Lieutenant JG Astrid Nilsson

Name Astrid Nilsson

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 2"
Weight 8 stone
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Astrid is a petit young lady, who likes to keep herself physically fit by playing a variety of sports.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Commander John Nilsson
Mother Commander Alice Nilsson
Brother(s) Lieutenant Justin Nilsson
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

Personal History Astrid was born in November 2362 aboard the USS Endeavour, during its 8 year deep space mission on the far edge of the Beta Quadrant.

Her father, Lieutenant John Nilsson, was Endeavour's Chief of Security and his mother, Lieutenant Alice Nilsson was Endeavour's chief science officer.

She had an older brother, Justin, who was two years older.

When the Endeavour returned to Earth on Astrid's 4th birthday, she hated being stuck in one place all the time after spending the first four years of his life exploring the Beta Quadrant. Her parent decided to take assignments on earth and raise their child there.

From an early age, Astrid had loved to know how things worked. She was always taking hers and her brothers toys apart. She soon moved on to food dispensers and other equipment around the house.

Astrid's father had high hopes for Justin to follow in his own foot steps and join Starfleet as Security officer and encouraged them to play sports and become physically fit. Astrid was very competitive with her brother and joined in. Something that pleased their Father.

Justin joined Starfleet at the age of 18 and followed his fathers foots steps into the life of a security officer.

Astrid joined two years later and excelled in Engineering. Her main areas of expertise were Starship design and Warp Theory.

After her four year training she was stationed to McKinley Station to help build, repair and update the starships that came in.

She spent two and a half years working on a variety of Starships that came in with various degrees of work needing to be done to them.

Her skills and knowledge drew the attention of Starfleet Intelligence. She was approached to leave her post at McKinley station and personally oversee the refit of the USS Kumari and then serve as her Chief Engineer.
Service Record 2380 - Joined Starfleet Academy.

2384 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy, posted to McKinley Station. Rank Ensign.

2386 - Transferred to the USS Kumari. Placed in charge of the Engineering team to refit her systems. Promoted to Lieutenant JG.

2388 - USS Kumari refit is completed. Nilsson is assigned to the Kumari as Chief Engineer.