Lieutenant Commander Owen Roberts

Name Owen James Roberts

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 200
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Owen Roberts, in reality is just a plain guy. He doesn’t put much work into how he looks simply because he is too laid back to worry. He has the body that fits his profession; he is tall and lean, with a heavy amount of muscle. That is the only thing he really puts time into, and that is to keep himself healthy and in shape. He does this for his work, not because he wants to look good. To him, he needs to be strong, quick, and agile, if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be doing his job correctly.

He has brown hair, in which he has worn in many different styles over the years, and hazel eyes with flecks of brown in them. From the time he was a cadet, he has kept a well-trimmed beard, and has only had to shave it off a few times over the past twenty years.

He also has some scarring, mostly all from battles that took place during the Dominion War. He has been stabbed, shot, and beaten, but still managed to survive. He also has a few tattoos, a couple of them were stupid, drunken mistakes, and the others were just because. He knows he can get them removed if he wanted, but doesn’t really care one way or the other.

His manner of off-duty attire is pretty simple. Jeans, some type of shirt, and his cowboy boots are all he really needs in the civilian clothing department. He truly is a no fuss no muss guy when it comes to anything off-duty. On-duty it is different. He presents well in his uniform, and everything is done by regulation concerning it.


Spouse Single
Children Sebastian Owen Roberts - 5 years old
Father Mark Roberts, PhD
Mother Captain Amelia Roberts
Brother(s) No brothers
Sister(s) Constance 'Connie' Burne
Other Family Lieutenant Elizabeth Roberts - Ex-wife

Personality & Traits

General Overview Calm, cool, and collected are just a few words that describe Owen Roberts. He isn’t one to mince words, and he will tell you like it is. This is a perfect fit for his job as a security officer. While on duty he is the consummate professional, but has an almost laid back attitude. He doesn’t get tense, nor does he stress out. In any type of battle situation he is calm, and clear-headed.

Off-duty is a different situation. He is quite the extrovert and is not even remotely shy when it comes to people. Because of this, in a way, he a lot of times becomes the life of the party. He loves to be around people, either telling jokes, or singing, or telling stories. If there is a party he knows about, you can bet he is going to show up. This also makes him a relatable person, even as he moved in ranks and positions; he never thinks he is better or worse than someone else. On-duty professional is one thing, but off-duty he wants those who serve under him in any capacity to know the type of person he is. He prides himself on being approachable.

However, with that said, it took him a while to get to this point. It was a decision he had made a long time ago that he was going to be a positive person. His father was a tyrant of a man who demanded perfect out of his only son, and the constant verbal berating would get to the young Owen. So once he was out from under his father’s thumb, Owen made the decision to not allow his past to dictate his personality. When his son was born, he made it even more of a priority to be a positive, open, emotionally available person.

Overall, Owen is a loyal, dedicated, and a stand up guy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Owen Roberts has many strengths that have made him successful in his career and personal life. He is a dedicated man to his son, to his friends, and to Starfleet. He is a man that can be counted on to help where needed, to give the shirt off his back, or give his last meal to someone else. Starfleet is very important to him, and the role he plays in it is extremely important as well. He went into Starfleet to protect those who needed protection, and he continues to uphold that principle even as he moved up in the ranks.

He is kind, laid back, and easy going. He has an open personality, which makes him approachable, and easy to get to know. With that, he also has a strong intellect for strategy and tactical situations. He never gets nervous, or stressed, and he can come up with a plan within moments if the need arises. He is a good father, a good friend, and a good officer.

Like any human being, Owen has his flaws. He will fully admit to the fact that he has his issues. To him though, weaknesses are just things that either can bring you down, or make your stronger. He chooses to not let his weaknesses get him down. One of his primary weaknesses is his libido. He is a ladies man (a people’s man really, he has had affairs with women, men, and aliens), and this is something that had ruined his marriage. He doesn’t feel he is a relationship guy, but he did try to make his marriage work. Some people call it an addiction, and he fully realizes it can be a problem, but he tries to work through it himself as opposed to counseling.

Temptation is just an issue for Owen, one he deals with on a constant, daily basis. But, one thing that keeps him grounded is his son. He wants to do right by his only child, and therefore tries to keep everything balanced, and in check. It’s tough, but so far Owen has had the fortitude to do so.
Overall, Owen really is a good guy who has some flaws that luckily have not affected his career any. However, he does recognize that if it does, he will seek out the help he needs to be sure everything stays in check. He loves his career in Starfleet, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize that.
Ambitions Owen Roberts is not necessarily an ambitious man when it comes to his career in Starfleet. It was always important for him to do a good job, and promotions, accolades, commendations, and all of it in between, came at a measured pace. His choice to go to command school was to broaden career, nothing more. It is his hope, however, that his service record speaks for itself, and it will lead him to his own command eventually. Otherwise, he is perfectly content with where his career is at.

His personal life, his ambition is a bit different. He has always strived to be a good dad. He wants to be a dad who is not only physically there for his son, but emotionally as well (something he didn’t experience from his own father). Despite his career, he tries to make as much time for his son as possible.
Hobbies & Interests Owen is a sports fanatic. If it’s a sport, he will probably enjoy it, and want to learn it to be able to participate. He tends to lean toward anything extreme, be it rock climbing, down hill skiing, or orbital skydiving, if there is a measure of thrill to it, he will want to try it. However, with that said, since his son was born, he tries to not participate in anything that could accidently get him killed. If he gets the inkling for something extreme, he will only do it on the holodeck with the safeties securely on.

He also has more sedate hobbies, and interests. He has a really good singing voice, and can play the guitar (the acoustic guitar being his guitar of choice). Since he is quite the extrovert, he doesn’t mind holding unplugged sessions to show off his talent. When he was younger it was quite the way to attract the opposite sex. Now, it’s more to refine his skill.

His other hobbies and interests deal more with his son. Since his son was born, Owen has gained an appreciation for things like art and natural history museums. His son’s interests are always changing, from dinosaurs to fire trucks, and Owen wants to be able to participate in those interests as well. Having a child has opened up his mind in ways he didn’t even think were possible.

Personal History Date of Birth: March 22, 2349
Place of Birth: Nashua, New Hampshire – Earth

Owen James Roberts was born to two loving parents, who were quite happy he had been born. Up to this point, Mark and Amelia Roberts had a hard time having children. Amelia had miscarried two times prior, and when she found out she was pregnant again she wasn’t sure if it was a blessing or a curse. But, Owen was born a healthy baby boy, and his parents were grateful and happy.

Ten months later, Amelia found out she was pregnant again, and nine months later Owen’s sister Connie was born. Shortly after that, his parent’s marriage fell apart and it ended badly. His mother felt constricted by her non-Starfleet husband, and his father felt like Starfleet ruined his life. Because his mother chose shipboard assignments, custody was granted to Owen’s and Connie’s father. The loving father Owen recalled from his toddler years was now a bitter, hateful man. Mark Roberts dotted on his daughter, but for whatever reason came down hard on his son. This could have been for a number or reasons, but over the years Owen had concluded that it had to do with the fact he defended his mother’s career choice.

As the years went by, the Roberts household became a war zone with Owen going up against his father and sister. He ran away from home, he went to live with his grandmother; he even tried to live with his mom (if possible) but always ended up back home. Though most times it was bad, there was some good times too. Though, in his mind the bad times outweighed the good. A lot of times he just avoided his father and sister, and kept to himself.

As he got older, his only reprieve was his thoughts of getting out of the house. He knew Starfleet was in his future. Despite his father’s protestations, he did all the prep work needed to get into the Academy. Come hell or high water, he was going to get into Starfleet and away from his home in Nashua, and eventually, away from Earth all together. He gained entrance to the Academy, and once high school was over he left for California without so much as a good bye. He settled in Los Angeles, and spent his summer on the beach, eating good food, sleeping around, and just having a good time. Then, when it came time to report to the Academy, he cut his hair to regulation, shed his beach persona, and once again became the man that the Academy had accented into their program.
Service Record 2367 – 2371
Assignment: Starfleet Academy
Rank: Cadet’s years one through four

From the time he was a young boy, listening to his mother’s tales of being in Starfleet, Owen Roberts knew that was what he wanted. Living with a father who was sadistic in his ways, cemented Owen’s feelings about leaving home to join Starfleet. His father, of course was one hundred percent against it since he felt that Starfleet ruined his marriage. An ultimatum was given, and Owen decided to risk his father never speaking to him again.

Once at the Academy, for the first time in a long time, Owen felt free. He wasn’t as strong academically as some of his peers, but he managed. Due to his quick thinking, and overall strength, he was placed in the general track that would either lead to security or operations. He knew most people would be disappointed in that, but Owen didn’t mind. He went into the Academy not to just get away from his father, but also with the intention of helping to protect those who needed protection. He had a strong sense of Federation Pride, and wanted to defend the institution that he had such pride in.

In his second year, he decided to put his focus solely into security and tactical procedures. By his third and fourth year, he was fully immersed into the Academy. He can look back on his Academy time fondly. He had made a lot of friends, was in relationships, participated in Academy sports, and in general enjoyed his popularity.

However, toward the end of his time at the Academy, the pot that was war was starting to be stirred. No one, including Owen, saw what was coming on the horizon, but he was prepared to defend the Federation if needed.

He graduated in the top forty percent of his class. He was commissioned as an ensign, and assigned to the USS Portland as he first assignment.

2371 – 2373
Assignment: USS Portland – Junior Security Officer
Rank: Ensign

The USS Portland was an old, rickety, Excelsior-class vessel. In a way, Owen Roberts was disappointed by this assignment, but it got him into space, so he adapted. He spent a lot of his days roaming the decks, sitting in security, and everyone in a while was called on to be apart of an away mission. It was all fairly routine.

Then war broke out.

The Portland received some upgrades, and was placed into the 12th fleet. The upgraded starship had seen plenty of battles, and a lot of good men and women were lost. However, in a major skirmish, the Portland was destroyed, with only about half the escape pods able to get away. Owen, who was badly injured, had been one of the few lucky ones to get away. Despite the injuries, despite losing people he had grown close to, he was proud of the Portland and the crew. They all fought valiantly until the very end.

He, and the rest of the survivors, were picked up by the hospital ship, USS Curie. He spent three weeks recovering from his injuries, and as soon as he was fit for duty, was reassigned.

2373 – 2380
Assignment: USS Manchester – Tactical/Security Officer
Rank: Ensign → Lieutenant Junior Grade

Owen served out the rest of the war on the USS Manchester, an Intrepid-class vessel. The Manchester was assigned to the 3rd Fleet, and of course he had seen more battles. However, the Intrepid-class vessel was a quick one, and out maneuvered a lot of the Jem'Hadar vessels. The tiny ship still saw damage, but it seemed she was less of a target due to her size and quick thinking.

The Manchester had been boarded once, and Owen fought hand-to-hand combat. Again, he was injured, but it was all superficial. Then the war ended, and with that, Owen was promoted to a junior lieutenant. After the Manchester went through repairs and upgrades, Owen was placed in the rotation for tactical duty as well. Everything became routine once again, and it was definitely welcome by all.

Owen went on to serve until early 2380 on the Manchester, and only left because he was offered a promotion. Commander Markus, first officer of the Manchester, had kept his eye on the young security officer, and when he himself was given the coveted fourth pip, he decided to take Owen with him. Now, Captain Markus was given command of Starbase 332, a little back water starbase, and offered Owen the position of Chief of Security.

Owen accepted.

2380 – 2382
Assignment: Starbase 332 – Chief of Security
Rank: Lieutenant JG → Lieutenant

There really wasn’t much to say about the assignment to Starbase 332. It was a backwater starbase, it basically just monitored some trade routes. The biggest thing Owen had to worry about, as Chief of Security was the occasional bar fight, or theft. Most of the traders who came through the starbase were honest Federation citizens.

After five months in, Owen was promoted to the rank of full lieutenant. He stayed a full lieutenant the rest of his tenure at the starbase. After almost two years, Owen realized he wanted more, but was surprised when Captain Markus had intervened and offered a suggestion… to go to Command School. Owen had been taken completely back by the suggestion, but after giving it some thought, decided to take the plunge.

He left the starbase in late march of 2382, and headed back to Earth. He would attempt to see his sister, but he didn’t count on that happening. In the beginning of April, he entered Command training.

Assignment: Starfleet Academy – Command School
Rank: Lieutenant

There was a large part of Owen Roberts that was glad to be back on his home planet of Earth. He missed the weather, he missed the terrain, he missed the large metropolises. He nearly wept when he saw the blue and green planet from the forward view of the runabout he had been traveling in for almost a week. While he was back on Earth, he attempted to visit his father and sister, but was ignored. Instead, he reconnected with friends and other family, visited Europe, New York, and Los Angeles. He went camping, kayaking, and did a lot of outdoorsy things as well.

Oh, and there was command training.

The command training wasn’t exactly as easy as he thought it would be. There was a lot of book learning, homework, and simulations. It truly made his head spin, and more than once he wanted to quit. But, in the back of his mind, he didn’t want to let Captain Markus down. So, he persevered, and in the end did rather well, and earned his certification to eventually command a starship. Eventually being the key word there. Despite the certification, Owen was still perfectly happy with how his career was going, but he also knew this afforded him more opportunities. If those opportunities were to present themselves, he would be more inclined to take it now.

After a couple of more weeks on Earth, Owen was transferred to the Galaxy-class vessel, the USS Roosevelt.

2382 – 2387
Assignment: USS Roosevelt – Chief Tactical/Security/Second Officer
Rank: Lieutenant → Lieutenant Commander

The Roosevelt was truly a routine assignment. Owen was assigned as the Chief Tactical/Security Officer, but with the added responsibility of Second Officer. There was something nice about the routine. It was the first time, in a long while that he could just relax and do his job. He made a lot of friends on the large vessel, and felt like he could turn off his internal red alert, and enjoy life again. As a Dominion War vet, he had a lot of stories to tell, and a lot of the younger crew enjoyed hearing about his bravery.

It was the first week of 2382 that he met Junior Lieutenant Elizabeth Brooks. It was during a party thrown by a mutual friend that they were introduced. A month later, Elizabeth found out she was pregnant, and a week after that, Owen and Elizabeth were married in a small ceremony conducted by the Captain. Owen felt trapped in the marriage every minute of every day, and he felt like Elizabeth had forced him into the marriage, though Elizabeth would say she felt pushed into the marriage by Owen. Their marriage was rocky from day one, but then she gave birth and everything changed.

After their son was born, they both made a pact that they would try to make things work for their son. Like himself, Elizabeth had come from a broken home, and neither wanted that for the newborn. They really did try; they even went to counseling, and tried. But, Owen himself messed up and had an affair. The marriage fell apart after that. Elizabeth stayed on the Roosevelt for another year before transferring to Earth to work at Utopia Planitia.

She took their son, Sebastian, with her.

Of course Owen was devastated, and he hated himself for screwing up. But, there wasn’t much he could do about it, he apologized profusely, but he couldn’t blame Elizabeth for leaving. Elizabeth had been the better person, and if the Roosevelt was near Earth, she would bring Sebastian to see Owen. To this day, Elizabeth and Owen maintain and uneasy friendship, but they do it for their son. They want to show Sebastian that despite having divorced parents, he is still very much loved and cared for.

In 2385, Owen was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. By early 2387, he was transferred to the Sovereign-class vessel, the USS Trafalgar.

2387 – 2388
Assignment: USS Trafalgar – Executive Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

The Trafalgar was quite an experience. The work was routine, as was the missions, but it was odd to not be at tactical, or commanding groups of those in security. It had been odd to be the second in command. On the Roosevelt he had been left in command on more than one occasion, but that seemed… different. Now, he was involved in far more of the ship’s day-to-day operations.

He learned a lot, but he and the Captain never really could work together. For some reason (and he is unclear of when or how), he rubbed the female Captain the wrong way. Maybe she thought he was scum, or a pig, or a slacker… he wasn’t sure. His record showed that he was a hard worker, but that didn’t seem to be good enough. It wasn’t always rough, but it was rough enough that he requested the transfer. It was granted without question, and within a week he was on a runabout to his next assignment.

Assignment: USS Kumari – Executive Officer/Chief Tactical/Security Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Owen’s current assignment is the Saber-class vessel, the USS Kumari. Due to the size of the vessel, he has taken on two roles. He not only serves as Executive Officer, but the Chief of Security as well. He knows this could be a challenge but he is up for it.