut was a good assignment. She enjoyed it, and was glad that it was the ship she got to start her career with. She had four years of happy memories, sad memories, exciting memories, exhaustion, revelations, learning experiences, romance, and heartache. And she wouldn’t trade it for anything. When it was learned the Connecticut would be put to spacedock for a yearlong refit, she was sad by this. A year long refit meant that she would be transferred somewhere else.

And that somewhere else was the USS Kumari. The USS Kumari is now Amelia’s current assignment, in which she will once again be in the dual role of Chief Counselor and language specialist.
Service Record 2378 – 2382: Starfleet Academy, Cadet
2382 – 2384: Starfleet Academy, Masters in Xeno-Linguistics
2384 – 2388: USS Connecticut, Chief Counselor/Language Specialist
2388 – USS Kumari, Chief Counselor/Language Specialist